be home with Dommy and roll on the floor and share a joke or two.

It takes a dog owner to really know what a dog does to your life. If you look at it, dogs are one of the few animals that do not need to do anything to earn their keep. All they need to do is give love and only love.

When i say i am now more dog than human, in a way, Dommy turn my life around when i went home. He was always patient and waiting for me to finish my work. He never complains even when he has to wait way past his bedtime to keep me company. He doesn't get angry when i don't take him out. He never hold grudges and keep tabs of things you do to offend him. He doesn't even complain if he gets the same food everyday.

He has taught me many things. No self-help book will make me see things in a better light. I do know early in life that it is always better to give than to receive. The smile you see on someone's face when they receive makes your day somehow. Its not always about what you will get in return for your deed. Selfless acts do not need anything in return.

Dommy makes me see that even when a day is trying, sleep on it... cos tomorrow will be a better day. Don't complain when some minor things get in the way. Maybe i am too carefree like a dog.. haha.. maybe that's how i am built. I still like the idea of the dog being the only thing that don't need to work for a living. Its a tougher job teaching people to love and to give love. And only a dog can show you how it is to be done correctly.

Not all humans are receptive of dogs. Not everyone likes animals and can be with animals. But they do make the better companions on most days. I miss my Dommy.

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