Today my dad gleefully told me he found another old song on Youtube. He said grandpa used to love listening to it. And when he was sick and dying... this song seem to calm him. Its one of grandpa's favourite song.. and can u believe it.. its on Youtube.

Grandpa passed away in the 60s... I don't even know my paternal grandpa. I was not born yet. But i know he is a very kind man. Even till today, when we go back to Lenggong, Perak for All Soul's Day, some old folks still remember grandpa and his kind ways. He was the station master of the Lenggong Bus Station and he sells Singer Sewing machines back then. They were poor so he had to hold two jobs to support the family. I have a photo of him, and he has a very kind face. You know the faces that have smiling eyes.

Anyways.. here's the song he loved... Green Island Serenade.

"Green Island Serenade" (traditional Chinese: 綠島小夜曲; pinyin: Lǜdǎo Xiǎoyèqǔ; also known as "Serenade of Green Island") is a Mandarin Chinese classic song composed in 1954 by Zhou Lanping and famously performed by Teresa Teng. A cover version of this song appears as a hidden track on Vienna Teng's second album, Warm Strangers (2004). The lyrics of this song were probably written by Pan Yingjie or Deng Yuping. (from Wikipedia)

This version of Green Island Serenade is sung by Vienna Teng. Today i found Vienna Teng thanks to dad. Her other songs are really great too. I just went to CD Baby and got her cd :) She has a good voice. Very calming.

I am ashamed to share with you that i am chinese but i do not know Mandarin. I only know how to write my own chinese name and that's about all. But i can understand smatterings of mandarin when its being spoken to me.

My chinese-educated friends call me a banana... hahaha.. Banana meaning yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Meaning i am yellow as Chinese on the outside but white.. as an English on the inside.

Hope you all enjoy the song. Vienna did a very good rendition of the oldie. Even grandpa would be clapping his hands if he can hear her sing. Now i am a big fan of Vienna.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bananna too! or mebbe a coconut...empty shell inside...can even hear echoes!

emilayusof said...

Wow! Nice song to listen to, Anny! Love the music, so soothing and calming.

Unknown said...

ya Emi.. very nice song.. check out Vienna Teng.. she does a lot of English numbers.. her voice is very good!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

The song make me wanna cry...So meaningful :)

Anyway, *high 5 Anny!
I am a banana too! I can speak chinese but somehow I kept messing up what is what..which always gave my friends a nice laugh every time I said somehthing in chinese with a different pi yin. LOL

Sry Anny have not been dropping by lately cause was busy with the crafts..anyway I am back! Yay! :):D

Unknown said...

Ya.. this song made me cry too... even though i dun understand some of the words... dun worry about dropping in Cindy... just enjoy ur crafts and enjoy ur time after exams :D thanks for dropping in ye!

*high 5 Cindy*