Dommy is sucha a whinny bag of woof lately. He's not like me... laid-back and relax. He's always wanting to be with people. Always the social happy camper.

Me... i like my roll on the carpet... and my quiet time at home to sleep.

I know where Anny went. But i am not telling that whinny Dom. hehehehe.. Anny says that she'll get me a big bag of treats if i don't tell a soul. Me and Anny go way back. We are thick and we keep many secrets between us.

Do not worry si Dom. Anny will back soon. Meantime, spend more time with grandpa and the little ones. I'll share my bag of treats with you when she comes home. Only 2 weeks more.

I hope i get to go home to see grandpa this Christmas... or maybe the New Year. I love to be in grandpa's home. There's the big ole garden to run in and the other doggies to check out. And there's many rooms and cool floors for a lie-in.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all have a magical Christmas and hopefully everyone's been a nice boy or girl. Santa's coming... and he knows if you've been good or bad. I've been a very good boy. *ahem*

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