Today's my 13th day here... and Bebe J is still not here yet. We had a bit of action yesterday nite and today as well, but no big action yet to rush to the hospital.

Over here in this country, they would advise you to stay at home as long as possible so that in your own environment, you'll be more comfortable to counter the pain. When the pain comes constantly at intervals of 5 mins or 10mins for a consistent period, then it would be time to run and start the car. Hope not too much frost rest on the car. It would take a while to warm it up.

Lately, each morning there's frost everywhere. But no snow yet. Most probably in January, there would probably be some snow. Thank god its not snowing yet. Snow and driving to the hospital would not be an easy feat.

I told my brother in law that i can drive very fast. Problem is, i don't know the way to the hospital. I remember the last time i drove a colleague to the hospital, i had my pregnant friend strapped in the front seat with me. Cos i do not know the way to her hospital. Call me dumb but that's one of the hospitals i never went to before. Her water just broke while we were waiting at the lift to get to my car and both of us just turned green.

But my friend was a very calm person. She just kept apologizing about the water. We had the double blinkers on the whole time on the highway and both of us felt like we were in an ambulance but this ambulance just do not know where to turn. She was still giving me instructions to go left and right while having her contractions and it was one of the experiences i remember for life. Scared the poop out of both of us but we made it there.

She gave birth immediately when they transfer her on the bed. When i went up after i re-parked my car, her hubby just grinned happily and told me she has given birth. That was when i manage to smile and called another friend. I was shaking so much when i was talking to her. The aftermath. I even took the wrong road home later. hahahahaahahahhaa...

When my friend came back to work, both of us were laughing about it... but both of us still nod knowingly that if she had given birth in the car, that would have really freaked both of us out. Maybe we should have called an ambulance but if we have waited for that, she would have given birth in the office. And someone would have to boil the hot water. And there was just both of us left in the office. Sometimes some things work out fine. And a lot of prayers do help too.

She's one of my best buddy at work, and one of the calmest mama around.

Now i am waiting at home waiting for sis to pop too. I am scared shitless too... but this hospital is just 10mins away. And brother in law said that he will drive :)

We are all ready. Just waiting for Bebe J. He is ready too. It will be getting a bit tight soon, if he decides to stay longer. Come quick Bebe. So many people waiting to see your face.

Frozen hands of mine is waiting to touch your face too. Frozen feet of mine will take you for walks in the house. Come quick. Anny won't be here long. Maybe i should go and have a heart to heart talk with him now and strike a deal with him.

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