Sacrifice by Sinead O' Connor. This is a beautiful cover of the original done by Elton John. But i must say that Sinead's version kinda strikes a chord in me. Its just beautiful.

Actually i only heard this cover by Sinead on Holby City for the first time yesterday.

Been watching more tv here cos its simply too cold to go out at night... even a walk in the park at 2 pm in the afternoon freezes the camera up :) At one point of my walks, i actually thought that my skull was getting numb. Big empty head here but its getting frozen. hahahaha

Without a cap that pulls down to my ears, i would be coming back with a frozen head. Hence the term 'numb skull'. The 'thawing' period when i step back into the house would be about 10 mins. hahahaha.. If i could fit into a microwave, i think i could thaw faster.

Ahhh... i should probably enjoy the cold and the numbing of the skull as much as i can. In a few more days, i would be going home to oven hot conditions. January and February is really warm in my country. The minute you step out from the shower, you are sweating all over again. hahahaha... Such diverse situations.

Yea... i'll enjoy the cold now ;)

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yoon see said...

Yeah, enjoy her song too, she is so pretty and dare to made statement.....& sacrifice!
anny, glad you also enjoy this number:)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Happy 2009 Anny! Hola!

emilayusof said...

Happy New Year, Anny!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Lol, Yeah Anny, you should really enjoy the cold there Yet, we are awaiting your return here! lol..Have a enjoyable holiday there for now :):) Take care Anny!

Unknown said...

Hey... Emi.. Cindy... Yoonsee... thanks all for dropping by.. Happy New year to all too...Bebe's here!