Bebe J's clothes. Some old some new. Some given some bought.

Just washed all of Bebe's clothes to be taken to him. Even new ones. My neighbours are beginning to think that i have gone cuckoo. So much washing this few days. They see me in the garden more than anywhere else. hahahahaa.. And here I am taking pictures of the washing on the clothes line. I have indeed went cuckoo.

But all these are just for Bebe to see when he's grown up.

I'll be on my way to welcome Bebe into our lives in another 2 days time. He's not born yet. Eager to come out i am sure cos he has been doing a lot of dancing in my sister's womb. I hope he waits for me. My sister and brother-in-law told him to wait first. hahaha

All of us are very excited. Its been a long time since we have another baby in our household. The smell of the little one is to be treasured.

I haven't packed at all. Oh my god!

Just been crazy cleaning the house with my helper Aini yesterday. She came to help me clean the whole house. Such a wonderful soul. I told her i wouldn't be able to do it alone. Both of us just stood in the hall wondering where to start.. hahaha.. it was hilarious. Even Dommy tried to help. He's only good with carrying towels on his back :D He got tired of waiting for us to clean. And fell asleep on the porch.

Christmas tree is not up yet. Oh my god!

I only took out the dancing Santa.. and the hollering Reindeer and the Singing Santa. Only the singing Santa is working this year. Aiya! After i put the batteries in all 3 of them, only one worked. hahahaha.. But i'll just leave it for the rest of my family to come home to figure those three out.

How much can i achieve in one day? A lot. hahaha

This Christmas... i only pray for one miracle from mom for my sick cousin. Hope this Christmas brings her the hope and blessing to be well again. And of course peace on earth too.

Hope to be able to post again. I think i can at Bebe's home. Catch up with you all from there... if i don't get too busy checking out my little new nephew :)

Take care folks.. and have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Hey Anny, I had been missing so many of your post lately cause was too busy to even update my own, but now i am back..and those baby outfit are adorable :)

take care Anny :)
Hope you enjoy yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Anny and all the best to Bebe and the soon to be parents. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too...

Worry not about the blog...ur co blogger Stormy the ever technologically challenged will do u if only i can remember where i put the password...


emilayusof said...

Aww how cute!!! I can't wait to see Bebe J!

Unknown said...

hey! thanks for dropping by Cindy... hope your Art attack sale went well.. will hop over and check out your site soon!

Unknown said...

Emi Emi... i saw the pics at your exhibition with Ken and yoon see. Glad both of them showed up. So nice of them. Hopefully i'll be able to show u some support the next time. Thanks for dropping by.