Many dogs have passed through my home ever since i was a child. There was Bobby, Spot, Rex, Muffy, August and a few more.

My dad even built a big dog house at the back of the garden for Bobby. Bobby is a female (our 1st dog)... i do not know her breed.. because she is mixed. She has very short legs. And she does have a big house. And i mean big. Its a 2 room wooden dog house. Ha ha ha ha... Which dog gets a 2 room house. I don't remember who built the dog house. But it was white.. and big :D

My sisters and i sometimes do go into the dog house (spare room) to play. I don't know what made us go into the dog house. Maybe its big :p There was a coconut tree beside the dog house. And a chicken coop too. And i still don't understand why my sisters and i went into the dog house.

Bobby is on a leash all the time. She is fierce. But a wonderful dog. She can differentiate the difference between us and strangers... even when she cannot see who's opening the gate. If its us opening the gate, she will just continue sleeping. If its strangers, she will bark till kingdom come. Bobby has crossed the rainbow bridge now. She's probably with mom.

Then there was Spot. Spot was given to us by my father's friend. He came to us when he is a full-grown dog. He's beautiful.. and handsome.. and big. Spotted black and white.. but he's not a dalmatian. He's just a normal dog with patches of black and white. He is so tall that sometimes.. when he gets bored.. he jumps over the gate and go out for a stroll. When he comes back, he just jumps over the gate again. So agile... so cool!

I remember him most cos i thought that he was so handsome and cool! If i had a pair of sunnies on him, all the female dogs in the neighbourhood would be parking themselves in front of our gate. But.. he took a liking to small little Bobby.

Bobby and Spot got married and had Rex. Rex... aha.. notorious and notty. He was always running around very fast in the garden. I do have a picture of Rex... somewhere.

My youngest sister brought back Muffy. She had her for a while.. and i don't know what happen to Muffy after that. Muffy was black and shiny and fat. I can only remember him being shiny and black. His coat was beautiful and shiny.

Dad brought back August when he found him during his morning walks. He was the first dog for my nephew. I think my nephew was too young to take care of a puppy... and August went to another home one December. We never saw August again.

Then Piper came.. and Dommy later. Piper came as a brand new puppy. Dommy came as a full grown dog who was already 6 years old. Wise beyond his age ;)

So many doggies have passed through my life. And i guess i have been blessed.

When i was a kid, i was not allowed to go near a dog even though i have many dogs in my home and the thing with the dog-house thingy.. hehehe.. if only my dad knew... he will chase us all over the garden and probably spanked me for playing in a dog house. I was asthmatic when i was small... so no dogs for me. All i can do is look at them from afar or from the window.

I always wanted to have a dog of my own... always. And finally... i have Piper and then Dom.

So how many dogs do i need to get through life? Many.. hhahahahaaa.. as many wags as possible.
Goodnite folks! That's it for tonite ;)

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Siddhartha said...

Its interesting entry, and liked following your story on the dogs in your life. Your post reflects your attachment and passion towards them.

Unknown said...

hi Nilz :) tq for dropping by and dropping a comment :) i am attached to my dogs :D and i have learnt a lot from them.

yoon see said...

No matter how many of them you have, actually the more the merrier but most importantly you are able to handle them with care and love!
Congrats anny:D