Mr Dommy is sick. He has not eaten much for 3 days now. Didn't touch much of his food. Maybe he is sad i've abandon him for so long but maybe he could have caught the flu bug from someone in the house.

Dad took him to the vet today and the vet said he had a temperature. Feverish. And dad was relived. An injection later (Dommy did try to snap at the vet, he never liked that vet) but since dad is all alone, he can only take him to the nearest vet. Poor dad got to do this all by himself.

Dad said Dommy was eating again in the evening after 3 days. Dad even went to buy him some of his favourites pasta and lamb from the shops. Dad was happy and relived to see him jumping up and down again. Dad said he thought that Dommy was going to die cos he didn't move much when he checked on him earlier.

The things your father has to do for you. The things that you know your father will do for you.

Don't be angry with them if they are slow in remembering somtimes.
Don't be angry with them if they keep asking you the same questions many times a day.
Don't be angry with them over something trival.
Don't be angry with them, even when he gets angry with you.
Don't question him if he does things differently from you.
Don't teach him how to live his life.
Don't nag him on the things he can or cannot do in his own house.
You can be angry but only for a while. Don't show your face to an old man.

I am putting these reminders for the ones at home. Cos when i come back and i know that you have made him sad, i will come back and knock all your heads.

Don't forget that an old person's time on earth is on grace. Spend as much time with them as you can and be nice to them. Don't live your life with regrets when they go one day. Don't tell me the what ifs. Just tell me the happy moments and remember the good days.

The what ifs would be too late.

4 woofs:

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Ouuh, poor Dommy...he must missed you realy much Anny!

yoon see said...

Hope Dommy is well again...!
I am sure he will...very soon:)
Magic cure- you are back anny!

yoon see said...

Award specially for you Anny:)

Unknown said...

Dommy's all well and jumping up and down.. :) tks for ur concern Cindy... Yoonsee... :) thanks for the award Yoonsee.. i go check it out later! tq tq tq