This is Grey :) Not another ER movie as in Grey's Anatomy. But just Grey. Isn't he lovely? He belongs to Ken from Life's Tapestry. And he is our guest this week for Capture Thursdays.

Grey made himself a PR at Ken's home recently. He just moved in and made himself very comfortable :)

You can read more about him here and here too.

Ken is a good soul. He has saved Grey recently from the roof of his home. And he even saved him from a pack of strays too. In Grey and my eyes... he is Hero San. Not many people would pay any attention to strays at alleys. But not Ken. He is gentle and kind.

And maybe that's why Grey just decided to move in to Ken's home and stay.

God is always kind to people who are kind to animals.

Here's a few more pics of Grey getting very comfortable :
Thanks a lot Ken.. for sharing Grey's pics with us today.

pics courtesy from Life's Tapestry.

6 woofs:

Unknown said...

You're most welcome and it a pleasure :D

yoon see said...

So cool!
Thanks Anny:)
I should send in my enty later.

Unknown said...

thanks yoonsee :) but its not a contest.. just a window to share your pets and your stories. All pets/animals are welcome.

Unknown said...

thanks again Ken! i think Grey is simply lovely!

Unknown said...

yes he is...

I have this key chain with a bell to it. it's smaller version of the bell that they put on cows. Whenever I'm on my way walking back he heard the bell, he would run out to greet me :)

Unknown said...

i think u have a keeper there Ken. Grey is staying for good :) i'll see if i can get some catnip for u too for grey. take care.