Today is Christmas Day. Not too much happening yet. People over here celebrates Christmas morning by lying in and spending time at home with loved ones. Resting and taking a break from the norm of rushing for work and being in the hulabaloo of life.

I woke at 7am today. We have blue skies today. Beautiful blue skies. Sis said maybe we get some laundry done before baby comes.

Bebe J is still not here yet. Bet he is feeling warm and comfy in mama and decide to have some roast dinner for Christmas first before he comes. When he finally comes, he will only get to have milk and more milk. Smart kiddo.

Today we didn't have any contractions yet. Yesterday she had some mild contractions and we thought that maybe Bebe would be coming on Christmas day. Maybe it was just another bout of Braxton Hicks.

Hopefully Bebe will come soon. My time here is very limited. Another 2 weeks more and i'll be on my way home.

Everyone here seems to be giving a lot of suggestions to trigger birth. But sometimes, baby will come only when he's ready. Hope he don't take too long.

Christmas at home... i miss that too. I come from a very extended family. When Christmas comes along... there's a whole lot of people everywhere... in and out from the house. Every celebration, we do have a whole lot of people here and there... its almost impossible to talk and be heard cos everyone would be talking and no one would be listening. But its fun.

Here's our Christmas tree at home.

May everyone have a blessed Christmas and may all your wishes come true. May this Christmas brings lots of hope to the sick and the trying. And may everyone have a wonderful year ahead! Merry Christmas folks!

2 woofs:

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Merry Christmas Yoon See! You are not in Malaysia? Where are you??
Miss you
Take Care! :):)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Woops! Big Woops! I type the wrong name..LOL I meant Merry Christmas Anny!! LOL :D