Where's Anny laaaa... Halp Halp Halp me find Anny?
So far... no one has found Anny... why is she gone soooooo very long. I haven't have my tickle on my tummy and my scratch behind my ears for the longest time.
The little ones here did try and entertain me and tickle my tummy sometimes. Help me find this Anny please. Pretty please. I need her to take me for a haircut and a trimming on me nails too.
The Simple Rules:
1) Annyone.. i mean anyone can enter (except close friends and colleagues of Anny's)
2) Only 1 guess per person. (comments will be put on moderation)
3) International entries are allowed.
4) Please state the country she is in now.
5) The first person who gets the country correct wins the prize.
And the prize:
1) No big bone for me.. i don't want the big bone now.. as long as Anny comes back
2) Two big licks on your nose from me... wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooof!
3) A souvenir from where Anny is hiding now.

4 woofs:

yoon see said...

Certainy not Hong Kong....
But I can't turn back the clock.
I guess cos I didn't read the previous post...
Yeah, I got the answer. Let others win lah!!!!
Merry Christmas & HNY!!!

diyadeary said...

anny.. thanks for dropping by at my blog. happy to see u there.. :)

i'm guessing u r in london is it? haha i hope i'm correct.. :D

Anny said...

Ha! ur correct :) spot on! smart girl Diya.

diYadEaRY said...

haha.. happy!!!