Heeyooooooooooooooo everyone! Here's me again.. finally arrived at Bebe's home.

Bebe's not here yet.. just a couple more days and i should be able to see his lovely face and smell his lovely newness. Hopefully he comes soon or i'll be on my way back home in another 2 weeks time.

We have done quite a bit today... getting ready for his arrival. Bro-in-law and me were fixing an IKEA cupboard for bebe yesterday. And as you know things with IKEA... you tend to try and kill each other while assembling these things. As both of you would be sitting across from each other, each tend to look at the instructions differently... hehehehhee... but... do not worry, both of us did not kill each other. We did finally got the cupboard up after 2 hours with a broad grin on both our faces.

We tried to fix the baby car seat in the car too today with mummy as a head captain manning the ship... with instruction book in her hands. We were a funny sight. All three adults outside trying to fix just a tiny baby carseat. But... we figured that out too.

Next... putting bebe's clothes in his new cupboard. We'll probably do that tonite. Now i am just sitting here shaking my legs while doing this little posty while Bebe's mummy and daddy are slaving in the kitchen cooking a nice hot dinner for me! Ain't i lucky :D

And so... what's with the 'withdrawal' up there?

These past few days, i have been going through a withdrawal of sorts.

First and foremost...
I miss Dommy a lot. His silly smile and the way he looks at me. And the rub a dub dub on his tummy. I wonder how he is doing. Maybe he has found a new someone to love. Oh no! Hope its just Grandpa. I miss him so very much... i even looked at dog food when i am at the shops. Always seem to end up walking to the dog food aisle when i should be shopping for groceries.

I saw a dog yesterday on the streets. Even a sight of a dog makes me smile... poor dog was shivering in the cold.

And then i miss my blackberry or blueberry as some people say.. hehe... I forgot to sort out the roaming 'thing' before i fly. Adoi. The blackberry is my lifeline to my world of family, friends and work. Adoi... no blackberry... no connection to stuffs. And no connection to the Storm.

Well... i think sometimes its good to get away from my 'stuffs' especially the blackberry. And probably spend time smelling the flowers and listening to the birds tweet for once. Hopefully... if i don't get too lazy... i'll go check out the park next door and take some pictures for all to see.

Till then, take care folks... and i'll keep you guys posted when Bebe arrives.

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Anonymous said...

I'm FIRST to comment!! do i get a prize?? do i?

and i miss u too anny...come back son but have fun in London...make snow angels for us all..