My love at first sight of him
Is when he ran up to me and just licked my nose
I knew i had to take him home
I knew he would be the one to complete me.

24 hours, 367 days of my life is with him
When i laugh, he smiles with me
When i eat, he is beside me
When i wake up, he is waiting eagerly to lick my face
When i cry, he sits quietly beside me and licks my nose.

Always happy to see me
Always ready to go for long walks with me
My secrets are with him
He understands my fears
He understands my happiness.

He rolls on the floor with me in the afternoons
He waits patiently for my return
He is never angry with me
He doesn't have any harsh words for the world.

He is my best friend
My confidant.

He got me through my darkest moments
He pulls me up when i am down
Each time i see his silly face
I can only smile and be silly with him
Each i see his silly face
I can only love him more and more each day

My Dommy.

4 woofs:

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

This is so lovely, So touching :)
I am sure Dom know how much you love him :) So sweet...

Unknown said...

hi Cindy ;) hope ur not too bz with ur stuffs.. try n rest too and go shopping n enjoy some offtime.. hehehhehee.. i will bring u a nice pressie when i come bk next year.

yoon see said...

Anny, you are so lucky to have a best friend like this.
Yes, he never fails!!!
Most of the time, animals are very loyal to their master but to find a really truthful friend is not that easy!

Unknown said...

i m so lucky to have him :) dogs always love unconditionally.. and i do have a few very good frens too :)