Cure The Common Cold ! - Free videos are just a click away

Everyone around me seems to be having some flu or nasty fever. We even went down to KL last weekend to visit my nephew who was sick with flu and fever for a week. Thank God he is getting better now. Even Jai's mommy was having the flu.

My aunt send me the remedy above that involves onion and sugar for a quick fix for flu. Its a home remedy that works. She was so excited and told me it worked on her, her daughter and my another kid. Its a easy simple home remedy.

Onions, garlic and ginger.. stuffs from the kitchen are all wonder medicines with less side effects.

The above remedy is NOT a cure for h1n1 but it works fine for the common cold. Do try it if you have the flu.

Remember to put it aside for 12 to 24 hours. Drink the juice from the melted sugar after that.

Here's a link for home remedies which i found earlier.

Prevention is always better than cure. Keep your hands clean. Air the house. Don't be too paranoid and don't forget to still live a good life.

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Spiffy said...

What a coincidence, I just wrote a post on H1N1 on Anything Goes ...

Spiffy said...

But I have to agree, prevention is always better cure ... I'm perpetually washing my hands all day long.