Since i have a lucky one who guess where i am correctly, i won't drag the contest any longer and put it on moderation :)

Congrats to you Diya... for guessing correctly where i am. I'll bring a surprise souvenir for u when i am home next month... please email your address to me at

The Where's Anny Contest is officially close now. Thank you all for participating.

And to Divya, so sorry girl... you are not allowed to participate.. you are after all my colleague.. hehe.. but keep writing mate... i will be bugging you for a lot of things when i return.

Till then :) take care folks!

3 woofs:

diyadeary said...

omg!! this so unexpected!! glad that i'm did it.. :)

i'll email u asap ok?

take care n have fun there.. hoho

Unknown said...

congrats Diya :)

Anonymous said...

yay.. diya won. She guess correctly :) oh yeah I have giveaway too check my blog