Hola hola people. Sorry for not blogging for a few days now. I have been away at PP's house. We were on the road again to send Grandpa off to see The Great Wall.

Grandpa's still at The Great Wall. They say The Great Wall is a mighty big wall and a mighty long wall. Even David Copperfield's been to the wall. I've never been to The Great Wall but i think grandpa's been waiting forever to go visit The Great Wall. Its a dream come true for dear ole grandpa.

I heard that Grandpa is having a great time making new friends while on tour. I hope grandpa have a great time too. He is always bored at home. Poor grandpa. He surely needs a good holiday. Hope he brings me some treats from The Great Wall :p

The only wall i have been seeing so far are the walls in this house and PP's house. Hmmm... Wonder if Anny will take me for a long walk at The Great Wall.

Oh ya... i totally forgot. Lookit my new tee? Stormy bought it for me last week. Its so cool eh? When i go for strolls wearing this tee... all the other doggies can't stop looking at me.. hehehe.. i love the color and the words... woof! And its not too tight. Just nice and roomy... i can even do a jiggie in it. All i need now are some shades :) Then i would be the coolest poodle doo around.

Thank you so much Stormy. I love you!


1 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Ur most welcomed Domy...the biggest idiot is the one who bout u the tee hahahahaha