Something which i promised someone to do a long many moons ago... and due to my procastination... it took longer than usual.. hahhahaha

Been meaning to share my photos with my friends and Stormy who is far far away... and i am running out of disk space to keep all the photos.. :D And so... BooMooHoo became a reality today :)

Don't judge me. I am just an amatuer... but all comments are very welcome to help me improve. Especially from the HDR king Bain and Aki. And of course my most critical Storm :)

Here's my extended side.

Good day folks!

6 woofs:

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Nice site Anny! And got some really good photos too!

Unknown said...

betui? hehe.. thanks! :D

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Yup. Betul! Tak kan nak tipu lak? Hehe... teruskan usaha anda!

May I know, what camera r u using now?

Unknown said...

timokasih Heman Aik :) i will teruskan usaha sayo demi demi... demi moore :D

kamela opis saya ni.. nikonao d70

baincardin said...

Waah..Anny! DSLR NIKON D70?! Bain betul² berangan nak dslr satu! :)

p/s: am not d king..yet ;) byk perlu dipelajari lagi :) kita belajar sama² ye ;)

Unknown said...

ur the king Bain... i love ur HDR pictures.. semuaaaaaaa.. i pon takde nikon D70.. ini opis ponya :D kita sama-sama berusaha ye!