When i open my eyes...i roll over and switch on the computer. Then i went to visit some virtual friends.. and then... i got nailed. *LOL* but...

thanks for the tag dear Diya! I better do this before.. before i forget again. Tags and i... they always seem to get lost in my clutter.

-------------------------- :p

Where is your cellphone - on the bed somewhere.. silent as a lamb

Your hair - short like a strawberry

Your father - in Kuala Lumpur

Your favorite thing - walks in the rain

Your dream last night - was to be on a plane off somewhere

Your favorite drink - ribena

Your dream goal - to be old n grey in ko lanta

The room you are in - bedroom + workstation

Your fear - losing my loved ones

Where do you want to be in 6 years - ko lanta again.. haha

Muffins - banana

One of your wish list items - goldie

Where you grew up - Ipoh

The last thing you did - take doggies out to do a poo and a pee

What are you wearing - tee & tracks

Your TV - what's a tv? hahaha.. i think sony.. lemme go out n check

Your pet - beside my legs like surround sound

Your computer - dellihoho

Your life - a little bit of serenity... sometimes hyperly bz... but now in a bit of a lull till tmrw

Your mood - happy happy

Missing someone - a faraway storm and an unreachable mom

Your car - blue clunky

Favorite store - bookstores

Your summer - is in a beautiful storm

Your favorite colors - teal

When was the last time you laughed - hmm... ystr.. while reading Aki's comments

When was the last time you cried - before the storm subsides

Last person who emailed you - work

Your favorite food - currently its chocolate mini poppers

A place you would rather be right now - in the arms of a big storm.. hehe

lemme see... i'll tag... YoonSee, Spiffy... Aki, Ken, Bain... and anyone who would like to do this ;)

note to Spiff: this is much much easier than the other one we stole from Nessa.. ;)

11 woofs:

Nessa said...

Dellihoho?? Is dat a new brand of Dell pc's? :D

Love them bookstores!

Unknown said...

hahahhaha.. its Dell :) with its fanciness from me... good morning Nessa!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoo, kena tag lagi! LOL! But yeah, this is so much easier than Nessa punya tag yang I curi ... LOL!

Unknown said...

hahahhaha.. stole tags are harder to do... hahahhahahaha good morning Spiffy!

Aki (kotakitam) said...

I dah reply your tag! Hehe... Thanks Anny!

Unknown said...

yo ko Aki? nanti Anny singgah ye.. and mengomen...

diyadeary said...

anny, thanks for done it!
errr...anny, ko lanta tu ape? hehe

Unknown said...

Ko Lanta is one of the islands in Krabi.. very peaceful ;)

Unknown said...

Ko Lanta has longgggggggg white beaches and superb for diving... tapi i blom ambik my PADI yet.. hehe

yoon see said...

Thanks for the tag Anny. I am kind of lazy, actually got so many tags still haven't post yet.....

Unknown said...

Its just a linky love.. hahahaa.. dun worry abt doing it.. i have missed a lot of other tags too myself :)