Since i am in a loop with Nessa & Spiff (all becos of riddles).. hehe... i decided to try and torture myself and do the same thing that Spiff did. Even though Nessa NEVER tagged us to do this tag... we put ourself thru hell to come out with 25 random facts about ourselves.

And... i want people to truly know me.. i mean trullllly. I am sure some of you would be interested to know some things about me.. *ahem ahem* At least a bit about me.. mebbe? Oh hell... nevermind... even if you don't want to know anything about me... just for entertainment sakes.. ;)

1. I like my toilets to be dry and clean.

2. My favourite color is teal.

3. I love to sleep anytime all the time.

4. My favourite food is chicken rice.

5. I wish i could dance.

6. I used to have beautiful eyes.. hehehe.. now i got four eyes... they are all lined up two by two.

7. I love cartoons

8. I am a big ole fan of Calvin & Hobbes.

9. I think i might have the Middle Child Syndrome..huhuhu

10. I still walk like a kid and spring a leap once in a while when no one is watching.

11. My best friend is a curly moo call Dommy...i tell all my highs and lows to him.

12. Dommy and I usually spend our afternoons.. spinning circles on the floor.. ops!

13. I only like chocolate ice-cream

14. A cuppa of coffee lights up my day in a blink *blink*

15. I hate hoity toity people.

16. I once bump my head on a tree while cycling very fast... i was never the same again after that.. hahahaha

17. I always wanted to be in sports.. but wheezing doesn't help when u try to run very fast... *wheezzzzze wheeeze*

18. I am always loyal to my shoes. (i can only afford 1 pair at a time.. hahahhaaha) I only wear one pair of shoes all the time.. till they break. My current sneakers are teal ;)

19. I used to play the piano till the piano teacher gave up on me.. i am too lazy for piano practices hahhahahahaa

20. I am a procastinator.

21. I love to read.. everything.. even labels on a shampoo bottle.

22. I am at peace when i am swimming.

23. I had a very good and happy childhood.

24. I love walks in the rain.

25. I save this for the next round of random 25s :) to be continued again... when i reach my 500 post.

Congrats to Spiff the Spaceman for reaching his 500 posts!

here's an angpow for you :D 500 stars! err... start counting them stars! :D

12 woofs:

Nessa said...

Hahahaha... You kena penyakit Spiff oredi!!! LOL!

Aisemen, nevermind, I'm flattered actually... at least I got linked :D

Dancing is easy what... just shake the bum-bum ;)

Errr, what's a Middle Child Syndrome?

#10... that is so cute.

#11 & 12... Awwwwww...

Thanks for sharing Anny. It was fun knowing you... hehe

Unknown said...

ya ya.. kena zapped by his penyakit.. hehhehehehe...

both u and nick share the same twisted humour like mine.. i guess

middle child syndrome.. means.. err... i m a 3rd child in a family of 4 girls :D

;) ur welcome! and its been great knowing u too!

Anonymous said...

Anny, I didn't realize you were a thief just like me ... hahaha ...

Wah, finally some recognition for my twisted humor ... LOL! And thanks for the angpow, next time give la real money ... hehehe ...

Rozella said...

Hahahaha I think all of us who did this tag was asking to be tortured! I seriously couldn't think of anything interesting to write about myself.

Good job tho! I love walking in the rain too. :)

Rozella said...

Nice to meet you btw. Hehehe

Unknown said...

yea yea Spiff.. got too influenced by you.. hhahahahaha.. and kena zapped too! Anyways.. it was a nice tag not to be missed even though Nessa DIDN'T TAG us. hahhahahahahhaa

about the angpow... i dooooo have lotta leftover red packets from CNY... u want? i courier all to u le.. hehehhehee.. without the $$$ of course :p

Unknown said...

Nice of you to drop by too Rozella :D i think its kinda like only the four of us who likes Nick's riddle.. :D Nice to meet ya tooooo

Anonymous said...

Empty Angpow packets for what ... hehehe ... at least put some cookies inside la ... LOL!

Looks like Rozella is on the verge of joining this Riddles 'r' us club too ... hahaha ...

Unknown said...

Cookies in angpows ka? but but.. the CNY cookies all expired oredi le... if u one.. i can still stuff them in... hope it doesn't smell too much by the time it gets to u..
i hope Mrs Spiff will whack u silly for requesting expired cookies *LOL*

Unknown said...

Riddles 'r' us ka? okkkkkkkkkkkkk... gimme a moment pls.. :)

yoon see said...

Wow! Love tag.
Look like you have a lot of liking here, they shown in the tag.
Btway, what is teal colour?
You only have one shoe at a time. You really jimat.
I hope I can be like you, just can't resist the beautiful ones.
Having four eyes, I think by the right timing, when one getting older, one will have 6 eyes instead od two.
Hope you get what I mean Anny.
thanks for dropping by:)

Unknown said...

hi yoonsee! Teal is... kinda like turquoise... equal parts blue and green.. its a lovely color!

I wear only one pair of shoes at a time.. cos i hate hassles in life..hahahaha