Sunday was All Soul's Day for us and the time for our yearly visit to Grandpa. Grandpa rests in Lenggong... a good 45 mins away. I think we could probably reach in 30 mins if i drove fast on this new straight highway. But who's rushing... i was enjoying the scenery before me :)

Started our day quite early at 6.45am. Dad, Boy and I made a pit stop at the market to buy 5 bunches of flowers. We did have a lot of people to visit. The market aunties and uncles were surprised to see my face at that hour because i will usually only show my lazy self at 8.30 or 9 am... still in my pajama face. Then we scoot off to a coffee shop to meet my uncles and aunts. The numbers were few this year. There was papa and his 4 brothers, 2 aunties, Gary, Boy and I. I was the third youngest there.. hahhahahahaa.. can you imagine. I am with some grey and i am still the third youngest in our troop to Lenggong.

I even overshot my destination while i was going my merry way. Happily i went on the new road... and missed the turnoff and was on my way to Grik until Boy said... its there laaa.. turn back turn back.. *LOL* He sometimes wonder what a total idiot he has for an auntie.

Our yearly trips used to be a whole lot of people. Even when grandma was around... we got to go in at least 5 or 6 cars to accomodate everyone. It was like a huge party... and the whole clan would be running all over town and paint the Lenggong town red. It was fun then. The roads used to be very winding... at one point almost reaching Lenggong.. it was a left and a right and a left and another right... it was a wooooooozy drive. My sisters and i used to puke when we were small. We'll eat a big bun and milo and on the way... the winding road.. and my papa's famous rocket driving... we would be hanging plastic bags on our ears. Some years we were lucky and got smarter and not eat in the morning. But my 2nd sister almost always puke on all our road trips.. hahhahahahahhahaa.. (she'll kill me for this)

Now this year... is a lonely year. I remember last year... we had quite a big crowd. And we took lots of pictures. This year, after praying and doing the necessary, all the old folks just wanted to go home. We didn't stopped at Sauk for a good hearty meal like last year. We just went on straight back home to Ipoh.

The we stopped at Perak Tong Temple to visit Grandma. After some prayers... we went to another temple to visit Stephanie. And lastly, we went to St Michael's Church to visit mom. Quite a few stopovers in a day. And all are in different parts of Ipoh. But hey... how big is Ipoh rite? We were glad we manage to visit all our loved ones. Then lunch... and off home.

Dommy and Piper were so glad to see us. They were wondering where we went for so long. Dommy even jumped 2 feet high again.. hahhahahaa... Such joyful welcome home. I just had a quick shower and fell on the bed dead as a log.

Hopefully next year, our list of heroes will be longer. Papa and his brothers are really getting old. After so many years, they still make the yearly visit to their father. We need more younger heroes to take over the job of driving, clearing the place and stuffs :) And its actually quite a fun place to catch up with my cousins and rest of the family. Its either Lenggong or Chinese New Year. During the rest of the year, everyone is too caught up in their own lives.

I promised some photos from this trip. Just loaded it up and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ... am really tired after all the fever i caught from Bain. His fever is almost contagious... cos you keep on trying and trying the HDR and you just don't want to sleep.. hahhahahahahaaa... soon I will have panda eyes again.

I'll post the pictures from this trip another day on BooMooHoo :) now its off to lala land because i have to wake Boy up tomorrow to go to school. Papa is off on holiday with his friends again. And this time to Penang. He is very happy to go on holidays. He said... go anywhere also never mind... as long as i have some place to go and see things. Which reminds me... i got to get him a small light camera. Dang! I miss the DCIM fair.

Goodnite folks! Till we meet again soon! Maybe just one picture :)

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Aki (kotakitam) said...

Glad u got home safe all in one piece... nice write-up here... my dad skang pun kalau jalan jauh cam dah tak larat.. even though my brother yg do the drive all the way..

Last nite, my parents and I went to HUKL to visit my auntie yang kene stroke last week. The news came very late sampai bila my mom learn bout the news yesterday morning, she n my dad terus turun ke kl from Perak on the same day.

My point here is, when I went up to the ward to see my auntie, then I only realize how old she looks, uzur and weak...

Kemudian.. slowly I tgk muka2 my uncle and my parents... barulah I sedar betapa wajah2 mereka dah di mamah usia. Tubuh bdn mereka pun dah tak sekuat dulu... dan makan pun seselera dulu... Semua ni buat I insaf and appreciate selagi mereka masih ada dgn kita...

baincardin said...


baincardin said...

haaa....Anny pun dah teruk demam ni...:) Semoga cepat sembuh!

*thanks for promoting me in your blog Anny :) am not really master in HDR but i'm kinda luv it! ;)

Kita belajar HDR sama² ya ^_^

Unknown said...

Don't worry too much Aki. As long as your parents are still with you, spend more time with them. Take them sana sini.. makan makan... happy happy... so we don't have much regrets later on.

We all do have our own lives to run and sometimes when we leave the nest, we take it for granted that the people we left behind will always be there.

You are young (still 13) still have lots of time to chase your dreams and still make it home for your parents and loved ones. You can do both and still be happy.

Semoga your auntie cepat sembuh ye. With therapy, she will recover and be back to her ownself again.

Unknown said...

apa ni yay polak si mamat hansem.. hehe.. here no FC present jugo.. but as Nessa says.. i'll give u "tepukan gemuruh" hehehhehehe..

Unknown said...

Demam ni saya tak mau sembuh lagi.. still a few more days... :D

How come your HDR nampak lebih cun...? hmm... agaknya HDR king saja yg bole sampai tahap u :)

Kita samo samo berusaha ye.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Wow, that was some trip you had :D Next time I lend you my spaceship la ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Spiffyyyyyyy... you are here! with your zit too? hehhehehee.. yea.. it was a lot of driving.. but worthwhile to see the smiles on my dad's face when he meets all the familiar faces :) Next time just zap me..

Nessa said...

It's a tradition that's slowly disappearing... sad ya. The young ones are definitely not so bothered about this, I hope I'm wrong though.

I miss my family, my dad especially. We are not that close but bila da berumur ni, the past doesn't reali matter anymore.

Unknown said...

Sometimes i guess its just the time factor.. everyone do try... but just sometimes our own lives get in the way too.

I believe traditions die hard.

The past really don't matter anymore if we are in the present. Its the future we are looking to ;)