My to-do list for last weekend :)

1) PP... I am coming!
ha! The most happiest person/furryball/furkid that greeted me! I am happy that PP still loves me! I kinda kidnapped him home yesterday.. hahhahhahaa.. he's right here with me now...

shhhhhh! furball PP is sleeping

2) Kinokuniya.. you owe me two books :) Yes yes.. i'll pay first.. *LOL*
Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i got both of my books! And a 20% off too... wowwheeeeeeeeee...

3) Borders... just to see and tickle the very friendly service people there. Borders do have some very friendly service people around to help you find what you need. And they even give you very good suggestions. I like the Borders at the Curve... coffee don't taste too bad either!
Curve was like a major turnoff cos all the cars were parked everywhere... outside inside everywhere... no curve for me this time round.. huhuhuuhu

4) Go feed my tummy at my best neighbourhood steak and chop shop :) I'll post some pics of this wonderful place soon. The people are friendly here too :) That's why i keep going back there to eat
I did I did eat here... yehooooooo... pictures soon!

5) Maybe see some fishes at Aquaria... i've never been yet.. huhuhuuuuuuuuu
No aquaria visit... huhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mebbe next time.. but i did visit the Maxis center in KLCC.. hahahhahahaha.. to check out the blackberry curveeeeeee... beautiful.. but i am waiting for the storm if i can afford it :)

6) Go kick some stones
I went for strolls with my friend... which was really niceee.. and we did try to pluck some weird fruits from a big big tree... hehehee.. we just got rained by all the water that got collected on the tree when we pulled the fruit.. hehehhee.. the scene was of course priceless ;) where was the camera when i needed it..

7) Crabs... Ampang crabs... I'm dying to eat them. Hope they are open tomorrow
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...didn't get to do this.. got to wait another 4 mths before i can go eat crabs again... booohoooooo!

8) Go feed some fishes.. hehehe
i did see lotta kois... but forgot to bring the bread

9) Meet some buddies... i kinda missed some birthdays.. since December... got to go meet them and treat them some donuts.. else my friends will start to forget me... bribe them with donuts! what a wonderful idea :)
Ah... i did meet my friends. I walk down the hill and caught a bus by the side of a big big highway... and ended up at another highway... and finally met up with my friends... and we talked for hours... too much to catch up... we were happy to see each other again... (err... taking the bus part was all a part of my vivid imagination... cos i told a storm that i took a bus.. hehehhe)

10) Go to Subang Parade and buy all the donuts from the Big Apple Donuts.. so that some Spaceman will have no donuts to eat on the weekends.. kakakakkakakakaa
Didn't make it to Subang Parade.. hahhahahhaa.. to swipe off all the donuts... anyways... i wouldn't know what to do with so many donuts.. even though i love donuts.. but how many can we eat.. hehe.. sorry Spiff... just tricking u ;)

11) Finally... catch a storm... hopefully.. the Storm+ee will find some time for me.
I caught a bit of a storm ;) not much.. the storm was kinda distracted.. and was here and there and everywhere.. hahaha

12) Kick some stones
I did i did... kick some stones and leaves

13) Take another 200 pictures...
Only manage 77 this time... cos i was just lazy :)

14) Kick more stones
Err.. this time i didn't kick stones.. but sis and i saved a little bird from the jaws of lotta cats prowling the garden... good thing sis saw the little bird that fell off from its nest. Poor mummy bird was so helpless and kinda have the eyes that say.. help me help me..

Its been a very nice weekend... cos i did get a lot of sleep... and just bum around. Practically just bum around. PP's mummy and daddy were very kind to accomodate me :)

But i am happy to be home too. I was greeted with so much love by my curly moo. Now he's sleeping too... shush!

my curly moo

6 woofs:

Nessa said...

Gosh! I haven't been to Kinokuniya and Borders in years la, I miss those mega bookstore. Slalu go to Popular... manyak Chinese books, I kenot read :(

I wanna see PP's face!! :B

Unknown said...

i dun hv mega bookstores where i live.. hehehe.. so its a big indulgence for me when i go to KL :) Popular's not bad either.. they are cheaper.. but sometimes dun have some books je..

PP's face coming right up.. tonite!

Anonymous said...

Urrmm, you could always sent the doughnuts to me you know ... LOL!

Unknown said...

could... should have... would mebbe next time if i have too much of donuts.. hehe.. but if u cannot fit into your spacesuit anymore... dun blame it on me! *lol* Mrs Spiff might haveta sew u a new suit :D

I'll check whether they do home deliveries :D

emilayusof said...

wah! banyaknya to do list!! i also prefer borders @ the curve!! yup yup the coffee is good! i hate the full parking; if i wanna go, i'll make sure i reach there at 10am!!! muahahaha! or before 10am! i can always have breakfast at IKEA for RM1.99!!! Weee!!

Unknown said...

Ya... breakfast at IKEA too.. hahhahahaa.. mebbe one day we'll bump into each other.. and i'll just give u a loud BOO!

the list a bit long for a 3 day 2 nite stopover.. hahhahaa.. tats why tak sempat beli donuts.. hehe