Lazy day today. Rainy too. Sleeping was the most obvious thing to do when it rains. When i look at Dommy and PP... both snuggling comfortably in the beds... i did the same too. I can sleep as much as the doggies.. but they usually only sleep for 40 winks.

They both sleep in the same room with me. When i make the slightnest move... or turn in bed.. they both sit up... like its morning or its time to go for walks. Both with eager eyes... ready to go. But sometimes its 3am in the morning. So.. when i sleep... i try not to move too much.. hhahahahahhahaa.. crazy rite?

After sleeping for almost the whole day, now i am with a stuck nose. How did that happen? hehhehehee.. too much sleep i guess. *lol* How does a flu drop by when you get too much rest.. guess i better work more and sleep less... so i don't get sick ;)

Oh.. i got to share this poem.. its beautiful and from the other book i got.

Daily in the morning, this faithful dog,
silent, sits near me,
till I recognize him
with a touch.
At my little notice
his body erupts in waves, streams of joy.
~ Rabindranath Tagore, "Recovery 14"

3 woofs:

yoon see said...

I am glad your dog always so faithful to be with you.
Sinus problem comes and goes.
Hope you feel better soon:)

Unknown said...

Dommy is ever faithful... fiercely faithful.. PP.. is.. err.. hahahaa.. he's a shitzu.. not faithful.. hahhahaa..

not having a sinus thing.. i just got myself caught in some rain... and forgot to wash my head after that.. :D getting old..

Unknown said...

thanks for the thots!