Good Morning Mummy!

Its a beautiful morning and i just woke up. I went to the garden for a stroll and check out my mails. Some doggie left Dommy and i a mail by the gate. Hmmm... We both send back a mail each.. by the gate :D

How are you doing mummy? Didya miss me?

My paws are a bit dirty now. But Anny says its ok since both of us will be having a bath tomorrow.

Yesterday i have lotta carrots and potatoes and veal + Avengers for dinner. I almost finish all my food.. but it was a lot. I finish the last bit an hour later. I love the carrots.

Grandpa shared his orange with me again. I love grandpa most. Cos he takes me for walks and he shares his orange with me everyday.

How is daddy? Does he still go for his walks without me there? Tell him not to miss me too much. I'll be back soon.

Love you mummy! Come get me soon.

5 woofs:

Nessa said...

Anny, I think Piper is truly adorable (I'm oredi in love with her)... she purposely had her pic taken dat way right??

Now I wan a dog just like her! But I can't keep a dog... :*(

Nessa said...

Eh... Piper is a she or he?? I forgot oredi.

Unknown said...

hey Nessa! Piper is a him... hhahahahaa.. he's all male :D he is adorable.. like a small kid.. hahaha..sometimes i think he thinks he's human pulak

Nessa said...

Piper's eyes are so expressive... memang cam human.

Unknown said...

i think he believes he's human kid.. hahhahahahaa