Testbed day :)

I've been wanting to test this Dave Hill's effect for a while. Never got around to doing it till now becos of the procastinator in me :D I first saw it on Emila's web last month.

anyways... here's my first attempt.


This is picture of a kiddo i took exactly 3 years ago in Janda Baik, Pahang. There were a bunch of kids spending their holidays at their grandma's Pondok Impian*. They were posing here and there for me. I had a great time taking a whole lot of pictures of them.
I took this picture on the 5th of March 2006.. kinda long time ago... many unprocessed pictures (thank god for digital cameras). Think this kiddo would already be grown up by now! Hmm... mebbe someone somewhere knows this kid. I could show him his pictures when i go there again one day. It is a lovely place.
I wonder if i got the DH effect correctly... it looks kinda grainy to me. hmmm
Anyways... here's a good tutorial to follow for the DH effect.
Have fun trying :)
*Pondok Impian means Dream Cottage.

10 woofs:

Emila Yusof said...

that is cool, right?!! so much sharper image! thanks for thel inky love, anny!

Anny said...

yep.. kinda cool! thanks to Bain too.. hehehe.. :D

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Cool effect, I must go try this out. Maybe it'll make my rocket ship look much better ... hehehe ...

Nessa said...

Looks shiny this effect. Not that I know much about photography... why did they call it Dave Hills effect? No, don tell me... Dave Hill buat dulu kan, kan?? :D

Wah, nak jejak kasih this boy ya. If you manage to trace him, that'll be amazing!

Anny said...

Spaceship? hmmm... i do have a pic of one.. lemme try it for u :D

Anny said...

ya ya.. so smart la Nessa.. the first person who did it is call Dave Hill.. hehehehe..

not jejak kasih this kiddo le.. i know i can find him... i just got to go back to Pondok Impian... and pass the pictures to his grandma.. wait till ada kelapangan duru :D

but come to think of it.. me n my procastination.. it cud be 10 yrs down the road before i go back there again.. hahahahhahahaa

baincardin said...

Hi anny! thanks for dropping by! :) nice Dave Hill's attempt! I got something to share with you about this Dave Hill's effect of mine ;) this is the link for you:


keep experimenting and hope you enjoy ya! ^_~

Anny said...

Thanks for the link Bain... i got to experiment more for perfection! Yours is very niceeeeeee.. expert DH master!

yoon see said...

Anny, this effect is fantastic!

Anny said...

You should check out Bain's DH effects.. its supa cooler :D