Its 2.30 am here in Malaysia... and here i am in front of my window to the world. Was out the whole night with my nephew... took him for a movie. We've been wanting to go for movie night with papa for many weeks now. Its is already almost to the end of March and this is our first movie of the year. We didn't wait for papa this time.. hahahaaa.. (i wonder if he'll be mad if he knew we went without him.. urmm..) BUT... we didn't go for the funny movie that he wanted to see. We'll go take him when he comes back.

All work and no play is a no no in my dictionary for kids... err.. teenager.. young man. How these kids grow so fast... i can't even keep track. One minute i was changing their diapers... and next... they are telling me about girls. *lol* Now.. i am feeling grey.

I love to take kiddos out to movies. I remember the first movie we took Boy. We were all so afraid that he'll be restless... and be grumpy or wail out loud in the dark. But he was ok... he did talk loudly during the movies.. hahhahaa.. we were going shhh shhh... and keep giving him the popcorn.. hahahaha My father and him.. talked so loud.. like they are watching tv at home. I keep sliding lower and lower in my seat.. just in case we get barked by the other movie-goers.

Today... we were both contemplating what to watch... only 4 movies to choose in this mall. We ended up watching Street Fighter... hahhahaaa.. i was going.. do we have to watch Street Fighter?? its a game.. you know the game you used to play when you were a kid. But Boy insisted he wanted to watch it.. so ok.. Street Fighter it is. Not bad laa... it could have been worse... with me drooling and snoozing off if the movie is crappy. Kristin Kreuk packs quite a punch in this movie.

We only had some laksa before we went in. We had 10mins to eat before the movie. Now my tummy is growling. Even my two bodyguards at my feet are twitching each time my tummy rumbles.. hehhehehee.

They are sleeping so soundly now. I better hold my tummy tight... and sleep too. My doggies each fight to hold pole position at my workstation.. *LOL*.. so now i drag both their beds... on the left and right.. like speakers... they surround me like a surround sound system. Both are happy now.

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