Harbour Lights ~ The Platters

Just heard my dad listen to this song last week. I think he just found it and remembered such a song. This song sorta give me a nice nice feeling. A dancing... ballroom kinda song again :)

My papa is on holiday today. He took the bus to Kuala Lumpur to visit his other grandkids and daughters. Hope he will have a good time with them.

We almost missed the bus today. Took a gamble and only drove to the bus station 15mins before the bus is supposed to take off. And my driving and me in my old car, when we reach the bus station... the bus is no where to be seen. *LOL* The lady at the counter just said... "Bas suda pergi" hahhahaha... meaning Bus has left.

Boy and i quickly packed my father back into the car and we sped off to the 2nd bus station which the bus is supposed to be to pick up the rest of the passengers. I guess my father never saw me drove so fast... actually not that fast. Cos my car is old... the most it could go is a wobbly fast. hhahahahhahaa.. He kept mumbling.. bus already gone la... hhahahahhaa

When we screeched to a stop... both of them jumped down and walla... bus is there. I went to park the car.. and next minute.. the bus is moving already. If we got stalled at another traffic light.. we would have to chase the bus on the highway... or buy another ticket. Poor dad. His heart must have skipped 2 beats with my driving. Actually... he drives much much faster than me. He in his rocket. He cannot stand my slow driving. I told him.. this is Ipoh.. people drive slow. Then he would go... see see.. u missed another traffic light. Now we got to wait again. *LOL* My father in his rocket.. they whizzed past the traffic lights before the turn orange.

Ipoh is famous for the many many traffic lights. There's not a lot of cars but the traffic lights are causing all the jams. Weird eh?

Well.. dad is in KL with his other loved ones. While Boy and me is here with Dom and PP. Its the school holidays. Hope he will have a great time with my sisters.

Note to May: Don't forget Mum's Place.

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