My nose is flowing like a river today. After the very lazy Sunday, it got worse today. Now i haveta find two plugs to plug up my nose cos each time i bend over... it flows again. hahhahahahahaa..

This afternoon i took two flu tabs... and like magic... i fell backwards and fell asleep. (good thing i work from home.. can't find no beds in the office). Wonder what kinda superdrug they put in the flu tabs. I didn't even have time to grab my favourite camel toy before i was snoozing the wholeeeeeeee afternoon. I was just out. After two hours, manage to crawl outta bed with tens of many messages on my desktop..

where are you!
are you there!
hey! hey!
are your there...

buzz! buzzz!

hahahhahahahaa... so many people looking for me while i was snoozing away... ;)

The beauty of working at home...
1) My doggies beside me... they are great stress relievers.
2) My bed beside me...
3) I can even cook during lunch (but i am too lazy.. )
4) Roll on the floor with my dog+gies (since PP is around this week)
5) See my dogs every single minute
6) Take them for a poo and a pee
7) Give them treats when the day is long
8) Brainstorm with them.. and ask them for suggestions.. sometimes they nod like they really do understand what i am doing
9) Roll on the floor with my dog+gies.. hehhehehee (thats the highlight of my day)
10) Hug them when the work is tough... this surely works

I am indeed blessed... eventhough i know i'll be Rudolph tomorrow. Goodnite folks.. Early nite today. Maybe the river will stop flowing tomorrow. Nah! hahhahahahaha

6 woofs:

diyadeary said...

hi anny..

lama diya x singgah sini.. been spammed with works lately! Huh..

anny, bila i kene flu, i makan clarinose. u just need one of it, and the bestest is ubat tu x mengantuk! :)

u can get clarinose kat pharmacy, but kinda expensive. 1 papan tu cost around rm9. :D

hope the flu is okay by now.. take care dear! :)

Nessa said...

Eh, I'm curious to see dat Camel toy la... hehehe

Get well soon ya.

yoon see said...

Take care Anny.
Rest well and you will certainly feel better:)

Unknown said...

hey Diya :) thanks for dropping by... i know ur bz with ur finals... takpa takpa...

my flu's almost gone after my double flu tabs.. and another pinky flu tab i took ystr nite.. :D ya.. clarinase works too! i lupa sama itu clarinase... anyways.. thanks for the thots!

Unknown said...

ur wish is my command ;) camel coming up soon... for dear Nessa... :)

Unknown said...

thanks YoonSee :) i just got caught in the rain.. and i tot i was always strong.. hahhahahaha.. forgot i have grown older.. hehehehe