TGIF :D beautiful!

I guess i should take a well-deserved break this weekend... and go replenish my juice+s ;)

Few pitstops to make...

1) PP... I am coming!

2) Kinokuniya.. you owe me two books :) Yes yes.. i'll pay first.. *LOL*

3) Borders... just to see and tickle the very friendly service people there. Borders do have some very friendly service people around to help you find what you need. And they even give you very good suggestions. I like the Borders at the Curve... coffee don't taste too bad either!

4) Go feed my tummy at my best neighbourhood steak and chop shop :) I'll post some pics of this wonderful place soon. The people are friendly here too :) That's why i keep going back there to eat

5) Maybe see some fishes at Aquaria... i've never been yet.. huhuhuuuuuuuuu

6) Go kick some stones

7) Crabs... Ampang crabs... I'm dying to eat them. Hope they are open tomorrow

succulent crabs!

8) Go feed some fishes.. hehehe

9) Meet some buddies... i kinda missed some birthdays.. since December... got to go meet them and treat them some donuts.. else my friends will start to forget me... bribe them with donuts! what a wonderful idea :)

10) Go to Subang Parade and buy all the donuts from the Big Apple Donuts.. so that some Spaceman will have no donuts to eat on the weekends.. kakakakkakakakaa

11) Finally... catch a storm... hopefully.. the Storm+ee will find some time for me.

12) Kick some stones

13) Take another 200 pictures...

14) Kick more stones...

zzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzz... have a great weekend folks! I'll be back soon! And while i am away, do take care of my papa, Dommy and Boy. YehooooooooooooooooooOOOOOoooo

4 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

So that's where all the doughnuts went, huh? LOL!

Anny said...

hahahaha.. i didn't make it there spiff.. hahahhaha.. must be some other folks buying all them do+nuts :D

Nessa said...

I love the ones with the cheesy curls on them... salty & sweet = yummy!!

Anny said...

hehehee.. cheesy ones ye? i love them chocolate coated.. yummy :) and u get free chocolate lipstick on ur lips after u eat them.. hahhahahaha