Here's Piper with his best friend Pikachu.

Pikachu has been with Piper since he was little. Pikachu is a gift from the kids to him. This is his best buddy and he tells/complains to Pikachu about everything under the sun. Really.. he does. Pikachu accompanies him when his mummy and daddy goes to work. Pikachu is with him at night. They share a relationship kinda like Calvin and Hobbes. I sometimes wonder about the stories he shares with Pika.

After he has his oranges, he must go and hold on to his Pika. His mummy says he wants to share his oranges with Pika. Strange? haha.. Not really. Best friends share almost everything.

As you all can see.. Pika is all worn out now :)

PP is fiercely very defensive of his Pika. If you snatch it away from him... he will bark at you till kingdom come. He growls deeply... when you try and snatch it when he is having a conversation with his Pika. Strange..? Really.. no. Dogs.. they are sometimes almost like human too. They needs friends... and what they really do need most is other dogs. Other dogs complete them. Like how humans complete each other. They are not any different from us. All they need is just a friend.

6 woofs:

Ken said...

poor pikachu the leg look like it's going to be dislocated from the body...LOL

Unknown said...

hahahhahaa.. the legs are all ok on pikachu... just the tail is almost dislocated.. hahhahaha.. gotta sew it back for him before PP goes home :)

Unknown said...
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Nessa said...

Urmmm... Pikachu badly needs a bath! Heehee

Unknown said...

hahhahaha.. ya ya... tell it to PP.. hehe.. he'll nag u till kingdom come :D

yoon see said...

Ultimate soulmate is pikachu!
And really Pikachu not just children like but also your woof woof!