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breathe in
breathe out..
it seems to be working... hahahhahahaha

Before you get angry... always count to 10. After 10... we are usually less angry than we were when we were counting at 1. Before you lashed out... hold your tongue and count to 10.

When we get angry, we usually say things that hurt other people. Or we could hurt ourselves by kicking stones too hard... hahahhahaa.. And never never drive when you are angry. You can die... but if your don't die and you cause another person to die, how are you going to get through life with that guilt.

Once my dad was really angry about something... and he drove very fast. And he kept scolding at everything on the road... he went faster and faster. I just close my eyes. I was thinking, this is going to be the end. I am going to die. hahhhahahahaa.. Somehow he calmed down himself. Maybe he thought that i was scared cos i closed my eyes. But i close my eyes because i don't want to see what's coming.

I try not to let him drive when we go out now. His eyes are not too good too to drive at night. He still scold everything and everyone on the road.. (forgive him cos he is an old man... he cannot stand people going at snail pace).. hhahahaa.. and i will drive slowly and wheeze in and out. Most of the time he cannot stand my driving... hahaha.. and i tell him... where are we rushing to Papa?

Its going to be almost two years since mom's gone and since i came home. In this two years i have learnt a lot of patience and tolerance. Some of the times, i am counting 1 to 10 in my head. Sometimes i have to hold my tongue. And... i only learnt patience and tolerance from the best example ever. No one can teach you patience and tolerance better than... a dog.


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Aki (kotakitam) said...

Wow what a great post!

Me too. I've should learn more how to be patience with my dad. Your dad is like my dad. Same breed. Panas baran punya org... and him being ex-military (commando some more)doesn't give him any rights or excuse to scold people all the time. :P

Well, since I don't have dog to teach me how to be patience, I can learn it from the best person, my mom. She has been with him since the day one and she sticks with him tru thick n thin over 32 years of marriage.

Well, my dad is much more better now. He doesn't scold as much as he used to and furthermore, I notice that he is now more open to listen to least to me. Maybe because I'm the oldest in the family or maybe becoz if he does not want to listen I membebel back at him! LOL!

What ever it is... he is my dad. My only dad... And I love him with all my heart and I bet you feel the same way too, no matter how loud they might be... Hehe...

Unknown said...

Yes Aki... old folks.. we got to have more patience. Saya ponya sabor je. Their time on earth macam on grace... so kita anak-anak... kena laa banyak bersabor... just think of all the Yasmin Ahmad Petronas ads... it helps a lot!

And slowly.. their bodies pon suda rosak sana sini.. so they are angry all the time.. sometimes they are in pain.. what we can do is just hold our tongue.. and never scold them back.

My mom pun sama... sweet... and patient.. but she is no longer around to keep my dad company.

My dad punya panas baran pun suda reda more after my mom left. Now he just sings a lot on youtube.. and enjoy his computer time.

I am sure you love both your mom and dad a lot. You are a good son. No matter how loud they are.. be patient with them.

thanks for your kind words!

Nessa said...

Ya, agree with Aki.. dis is a splendid post :D

My dad is panas baran too and unfortunately I got the very same trait. My late mom was the exact opposite... unfortunately I didn't inherit that trait.

It's hard trying to control one's anger when you're already in a fit of rage. Yeah, you swear, you feel like strangling the person who made you angry... but deep inside, it hurts even more because anger takes away everything in you.

I am still learning to be patient, to be tolerant... there are days when I succeed and days that I don't. Don't wori cos I don't simply lash out at people. Only those who are total morons! Oopss! :$

Next taim, I shall count from 1 to 10 :D

Unknown said...

We are only human Nessa... sometimes we really cannot control what's in us ;) if we are all angels.. who's gonna be the devil sometimes.. *lol*

I can keep quiet abt things that make me angry... but if its really overboard... when i open my mouth... my one-liners scare even my family *LOL*

Patience comes with time... it works to count 1-10... try it... u will still be angry.. but less... :)

how come all our mommies are angels? and daddies are panas baran ye? hehehe

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Count 1-10.. I should try that... :)

Unknown said...

It works.. but dun count too fast.. hhahahaa.. you will still be angry but lessen :) but i think Aki pun tak panas baran.. macam cool je your perangai.

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Aki tak lah panas baran sgt.. tapi kuat membebel jugak lah... tak caya tanya Bain! haha... but 90% most of the time Aki is cool as ice ice baby... babeyyyy... hehe..

Unknown said...

Habislaaa isteri engkau kalu u kuat membebel.. hahhahahahhahaa