The weekend passes by like... a whoooooooooosh! Did you all have a great weekend? Hope everyone did and manage to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Mine was quiet... i was just sleeping a lot... waking up to play... sleep again... and play some more (urrmmm.. its not what some of you all think).. hahahaha. Do you call that a great weekend or what? :D

Didn't sneak in any work (at all) this weekend. Tomorrow i will probably have quite an earful the minute my yahoo is ON for work :p I think.. if i am lucky... i will probably get away with just an earful. I have been working many weekends since last year... sometimes i even lost track of what day it is. I just conveniently thinks that it is a working day.. hahaha So i guess i give myself a break this time :)

So this weekend.. was my weekend of bumming off. Snoozing a lot... playing with PP and Dom... reading lotta... scribbling... experimenting.

My new playmate.

I think i am spending too much time online.. in front of the computer when i should be out in the garden running with the dogs. Poor doggies sometimes look at me with very sad eyes and say.. let's go out and run a round. hehehe.. Sometimes i give in to their sad eyes... and i just said.. let's gooooooooooooooooooo.. and off we go running to the door... Dommy jumping 2 feet high... and off we run into our garden.

They don't ask for much... just a run once in a while.. food.. and all the love you can share. I love them both very much. They give my life more meaning and they teach me to have fun and take a break. They make my life less stressful with the big smiles on their faces. I count myself lucky... to have two heartbeats at my feet ;)

Time to snooze... and prepare my ears for my early morning earful. Goodnite folks

6 woofs:

baincardin said...

yay! i'm fc here! ;)

Unknown said...

yayyyyyyyyy!.. errr.. tapi.. saya takde FC di sini le... :) but thanks dude for dropping by!

Mariuca said...

Anny!! Ha ha takde FC kat sini! :)

Mariuca said...

Anny! I too need to get away from my laptop! posting non stop this month, crazy! ;)

Unknown said...

ya ya.. sini takde FC.. hahhahaha.. krana saya pemalas :)

Unknown said...

take a break Marzie... all work and no play is no good! take care ya!