Come to Me - Celine Dion

My little pink nephew is growing very fast since i last saw him and since i last held him in my arms. I wonder if he still remember me. Tomorrow he will be 12 weeks. Till i see you again soon lil pink man.

I am bad with dates... and since i got Godmother status *wink wink*.. i should probably keep track of all his important dates :) I miss you little one.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely and meaningful song. My mum played for me yesterday and I was listening with my eyes wide-opened and smiled. I love it! Mum promised to play this song for me at least once a day together with the other songs you sent me.
I am going for my injections 2moro, hope it's not too painful.
Miss you loads, my special godmother...c u soon
Bebe J xxx

Anny said...

Don't worry bebe... injections are just like mosquito bites.. you won't feel a thing.. you are one brave lil boy!
We'll send Grandpa to you real soon :) Love you loads my lil one.