Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Queen. One of the world's greatest bands alive. At least to me. I love this song. Used to listen to it over and over... it thrills me to bits. On some occasions, while listening to this song... i would be playing an air guitar :D and towards the end i would hold a pen and kinda like conducting an orchestra.. hehehhehehe.. ya ya.. i am as weird as i can get. That's what makes this song so very interesting. There so much life in this just one song. Its kinda hard to explain.. unless you love this song.

Even though i don't play the piano very well... i could still remember how to play 1 song completely... hahhahahaa and its because the songs gets me. Maybe i should go back to piano playing and give my dad and my nephew an earful... hmmm...

During my college years, noisy songs were my favourites. I was actually influenced by these two guys i worked with doing big big displays for Christmas. We were blasting noisy songs in the small room with styrofoam flying all around on our heads and on our clothes. We had so much fun. In the end... the snowman was so huge.. we got to get some help from the maintenance guys to hoist it up... hahhahaha.. Music feeds my soul and i could work really late on my work while singing out loud. Singing is so much better than smoking. Because of singing, i never picked up smoking while i am stressed.

Sometimes i work into the mornings but could still crawl to college and do a presentation. Once i was working pretty late into the mornings, my dad rushed out to buy me a bottle of Brands Chicken Essence to drink before i go to school. hehehe.. He was afraid that i might faint before i reach school. I was woozy.. and when he put the bottle of chicken essence near my nose... i nearly barfed. I never took any Chicken Essence ever after that except the ones my mom double boiled for us. His good intentions were wasted but i remember my good ole dad's love. It was funny at the moment. I just shook my head.. no no no... and held my mouth closed. hahhahahaa.. God Bless my papa's good heart.

Now that i am with a little grey, while i work, i listen to annoying slow songs even my dad cannot stand.. hahhahahahaa.. Its such a diverse change. It comes with age. But they are really good Audiopiles.

Hope you all enjoy my selection from my noisy years :) More to come!

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emilayusof said...

woohoo anny! this is my favourite from the 90s!! I used to hangout at HRC KL every night and this songs was like an anthem back them. All the patrons would stand and sing along!! those were the days!

Unknown said...

hahhahahaha.. anthem polak si Emi ni.. hehhehee.. i guess both of us have some same music taste :D i likeeeeeeeeeee! the noisy younger years were surely a fun time :)

deviousdiv said...

I don't think i'll ever graduate from loud songs. Even among slow songs, I love them loud.

And the Bohemian Rhapsody... now that's the all time best 'sing when you're drunk' song ever!


I totally agree with you on how music is far more therapeutic than music.

I used to listen to Metallica, Queen, Staind and Marylin Manson on my I-Pod while rushing project deadlines myself.


I still listen to those for old times sake. Brings back memories.



Unknown said...

YA! Sing when drunk song.. hahhahahahaaa.. it was one of mine too.. hahhahahahaa.. now u remind me too much of my noisy years Div!

We could still listen to this "noisy numbers" when we have our *ahem ahem* d e a d l i n e s :D... do u owe me something?? ur deadline is up.. quick quick... listen to them music and give me copy copy copyyyyy... coffee also can la..

Thanks for dropping by Div!

Anonymous said...

This is one :D

Unknown said...

this is ur fav too Spiff? COOL!