Les Yeux Ouverts ~ Beautiful South

The original soundtrack from French Kiss. Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Do you remember this movie? I was mebbe about.. err.. urmmmm.. how old was i then.. when the movie played.. hehe.. and i was allowed to watch a movie with a title like "French Kiss" *LOL* I was with the thought that there was some French Kissing in the movie.. hahhahahahaa.. errr.. urrm... but nooooooooo... it was just Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

Anyways.. the movie is feely lovey movie.. movies that most girls like i suppose. That most men/boys would dread taking their other half to. *LOL*

I am a big fan of Meg Ryan and most of her movies. I like her aloofness in these kinda movie.

Hope you'll enjoy this song.

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