Responsible pet ownership or ‘RPO’ is one of the major changes that the SPCA would like to bring about in Malaysia. While the SPCA can provide neutering clinics, rehome animals and campaign for changes in the law, without Malaysian citizens taking more responsibility for the welfare of their pets little progress can be made.

Domestic animals rely on us for their wellbeing. Unlike wild animals, domesticated cats and dogs cannot successfully provide enough food, water and medical treatment for themselves to stay fit and healthy.

The key responsibilities an owner should show towards their pet are:
  • Provide adequate food, shelter, medicine and living space for your pet.
  • Spay or neuter your pet.
  • Use a leash when your pet dog is out of the compound.
  • Provide a loving environment for your pet.
  • Be considerate to your neighbours.
here's me with my buddy on our car rides...
as you can see.. Dom likes to take up a lot of space in a car... and push me right to the corner.
and he is feeling very happy that he has dominated most of the car seat..
hmmm... wait till my mama comes home

he won't get a ride in my mama's car... i am king of the car.
its my car.. and i get to sit in front.. with my mama
where is mama... i miss my mama... awooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

how many hours do u think an adult dog sleeps a day?
Your adult dog probably spends about 12 hours of her day which is half her life sleeping.

as you can see.. my friend the Dom sleeps all the time..
when he wakes up in the morning... he pees.. have a drink.. have cookies.. run about in the garden and does his business.. then he's back in the house
and plonks down to sleep again.

he is even sleeping now... *shush*
just in case he hears that i am going out for a car ride
he'll want to go too and takes up all the seats in the car

i love car rides.. but i dun like car rides at night...
it scares me cos i cannot see anything out there
spoooooooooooky.. i am only a toy dog
toy dogs are easily spooked

laters.. i m going out for my car ride!
woof wooooooooooof awayyyyy

Dom... hmm... that's where most of my kingdom went... well... anyways...

Dom.. as in Dom Perignon.. weird to have a champagne brand as a name.
but... he is most proud of his name.

Not like me.. i am happy just being with a cute n easy name.. but humans still dun know how to call me correctly... what is so hard about P I P E R
simple cute.. like me cute...
cute ~ ugly but adorable
i am no ugly doggie... maaaaaaaaaa HALLPPPPPPPPPPP..
why are all these people calling me cuteeeeeeee.

ops! i got carried away there.. must b getting late..

anyways.. about Dom...
Dom has a brother... a twin.. Moet & Chandon
another champagne name.. hohum.. why can't i have a long exclusive name too...
i am stuck with P I P E R.. aparaaaaaaaaaa..
poor guys are separated since we adopted him last year from Marilyn.
Moet went to another family.. and hopefully he will find happiness there too.

Dom.. Dommy... hmmm.. i got lots of things to complain about this fella... wait.. u wait..

woooooooof! time to sleep...

I am a goldwhite shih tzu. I am about 3 yrs ++ and going 4.
i miss my mummy... awoooooooooooooOOOOOOoo
Even though i am called Piper, sometimes people do not know how to pronounce my name. For some reason, people call me Wiper and sometimes Viper. Viper would be cool but i am just a small doggie, Viper seems like too strong a name for me.
My love ones call me by a lot of nicknames.
Sometimes i am confused cos i do not know if they are calling me or maybe they are calling Dom.
My list of nicknames...
Tua Pui
Notty Boy
and sometimes its just Arggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhh PIPEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR
tat is when i leave my mark on the floor... and someone happens to step on it.
woof! woof!
i can always get away by looking cute..

mummy mummy where are you..
when are you coming back to see me.
my mummy lives 2 hours away.. i used to live with her.. but now i live with grandpa... cos mummy is busy.
i miss my mummy. awooooooooooooooooo!

haroooooooooo there.. woof! woof!

My name is Piper.. i am the one with the big grin up there.
this is what i like to do when i am free... i blog.
yes yes.. doggies blog too.
so there.. woof!