How did we get to May from February?

People do say that when you are happy... time flies. Or when you are older, time speeds up. Or... when you don't manage your time well... you don't get to blog.

We have been occupied and getting to know our brown girl. Her name's back to being Chachi. The name that her first owner gave her. *LOL* She seems to respond better to that name.

Dom is Dom. Dom is older and more dots. Slower on some days... we have some good days and not so good days. He had his bloodtest again to check on stuffs. He might haveta go in for the dentals and remove all his broken bad teeth soon. Once and for all and be a old toothless Dommy. His vet says she can do it and has done it on old and very old dogs. I am just worried he won't wake up.

Pipster's mom just wrote a book about him. We have ordered ours. Have you got yours? Can't wait to have it in our hands. Click on the badge below and get yours! 20% of total sales will be donated to rescued and sheltered dogs and cats.. and animals. I know it will be a wonderful book... and a something to remind us of dear Pip.

We can't keep up too much on blogging but we'll try. We are sorry we have been away. Everything is mobile. The internet is in your pocket. Most things move too fast.

Catch up with all of you again. Take care and maybe we'll try harder to blog :)