I've arrived evolved.

From cat watching... i went to bird watching and today i did people watching.

My dad doesn't see too well at night to drive on his own. He was meeting his friends for dinner tonight. His friends always ask me to join their dinners but i never did. They have many things to talk and laugh about and i'll just be in the way. So i went people watching at the mall.

Am working on a project these past few nights. Brainstorming didn't come up to much. *LOL* But it helps. I love brainstorming with friends over the internet. After all the late nights i've been keeping, i think the yawns came 10 folds today. I would probably offend my dad's friends if i kept yawning while having dinner with them.

People watching...
  1. Went to the Nikon shop to get a card replacement. Snotty staff. Probably because i was in slippers and had my camera in a cloth bag. *LOL* Who carries their SLRs in cloth bags... except me. Staff was a wee bit more helpful after i winked and bat my beautiful eyes at them kinda said something intelligent. *LOL* Saying something intelligent hardly happens with me.
  2. Went to Camera Planet today. The guy was really helpful and friendly. I didn't even winked or bat my beautiful eyes at him didn't even say anything intelligent. I'll be going to Camera Planet from now on because they have helpful staffs. Customer service is everything if you are running a business.
  3. Had a filet o fish at McDs while waiting for dad. I don't usually eat alone at public places but since i had time and my stomach was beginning to growl like a bear. I sat at a long table and a family came to join me. We just exchange smiles. They probably felt awkward and was silent. I was just answering my emails while munching on my burger. After a long awkward silence from the family, i finished my meal quickly and gave them a nod and left. It was fun to be sitting with strangers at public places. Sharing tables with strangers are quite a norm in most chinese restaurants in town.
  4. Can't help noticing this lady with her kids at the next table. Young mother. Pretty. But she has a light moustache. I took a second look and yes.. its a lady moustache. What's the best ways to remove a moustache on a woman's face?
People watching has taught me not to judge shops by the shop exterior. People watching has also taught me not to giggle/laugh loudly when i am alone.
I realise i don't do a lot of people watching. I watch a lot of teevee... cats and some birds. We'll do more Dommy watching from now. I got to learn how to love him as much as he loves me. Let's do some Dommy watching with me below.

He doesn't like to look at the camera much nowadays. He says he has bad teeth. So he can't smile broadly.
My cow took my pictures today. Its been a long time since she last took pictures of my curly self. She's just been taken overs by teevee and cats.. and sometimes birds.

Yesterday night, i had a short breathing episode. She stayed with me and was worried she's gonna lose me soon one day. I told her no way. I still have many bones to eat and wriggly dances to perform at the sunny garden. I am not about to leave her so soon.

I am getting old. Yes. A most senior dog. Only in appearance. I am still a puppy inside.

She lets me eat whatever i fancy. Grandpa says i am too FAT. But actually grandpa feeds me the most tidbits. Even prawn crackers.

I am not leaving anytime so soon. I just love to spook her silly. And i love my cow a lot. More than she will ever learn to love me back. But she does cook me yummy food.

Here's to life and many more adventures with the Curly.

Overs and outs.

The Curly One.
This is going to be an ongoing post for today :) It should be fun. Do come back later and see what happens at the end of the day. We don't know it too.
  1. Fat bird sitting on a bamboo stick outside my window. Coo cooing away.
    "Excuse me fat bird.. Can you quit pooing on my car?"
  2. Wonder of wonders... The fat bird heard me loud and clear. Coo Cooing stopped. 
  3. Crap! Another bird came to poo. This one makes a chirpy sound. I am beginning to think that our home here has become an aviary. Or.. i am becoming a bird watcher :O
  4. Grocery runs during lunchtime. The supermarkets are strangely very quiet on a Friday.
  5. RM9.00 for a box of 4 kiwifruits. Used to be 6 fruits in a box. Expensive.
  6. A bunch of bananas only costs RM2.00. We are better off being monkeys.
  7. If i could move my lazy self and grow stuffs in the garden, fruits would costs nothing.
  8. Papayas grow quite easily here. The last time i tried growing catnip from catnip seeds, papaya trees appear instead.
  9. I learn a new word today. Maven. Never heard of it before. 
  10. Such a beautiful day today. Blue skies with fluffy white clouds. A day quite wasted in front of a computer screen. 
  11. Blue skies reminds me of a child who once asked me to wake him up when the skies are blue. He's 18 now.  
  12. I like to spell things wrongly on chats. Purposely. Intentionally. Friends who are on my usual chat radar will understand what i am saying. Some others will keep on correcting my spellings. Learn to chill. Chats need not be grammatically correct.
  13. Saw this poster in a restaurant when i was having dinner with dad. Cracked me up silly. Dad had a good laugh too.
  14. The birds are back. The birds are back. Run for your lives. 
  15. Mandarin song usually play on my computer when i am busy with work. They are soothing and somehow fits the mood. I don't understand about the lyrics because i do not know Mandarin. I love the melody though.
  16. People here call people like me bananas. We are yellow skinned but white on the inside. 
  17. Its wonderful to be able to work and have your dog beside you. Under very stressful deadlines, my breaks with Dom on the floor are the most rewarding part of the day. 
  18. One of my wabi-sabi lovely friend. Abby. A tripod kitty. Would anyone really want an imperfect cat. She waits... and still waits with the other wabi-sabi cats at the shelter.
  19. Love is lovely when its wabi-sabi.
  20. Algae can be most useful for many things.
  21. Google is not well today.
  22. Are you sabotaging google... yoohooooooo? 
  23. Sitting at the same table but many worlds apart. Dad asked me to look at an old lady with her daughter at the next table at the food court. They look like they were strangers sharing a table. The daughter is at one end of the table while the old lady is at the other end. Both quietly eating their own meals.
  24. Sometimes it happens to me too. When i am at the food courts, the surrounding sounds drown out my father's many complaints. *LOL* Some older folks like to complain about everything under the sun... and moon. They were really just trying to make conversations.
  25. I am only human. Sometimes i tune out when the sounds are too much. 
  26. Purging out thoughts by writing them out are wonderful. When you come back to read about your thoughts, most of the time you will laugh at your own silliness.
  27. God Never Blinks by Regina Brett. Bought this orange book when i was in Bangkok last year. I needed help to face what i needed to face in Bangkok. This one served its purpose and helped me a lot.
  28. I am not a religious person. My dad however prays for all of us all the time. All his children and grandchildren and wife gets prayers everyday. But who prays for him? 
  29. We sometimes think that older folks are nagging and unreasonable. We'll probably miss their nagging the most when they are no longer with us one day.
  30. Most mothers are anchors in a family. When the mother is gone, the whole family goes topsy turvy.
  31. Spending time with family is nice. Eldest sis can be a riot. We had a great time doing the stoopids last weekend. We went in two cars to help the kid move to his new dorm at the hospital. Just a kid still and he is walking the rounds at the hospital now. With that comes great responsibility.
  32. He will falter and fall sometimes but i'll pray he'll find the strength to get up each time.
  33. Watching your sister gag and curse at the same time while washing the boys dorm toilets can be most hilarious. It takes a lot of willpower to wash those toilets and to curse and gag at the same time.
  34. PP and Dom. They get to spend some time together last weekend.
  35. The teevee drew me into its clutches again. Is there life after teevee?
35 silly thoughts on a Friday. And with that, a very good night and a great weekend to all of you. We shall be back to bore you with another 100 thoughts if we feel we have to purge again next Friday. Babai!

Mommy. I call her Mommy.

First time i saw her... Victor was giving her a bath.
She was all stinky but smiling.
Such a sweet Mommy she is.

Heavily pregnant and lifted off the street by our one man rescue.

Our rescue consist of only one man and a red van.
He's a retired man with some time on his hands.
A wonderful person who devotes most of his time saving and feeding strays in my hometown.
He is not even a Malaysian.
He doesn't want to be recognised for his work.
He works quietly in the background.
Only the animals know of his work.
Only the animals know of his kindness.

A few days later, we were greeted with this one morning.

Mommy: I got some gifts for you all

Mommy is not a big dog. She's just a regular size dog. But look at how many she hid in her small body.

Mommy: I think i am hungry. Do you have some food for me.

And there were six. All six beautiful fat lil babies survived. Three boys and three girls. We named them the Oodles of Fun Family.

They sure were a fun lil pack. They grew very fast. In a short two months, they were ready to find homes.

The busybodies. Their bodies are always wriggling and dancing and forever moving. 
Their bodies are always so busy.

Mommy and Jake

Word went out thru the grapevine. An adoption drive and soon.. one by one... they left. Each puppy were spayed before they were released to their forever families.

What about the mommy? Everybody loves a cute lil puppy but what about a grown up stray?

She has lived all her life on the streets. Running and looking for scraps of food. Sometimes some people can be mean to strays. The splash hot water to shoo them away. They stuff themselves silly with so much food on their table while a hungry stray dog stand meters away. A morsel of food for me please sir?

She remained a very trusting dog even thru the years of living on the streets. She burrowed deeper into my heart each time i see her. I kept telling myself if nobody adopted her, i'll take her home.

Mommy is to be released and managed as a TNRM dog if she is not adopted out within a timeframe. We needed to use her living space for another rescued mommy with another 6 puppies. Its a never ending cycle if people still do not believe in spaying/neutering their pets.

Mommy was adopted out yesterday. She is now living with a boxer furry buddy. If they can tolerate each other, the family will keep her. She is on a trial basis with this family. I know she's gonna do great. She is gonna burrow into their hearts like she did with mine and with some other volunteers that fed and loved her these few months.

Happy Trails Mommy. You are indeed one fine lucky girl. Thank you for your lessons on love, trust and innocence.

Noah's Ark do not have a dog shelter. They manage the cattery for ISPCA Ipoh. They do a lot of TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage) for the strays in Ipoh.

Think... before you buy another puppy in the window. Adoption Saves Lives. Each Adoption Saves Two.

i ate 10 donuts in the car today. *BURP*
i have very sugary lips now :D
i love my life.

Watched Brave with my 18th year old nephew. We both did not budge an inch the whole movie. I still love cartoons and animated movies. Named one of the shelter cats Merida after that.

Binged on a MARS bar for a few nights in a row
Whole bag was finished
Got another new bag
Binged again till i cracked.
Don't think lactose and i are good friends.

I had one and a half months of total freedom.
When it was just Dommy and i.
We watched so much tv till Dom became bored and i became useless.
TV is bad. Too much tv makes me stupid+er
I am already stupid.. now i am stupid+er

I care less about people and things
I gave more things away
I read more books
Best book i read was
Yasmin How You Know?

I still read some of your blogs
I go to Bob and Sophie's every single day these past few months
They both taught me many great things about life
I love Angus.
He is a lovely storyteller.

Just gave me 21 year old nephew an earful.
He kept yawning and yawning
But i know he is listening
I never scolded him much the years he was with me
Might have pampered him too much
He is a man now
He's going to be a doctor one day
There's only 3 things i want to teach him all these years
Without these, you won't go far in life.

I have three sisters in my life
We all lead very different lives
My only wish for them is to be happy
They should be happy
When you have everything, you should be thankfully happy.

My smartphone is not very smart
Its usually left on the table now
Its usually quiet
Too many bings and dings
We spend too much time looking at the tiny screen
We go for dinners and forget to talk to each other
We take pics of everything we eat
We post it on instagram and facebook
We even smile at our smartphone
We forget to look around
At the people around us
We forget about the beauty of nature.

My dad is getting older
He don't even mind the cats in the garden now
God's creatures only bring delight
If only we take the time to know them.

Some people never know how it feels like to be hungry
They buy so much and throw so much away
If you see a stray dog or cat
Give it a bit of food or water
It will only make you richer if you feed a hungry stray
If you do not like them, do not hurt them.

I see my neighbours who are dog lovers
They cannot call themselves dog lovers
They only love their own dog
They shoo the strays
They throw stones at strays
The strays were just hungry.

I met this couple
They work at the shelter as shelter workers
Sometimes i bring them chocolates
They saved the chocolates i gave them
Its only a piece of MARS bar
But to them its heaven
I am ashamed because i ate a whole bag of MARS bars all by myself
While this couple shared their bar of chocolate and save the other bar for another day
I forgot how it was to be truly poor
When you have your last dollar in your pocket
And payday is another week more.

I am thankful each day
I wake up and Dom is by my side
He is happiest when i get up
"I need to pee I need to pee" he says
It doesn't really take much to make him happy.
My very loyal dog
I couldn't ask for anything more.

It is the donuts speaking. After 10 donuts... my thoughts are finally free.
Do not be alarmed. They were mini donuts in a doggie bag.
The MARS bar were mini bars too.
I still crack even though they were mini.

Am sorry if we have not been visiting or commenting.
Had to take a sabbatical :) But i am not sure if it did any wonders to my mental state.. LOL!

Dommy: me am sleeping woman.. go away!