He came, he saw, he p**, he left (and he did leave a lot of "markings" on his usual places) hahhahahaha.. PP oh PP.. my dear lil brother... as always... he will want to leave his markings to make his presence known. For a small fella, he does have a big bladder.
Lonely... i m so lonelyyyyyyyyyy... i have nobodyyyyyyyyyyyy... out on my ownnnnnnn..

When will i see you again oh brother.. :(

I'll go and check on grandpa first... maybe i'll go and nap in his room.. his room is much cooler... and i get to lick grandpa's toes when he is sleeping. Grandpa is lonely too. Two less lonely souls in this world... we'll just stick together. I love my grandpa.

My grandpa takes me for long walks... and he's usually very generous with his breakfast n teatime. He always shares his food with me. Oops! that is suppose to be our secret... cos dogs are suppose to eat dog food... that's what Dr Dhillon says. *shush* dun tell Dr Dhillon.

me go call it a nite now... goodnite good friends :) goodnite PP. I better go sneak into grandpa's room before they close the door.. *shush*

Guess hooooooooooooooo's coming home tomorrow.. i mean today.. errr... i mean in a few hours time... yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... i m sooooo soooo sleepy...
but but.. guess hoooooooooo's coming home tomorrowwwwwwww :D
i'll give u a clue...
he's a HE
he's errr... obnoxiously cute and could probably get away with anything by being cute..
he's furry... like me... but he's a straight cut.. i am a curly moo
he's errrr.... errr... tiny...
he's err... loves to pee...
and he's my very good friend..
i am very excited... yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn
i am i am excited... the yawning part is becos i am so so very tired...
guess hoo laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Uncle Pete says to tell all my family and friends... so that we can send a really loud message of unity. Great song Uncle Pete!

PP ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PP... where art thou?
You are my big bundle of joy... but where art thou?
where oh where did they take you
aWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I am waiting for your return...
so that i can share your food...
and we can go for walks together and bark at all the other doggies in the other houses..
we can romp in the garden and see who can poo faster..
we can roll on the grass and see who gets a nice brown tan
we can look cute and hope for another extra treat...
when you are around, we get more treats...
we can sleep together in the same room...
i promise not to sleep in your red bed anymore..
i promise not to bump you aside when i m excited and run to the door
i promise to let you bark first when people come to the house...
i promise not to take your yellow pikachu toy
and i promise not to steal ur breakfast cookies anymore (eventhough i m hungry all the time)
and its just not about food... (reallyyyyyyyy!!)
please come back soon O Brother...
I miss you PP!
~ domy the king in the kingdom :p

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i am back with Mummy!
I moved back and stay with mummy last week.
Now i got a new bed... (all for myself)
Now i got no one stealing my food (ahem.. and u all know who)
Now i got no one bouncing me off when he is excited and running to the door
Now i dun need to mark my spots
Now i dun have anyone sitting and jumping on me like a hooligan
Now i have a nice cool house to stay in... mummy just moved to a new house.
but it gets kinda lonely sometimes.. when mummy goes to work.
Sometimes i wish si Dom is around...
to jump on me...
to run with me..
to steal and finish my food for me...

just the sometimes...
i wonder how he is doing now...
he's probably hungry cos he is never full even if he is eating his food and mine as well...
he does not even know he is growing sideways.. woooffffff woof
mebbe in a week or two.. i'll get mummy to take me home to see Dom.
He'll probably jump at me when he sees me.
but i m happy with mummy n daddy. I am finally reunited with them again.

woof! woof!
i take a doggie powernap first... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz