Sacrifice by Sinead O' Connor. This is a beautiful cover of the original done by Elton John. But i must say that Sinead's version kinda strikes a chord in me. Its just beautiful.

Actually i only heard this cover by Sinead on Holby City for the first time yesterday.

Been watching more tv here cos its simply too cold to go out at night... even a walk in the park at 2 pm in the afternoon freezes the camera up :) At one point of my walks, i actually thought that my skull was getting numb. Big empty head here but its getting frozen. hahahaha

Without a cap that pulls down to my ears, i would be coming back with a frozen head. Hence the term 'numb skull'. The 'thawing' period when i step back into the house would be about 10 mins. hahahaha.. If i could fit into a microwave, i think i could thaw faster.

Ahhh... i should probably enjoy the cold and the numbing of the skull as much as i can. In a few more days, i would be going home to oven hot conditions. January and February is really warm in my country. The minute you step out from the shower, you are sweating all over again. hahahaha... Such diverse situations.

Yea... i'll enjoy the cold now ;)

Mr Dommy is sick. He has not eaten much for 3 days now. Didn't touch much of his food. Maybe he is sad i've abandon him for so long but maybe he could have caught the flu bug from someone in the house.

Dad took him to the vet today and the vet said he had a temperature. Feverish. And dad was relived. An injection later (Dommy did try to snap at the vet, he never liked that vet) but since dad is all alone, he can only take him to the nearest vet. Poor dad got to do this all by himself.

Dad said Dommy was eating again in the evening after 3 days. Dad even went to buy him some of his favourites pasta and lamb from the shops. Dad was happy and relived to see him jumping up and down again. Dad said he thought that Dommy was going to die cos he didn't move much when he checked on him earlier.

The things your father has to do for you. The things that you know your father will do for you.

Don't be angry with them if they are slow in remembering somtimes.
Don't be angry with them if they keep asking you the same questions many times a day.
Don't be angry with them over something trival.
Don't be angry with them, even when he gets angry with you.
Don't question him if he does things differently from you.
Don't teach him how to live his life.
Don't nag him on the things he can or cannot do in his own house.
You can be angry but only for a while. Don't show your face to an old man.

I am putting these reminders for the ones at home. Cos when i come back and i know that you have made him sad, i will come back and knock all your heads.

Don't forget that an old person's time on earth is on grace. Spend as much time with them as you can and be nice to them. Don't live your life with regrets when they go one day. Don't tell me the what ifs. Just tell me the happy moments and remember the good days.

The what ifs would be too late.
Today's my 13th day here... and Bebe J is still not here yet. We had a bit of action yesterday nite and today as well, but no big action yet to rush to the hospital.

Over here in this country, they would advise you to stay at home as long as possible so that in your own environment, you'll be more comfortable to counter the pain. When the pain comes constantly at intervals of 5 mins or 10mins for a consistent period, then it would be time to run and start the car. Hope not too much frost rest on the car. It would take a while to warm it up.

Lately, each morning there's frost everywhere. But no snow yet. Most probably in January, there would probably be some snow. Thank god its not snowing yet. Snow and driving to the hospital would not be an easy feat.

I told my brother in law that i can drive very fast. Problem is, i don't know the way to the hospital. I remember the last time i drove a colleague to the hospital, i had my pregnant friend strapped in the front seat with me. Cos i do not know the way to her hospital. Call me dumb but that's one of the hospitals i never went to before. Her water just broke while we were waiting at the lift to get to my car and both of us just turned green.

But my friend was a very calm person. She just kept apologizing about the water. We had the double blinkers on the whole time on the highway and both of us felt like we were in an ambulance but this ambulance just do not know where to turn. She was still giving me instructions to go left and right while having her contractions and it was one of the experiences i remember for life. Scared the poop out of both of us but we made it there.

She gave birth immediately when they transfer her on the bed. When i went up after i re-parked my car, her hubby just grinned happily and told me she has given birth. That was when i manage to smile and called another friend. I was shaking so much when i was talking to her. The aftermath. I even took the wrong road home later. hahahahaahahahhaa...

When my friend came back to work, both of us were laughing about it... but both of us still nod knowingly that if she had given birth in the car, that would have really freaked both of us out. Maybe we should have called an ambulance but if we have waited for that, she would have given birth in the office. And someone would have to boil the hot water. And there was just both of us left in the office. Sometimes some things work out fine. And a lot of prayers do help too.

She's one of my best buddy at work, and one of the calmest mama around.

Now i am waiting at home waiting for sis to pop too. I am scared shitless too... but this hospital is just 10mins away. And brother in law said that he will drive :)

We are all ready. Just waiting for Bebe J. He is ready too. It will be getting a bit tight soon, if he decides to stay longer. Come quick Bebe. So many people waiting to see your face.

Frozen hands of mine is waiting to touch your face too. Frozen feet of mine will take you for walks in the house. Come quick. Anny won't be here long. Maybe i should go and have a heart to heart talk with him now and strike a deal with him.
Swan Lake. I am not a ballerina but i always like ballet and the arts. I've never watched Swan Lake in real time but i love to see ballerinas especially the small kids in little tutus doing the twirls and the half-turns. Its amazing and so very graceful.

Sometimes ballerinas do look like real swans to me. If i ever have a little girl, i'll probably drag her to ballet lessons... and piano lessons.. and dance. A good balance of music and dance is very good for a kid.

I caught some swans at the park yesterday. When i watched them, i felt like i was in a ballet show... and Swan Lake was playing. I have not gone tootles yet.. hahaha.. but i do have a very weird imagination.

Come welcome the swans ;)

does this pose look like a real ballerina doing the ending pose?

(but people should stop throwing plastic bags in the lakes... its very bad for the swans and ducks... they get tangled and they get injured too)

these swans look so clean and white... kinda like someone cleaned them up... so white.. like whitewashed... so white... even the white in my paintbox don't look so white... so white man.. hehehe

the rest of the party of the Swan Lake production :) cool ya?

Green Fields - The Brothers Four

This is one of the songs that my papa likes too. He's probably playing it now if he is on the computer. But its kinda like 2am where my dad is now. Going to come back to you soon papa.

Caught this westie when i went to the park today. In full winter wear :) cute ya?
I always like the face of the westie. Kinda looks like Tintin's dog. I am not very sure if Tintin's dog is a West Highland terrier but i do know Tintin has a terrier :)

Since i have a lucky one who guess where i am correctly, i won't drag the contest any longer and put it on moderation :)

Congrats to you Diya... for guessing correctly where i am. I'll bring a surprise souvenir for u when i am home next month... please email your address to me at

The Where's Anny Contest is officially close now. Thank you all for participating.

And to Divya, so sorry girl... you are not allowed to participate.. you are after all my colleague.. hehe.. but keep writing mate... i will be bugging you for a lot of things when i return.

Till then :) take care folks!


be home with Dommy and roll on the floor and share a joke or two.

It takes a dog owner to really know what a dog does to your life. If you look at it, dogs are one of the few animals that do not need to do anything to earn their keep. All they need to do is give love and only love.

When i say i am now more dog than human, in a way, Dommy turn my life around when i went home. He was always patient and waiting for me to finish my work. He never complains even when he has to wait way past his bedtime to keep me company. He doesn't get angry when i don't take him out. He never hold grudges and keep tabs of things you do to offend him. He doesn't even complain if he gets the same food everyday.

He has taught me many things. No self-help book will make me see things in a better light. I do know early in life that it is always better to give than to receive. The smile you see on someone's face when they receive makes your day somehow. Its not always about what you will get in return for your deed. Selfless acts do not need anything in return.

Dommy makes me see that even when a day is trying, sleep on it... cos tomorrow will be a better day. Don't complain when some minor things get in the way. Maybe i am too carefree like a dog.. haha.. maybe that's how i am built. I still like the idea of the dog being the only thing that don't need to work for a living. Its a tougher job teaching people to love and to give love. And only a dog can show you how it is to be done correctly.

Not all humans are receptive of dogs. Not everyone likes animals and can be with animals. But they do make the better companions on most days. I miss my Dommy.

Boxing Day is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population. In South Africa, this public holiday is now known as the Day of Goodwill. It is based on the tradition of giving gifts to the less fortunate members of society. Contemporary Boxing Day in many countries is now a "shopping holiday" associated with after-Christmas sales. (read more here from Wikipedia)

Today is Boxing Day. A day after Christmas. From where i come from, Boxing Day is not known much. In my country, the day after Christmas, some folks would already be back to work. And for some other luckier folks, they would still be in a festive holiday mood and maybe planning another big bang bash for the New Year.

Well, my Boxing Day was quite alright. I went with Bebe J's folks to the park. After being here a week, i still have not walked to the park yet even though its just next door. Beautiful day as the sun was really bright. But as Bebe J's dad says, its kinda like a fake sun. Its not warm. Just bright and sunny.

Even when you hang your laundry out in the bright ole sunshine here, none of the clothes get dry. hahahhahaa.. kinda tickles me cos the laundry will be dancing on the clothes line.. out on the line for just a breather.. but we kinda have to put it in the dryer later. None of the laundry gets dry in the fake sun.

Today i got some beautiful shots of the park. I will put it up slowly but surely.

I saw some dogs at the park too. Kinda makes me smile when i see dogs. And i think of the ones i left behind... Dommy and Piper. Dogs and their funny antics. There was this grey small dog who keep coming back to me... and running back quickly to the owner. Kinda like a fast forward button dog. hahahahaha.. it just darts around.

This white doggie even jump on my lap to say hi when it passes by. Haha.. so cute.

A green head ducky. I don't know what kind of duck this is... but i only see wooden ones at home. People in my country like to buy wooden replicas of this ducky as decorative items for the house. But this duck is REAL. Wow! I am kinda like coming out from the bottom of a rock.

And this.. is the beautiful park. So peaceful and serene. Postcard picture perfect. I was so in awe when the birds took flight. So many things i have forgotten while in my mad rushed life back home. And this holiday without my bb and all my connections, made me realise that sometimes all the mad rush is not worthwhile. I found some parts of my life back. When i was young and carefree while being silly.

Hope you all enjoyed the pics. I took about 100 pics and some videos today. Haha.. Its dangerous to let me have a camera in my hands. Good thing is everything is digital. I'll show you all more the next time. Adios amigos.

Today is Christmas Day. Not too much happening yet. People over here celebrates Christmas morning by lying in and spending time at home with loved ones. Resting and taking a break from the norm of rushing for work and being in the hulabaloo of life.

I woke at 7am today. We have blue skies today. Beautiful blue skies. Sis said maybe we get some laundry done before baby comes.

Bebe J is still not here yet. Bet he is feeling warm and comfy in mama and decide to have some roast dinner for Christmas first before he comes. When he finally comes, he will only get to have milk and more milk. Smart kiddo.

Today we didn't have any contractions yet. Yesterday she had some mild contractions and we thought that maybe Bebe would be coming on Christmas day. Maybe it was just another bout of Braxton Hicks.

Hopefully Bebe will come soon. My time here is very limited. Another 2 weeks more and i'll be on my way home.

Everyone here seems to be giving a lot of suggestions to trigger birth. But sometimes, baby will come only when he's ready. Hope he don't take too long.

Christmas at home... i miss that too. I come from a very extended family. When Christmas comes along... there's a whole lot of people everywhere... in and out from the house. Every celebration, we do have a whole lot of people here and there... its almost impossible to talk and be heard cos everyone would be talking and no one would be listening. But its fun.

Here's our Christmas tree at home.

May everyone have a blessed Christmas and may all your wishes come true. May this Christmas brings lots of hope to the sick and the trying. And may everyone have a wonderful year ahead! Merry Christmas folks!
Dommy is sucha a whinny bag of woof lately. He's not like me... laid-back and relax. He's always wanting to be with people. Always the social happy camper.

Me... i like my roll on the carpet... and my quiet time at home to sleep.

I know where Anny went. But i am not telling that whinny Dom. hehehehe.. Anny says that she'll get me a big bag of treats if i don't tell a soul. Me and Anny go way back. We are thick and we keep many secrets between us.

Do not worry si Dom. Anny will back soon. Meantime, spend more time with grandpa and the little ones. I'll share my bag of treats with you when she comes home. Only 2 weeks more.

I hope i get to go home to see grandpa this Christmas... or maybe the New Year. I love to be in grandpa's home. There's the big ole garden to run in and the other doggies to check out. And there's many rooms and cool floors for a lie-in.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all have a magical Christmas and hopefully everyone's been a nice boy or girl. Santa's coming... and he knows if you've been good or bad. I've been a very good boy. *ahem*

Where's Anny laaaa... Halp Halp Halp me find Anny?
So far... no one has found Anny... why is she gone soooooo very long. I haven't have my tickle on my tummy and my scratch behind my ears for the longest time.
The little ones here did try and entertain me and tickle my tummy sometimes. Help me find this Anny please. Pretty please. I need her to take me for a haircut and a trimming on me nails too.
The Simple Rules:
1) Annyone.. i mean anyone can enter (except close friends and colleagues of Anny's)
2) Only 1 guess per person. (comments will be put on moderation)
3) International entries are allowed.
4) Please state the country she is in now.
5) The first person who gets the country correct wins the prize.
And the prize:
1) No big bone for me.. i don't want the big bone now.. as long as Anny comes back
2) Two big licks on your nose from me... wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooof!
3) A souvenir from where Anny is hiding now.

This is one of my papa's favourite as well. The Great Pretender by The Platters. I bet he is at his computer right now singing his tunes on youtube. And probably playing some Spider Solitaire.. hehehe

Today i bought two cds by The Platters and another one by The Righteous Brothers for him. I got a pretty good deal too... for 18 buckaroos. And they are original CDs.

Hope you all enjoy this song too!

Can anyone please tell me where Anny went? Its been dayssssssssssssss and not a sight of her anywhere. Grandpa tells me to put up a contest here... so maybe you all can help me find where Anny is. Hopefully you all help me find her soon. I'm beginnning to think that she has abandon ship and i'll probably be wrecking the house soon if i don't find her.

The Simple Rules:

1) Annyone.. i mean anyone can enter (except close friends and colleagues of Anny's)

2) Only 1 guess per person. (comments will be put on moderation)

3) International entries are allowed.

4) Please state the country she is in now.

5) The first person who gets the country correct wins the prize.

And the prize:

1) A big bone for me.. woof woof

2) A big lick on your nose from me... awoooffffff

3) A souvenir from where Anny is hiding now.

So... posty posty your comments :) Good luck! I actually got a feeling where Anny went. But isn't it time she comes back yet?? Its already been 5 dayssssssss since she ran away with her big bag of stuffs.

:( oh where oh where did my Anny go...
Heeyooooooooooooooo everyone! Here's me again.. finally arrived at Bebe's home.

Bebe's not here yet.. just a couple more days and i should be able to see his lovely face and smell his lovely newness. Hopefully he comes soon or i'll be on my way back home in another 2 weeks time.

We have done quite a bit today... getting ready for his arrival. Bro-in-law and me were fixing an IKEA cupboard for bebe yesterday. And as you know things with IKEA... you tend to try and kill each other while assembling these things. As both of you would be sitting across from each other, each tend to look at the instructions differently... hehehehhee... but... do not worry, both of us did not kill each other. We did finally got the cupboard up after 2 hours with a broad grin on both our faces.

We tried to fix the baby car seat in the car too today with mummy as a head captain manning the ship... with instruction book in her hands. We were a funny sight. All three adults outside trying to fix just a tiny baby carseat. But... we figured that out too.

Next... putting bebe's clothes in his new cupboard. We'll probably do that tonite. Now i am just sitting here shaking my legs while doing this little posty while Bebe's mummy and daddy are slaving in the kitchen cooking a nice hot dinner for me! Ain't i lucky :D

And so... what's with the 'withdrawal' up there?

These past few days, i have been going through a withdrawal of sorts.

First and foremost...
I miss Dommy a lot. His silly smile and the way he looks at me. And the rub a dub dub on his tummy. I wonder how he is doing. Maybe he has found a new someone to love. Oh no! Hope its just Grandpa. I miss him so very much... i even looked at dog food when i am at the shops. Always seem to end up walking to the dog food aisle when i should be shopping for groceries.

I saw a dog yesterday on the streets. Even a sight of a dog makes me smile... poor dog was shivering in the cold.

And then i miss my blackberry or blueberry as some people say.. hehe... I forgot to sort out the roaming 'thing' before i fly. Adoi. The blackberry is my lifeline to my world of family, friends and work. Adoi... no blackberry... no connection to stuffs. And no connection to the Storm.

Well... i think sometimes its good to get away from my 'stuffs' especially the blackberry. And probably spend time smelling the flowers and listening to the birds tweet for once. Hopefully... if i don't get too lazy... i'll go check out the park next door and take some pictures for all to see.

Till then, take care folks... and i'll keep you guys posted when Bebe arrives.
Bebe J's clothes. Some old some new. Some given some bought.

Just washed all of Bebe's clothes to be taken to him. Even new ones. My neighbours are beginning to think that i have gone cuckoo. So much washing this few days. They see me in the garden more than anywhere else. hahahahaa.. And here I am taking pictures of the washing on the clothes line. I have indeed went cuckoo.

But all these are just for Bebe to see when he's grown up.

I'll be on my way to welcome Bebe into our lives in another 2 days time. He's not born yet. Eager to come out i am sure cos he has been doing a lot of dancing in my sister's womb. I hope he waits for me. My sister and brother-in-law told him to wait first. hahaha

All of us are very excited. Its been a long time since we have another baby in our household. The smell of the little one is to be treasured.

I haven't packed at all. Oh my god!

Just been crazy cleaning the house with my helper Aini yesterday. She came to help me clean the whole house. Such a wonderful soul. I told her i wouldn't be able to do it alone. Both of us just stood in the hall wondering where to start.. hahaha.. it was hilarious. Even Dommy tried to help. He's only good with carrying towels on his back :D He got tired of waiting for us to clean. And fell asleep on the porch.

Christmas tree is not up yet. Oh my god!

I only took out the dancing Santa.. and the hollering Reindeer and the Singing Santa. Only the singing Santa is working this year. Aiya! After i put the batteries in all 3 of them, only one worked. hahahaha.. But i'll just leave it for the rest of my family to come home to figure those three out.

How much can i achieve in one day? A lot. hahaha

This Christmas... i only pray for one miracle from mom for my sick cousin. Hope this Christmas brings her the hope and blessing to be well again. And of course peace on earth too.

Hope to be able to post again. I think i can at Bebe's home. Catch up with you all from there... if i don't get too busy checking out my little new nephew :)

Take care folks.. and have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lemme sneak in one of my dad's favourite while he is away :)

He loves singing especially singing with Youtube on while playing Spider Solitaire :) He has found many many of his old favourites. And here's one too.

Hey Paula by Ray Hildebrand and Jill Jackson.

Hope you all enjoy this oldie :) Oldies are definitely goldies.

This is Grey :) Not another ER movie as in Grey's Anatomy. But just Grey. Isn't he lovely? He belongs to Ken from Life's Tapestry. And he is our guest this week for Capture Thursdays.

Grey made himself a PR at Ken's home recently. He just moved in and made himself very comfortable :)

You can read more about him here and here too.

Ken is a good soul. He has saved Grey recently from the roof of his home. And he even saved him from a pack of strays too. In Grey and my eyes... he is Hero San. Not many people would pay any attention to strays at alleys. But not Ken. He is gentle and kind.

And maybe that's why Grey just decided to move in to Ken's home and stay.

God is always kind to people who are kind to animals.

Here's a few more pics of Grey getting very comfortable :
Thanks a lot Ken.. for sharing Grey's pics with us today.

pics courtesy from Life's Tapestry.

Its the season of giving. Everyone are usually extra generous when Christmas is near. And that includes my friend Ken from Life's Tapestry. He is giving a beautiful giveaway which he painted it himself. Its a beautiful tealight holder.

I am sure he has spent a long time painting it and given a lot of thought into coming up with this beautiful gift.

And all he asks for in return is a true life story.

here are his simple rules.


1. Since it is call "Season To Give", just write me a story, telling me the best gift you have ever received and base on your true story.

2. Post your entry at your blog and link it back to this post in Tapestry.

3. International entries are allowed too.

4. One entry per person.

5. Contest runs from now till 20th December 2008

6. The winner will be announce between 21st/22nd December 2008.

7. The winner entry will be selected by me (Ken) base on the best story (the ones that makes me cry, you know what I mean) that have been submitted.

8. Leave a comment here to state that you have fulfilled the requirements and I'll drop by your blog to read it.
Hope you all will join me too and send a story. Its not so much about winning. But its more about sharing this Christmas. Share your story with Ken.
here's mine.
The Best Gift I ever got.. is from Mummy.
I am at the stage in my life where i've kinda ALMOST been there done that. And that is why I don't really care about material things. Usually i am quite happy just running around doing my things and drive around town in my banged up car. Not so banged up.. hehe... but a old blue one.
When mom left us last year, she took with her a big chunk of me. I am hollowed out and on most days.. thots just run in my head. Thots of my mom and her love. I'll think i'll never be the same again. Suddenly i have to grow up and do my own things without a mom to call anymore for advise.
I am those kind that calls my mom for the silliest things. Even though i know how to make a pot of coffee, each time i make a pot.. i will still run to her and ask her again. How many spoons of sugar.. how much coffee. Each time i wanted to boil rice for dinner, i still run with the pot of rice, water dripping and all.. and show her.. is the water level correct. I am how i am.
The best gift that a mother can give to her child is unconditional love. Most mothers by default, are the givers till the end of their lives. They give and give love. Sometimes when we are young and brash, we forget to thank them. Sometimes we forget to hold their hands and hear them out. Sometimes we get angry with them when they nag and nag. Most of the time, all they want is to keep you safe.
My mother is soft spoken and a gentle soul. She speaks softly, never a harsh word to the world. She never beats me.. even when i am at my worst. All she does is chase me around the dining table with a cane, but never actually laying the cane on me. She always saves me when my dad gets angry and beat us for being naughty. Most of the time, she shields us from the blows from the cane that my dad lay on us.
But my dad being dad, even after he beats us, he feels remorse and when we sleep, he comes and put medicine on our wounds. I can see that he is broken. No parent would love to use the cane. But me being what i am, stubborn as mule, sometimes do deserve the cane to drive the message thru. Sometimes when i pretend to be asleep, he'll come in and talk to me and explained why he beats us when we are naughty.
The only time i lied to my mom, was when i was working outstation and banged the car. I usually call her every week from a payphone. When she asks me, are you ok? I just cried and cried. I just said ok ok.. even though i am very scared from banging the car. I couldn't bring myself to tell her that. I never like to worry my mom. When i lied to her, my heart felt a stab of pain. That was the first time i felt pain from lying to my mom.
When dad called me to tell me mom is dead.. I just sat there with tears flowing. I was just asking my colleague.. when is Mother's Day. Then my dad called. And i have to be the bearer of bad news to my sisters. I came home after driving for the longest time. Its just 2 hours drive away but it seems to be the longest drive.
Mom was just there, lying on the bed. All dressed up. Like sleeping. Her feet were still warm. I wanted to talk to her, but she no longer responded. People coming in and out but it was just me and mom in my world. I still hold her feet. I rubbed her feet too. But she's no longer around to answer my silly questions. Thats when i felt the same stab of pain again. It is painful. Very painful.
My mom always tells me, don't stay in Ipoh. Go fly and find your dreams. You don't have to be in Ipoh to be with me. Go out into the world, and find yourself. Make good of yourself. Find your dreams.
Always supportive of our dreams. I think i got one of the best mom around. Her unconditional love even till today would be the best gift i'll ever have. I think i am the lucky one.
I don't get to hold her hands and tell her stories anymore. I still talk to mom in my heart sometimes. If you have a mom who's still around with you... hold her hands, give her a footrub sometimes, take her out, go dancing with her and never be angry with her. Cos only a mom will know about love.
This is my story to share with all. Have a Merry Christmas people.
Dommy... sleeping peacefully with his camel. I gave him my camel few weeks back. And why did i do this?

I am preparing him for my time away from him. I am going on a trip for 3 weeks. I am afraid that he will be distressed and waiting for me to return for the longest time. You see... i became his pack.

Since Piper went home to stay with his mommy, I became Dommy's pack. I might have become the most important thing in his life (it is a nice feeling.. and the feeling of importance bowls me over sometimes but...)

Dogs are basically very sociable beings. But given the chance, they would only want to spend time with you. All the time too. So when you leave him to go out, he becomes distressed and confused. He wants to spend all his time with you when you've joined his pack but here you are leaving him all alone at home. They will be wondering why they can't go along... and when you'll be back. When you are away from him, all he wants is to be reunited with his pack. And his pack means YOU!

He has the saddest face when i go out.. even for a while. He'll jump a few feet higher when he sees me taking out my car keys. Sometimes i take him along, when i go out to just do some fast errands. He'll be grinning from ear to ear and sits beside me like the best friend that he is. He growls at the window when he sees some weird characters parked beside us. Sometimes he barks out loud too. hahaha.. that kind freaks out people on motorcycles. Cos he does have the cutest face ever... and here he is growling at you if he don't like your face. HAHA

Does your dog suffer from Separation Anxiety? Mine does. At least Dommy does.
I even googled for solutions. So far... this is what i have done to help him along the way.

Each time i leave for long hours, i made sure he has
1) a nice comfortable place to sleep
2) water
3) Camel friend to keep him company
4) Sometimes i leave him my tee-shirt because i once came home to find him sleeping on my teeshirt which he found in the laundry basket.. :o
5) I try to leave quietly.. and not make a grand departure
6) I will sternly tell him that he cannot go with me, when he starts to whine... then he magically stops whining. Think he understands.
7) Leave the radio or the tv on for him.

This will be the longest time i will be away from him. Hope he'll get more attached to dad while i am away. Maybe i'll be the one with the Separation Anxiety :o

I seriously think that i have become more "dog" than he has become more "human". hahaha... My own folly for loving him too much, and spending all my hours with him. I can finally say that now... i am his pack. Gonna miss my Dommy.

Hola hola people. Sorry for not blogging for a few days now. I have been away at PP's house. We were on the road again to send Grandpa off to see The Great Wall.

Grandpa's still at The Great Wall. They say The Great Wall is a mighty big wall and a mighty long wall. Even David Copperfield's been to the wall. I've never been to The Great Wall but i think grandpa's been waiting forever to go visit The Great Wall. Its a dream come true for dear ole grandpa.

I heard that Grandpa is having a great time making new friends while on tour. I hope grandpa have a great time too. He is always bored at home. Poor grandpa. He surely needs a good holiday. Hope he brings me some treats from The Great Wall :p

The only wall i have been seeing so far are the walls in this house and PP's house. Hmmm... Wonder if Anny will take me for a long walk at The Great Wall.

Oh ya... i totally forgot. Lookit my new tee? Stormy bought it for me last week. Its so cool eh? When i go for strolls wearing this tee... all the other doggies can't stop looking at me.. hehehe.. i love the color and the words... woof! And its not too tight. Just nice and roomy... i can even do a jiggie in it. All i need now are some shades :) Then i would be the coolest poodle doo around.

Thank you so much Stormy. I love you!

Dog eat dog food... we got a stern warning from our vet once. If you want a healthy puppy... let your dog eat his dog food. That was years ago. We got the stern warning from our vet when we took Piper to see him. Because we love Piper so much, we sometimes feed him practically what we ate too. And that became our downfall. He developed an itch.. and his skin condition got bad. That was when we got our DOG EAT DOG FOOD :)

This coming holidays, with a lot of people in the house and lots of guests coming, it is important to keep your pets safe. People are generous and sometimes sneak food/treats under the table for your pets. This could be harmful for your pets. A lot of pets do get sick over the holiday season because of food.

Here's a list of things to be careful and not to feed your pets. You can tell your guests too. Sternly but nicely... Please do not feed the pets. Its is dangerous and can be fatal.

Top 10 People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets from ASPCA

1. Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine
These products all contain substances called methylxanthines, which are found in cacao seeds, the fruit of the plant used to make coffee and in the nuts of an extract used in some sodas. When ingested by pets, methylxanthines can cause vomiting and diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death. Note that darker chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate. White chocolate has the lowest level of methylxanthines, while baking chocolate contains the highest.

2. Alcohol
Alcoholic beverages and food products containing alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death.

3. Avocado
The leaves, fruit, seeds and bark of avocados contain Persin, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Birds and rodents are especially sensitive to avocado poisoning, and can develop congestion, difficulty breathing and fluid accumulation around the heart. Some ingestions may even be fatal.

4. Macadamia Nuts
Macadamia nuts are commonly used in many cookies and candies. However, they can cause problems for your canine companion. These nuts have caused weakness, depression, vomiting, tremors and hyperthermia in dogs. Signs usually appear within 12 hours of ingestion and last approximately 12 to 48 hours.

5. Grapes & Raisins
Although the toxic substance within grapes and raisins is unknown, these fruits can cause kidney failure. In pets who already have certain health problems, signs may be more dramatic.

6. Yeast Dough
Yeast dough can rise and cause gas to accumulate in your pet’s digestive system. This can be painful and can cause the stomach or intestines to rupture. Because the risk diminishes after the dough is cooked and the yeast has fully risen, pets can have small bits of bread as treats. However, these treats should not constitute more than 5 percent to 10 percent of your pet’s daily caloric intake.

7. Raw/Undercooked Meat, Eggs and Bones
Raw meat and raw eggs can contain bacteria such as Salmonella [ital] and E. coli [ital] that can be harmful to pets. In addition, raw eggs contain an enzyme called avidin that decreases the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin), which can lead to skin and coat problems. Feeding your pet raw bones may seem like a natural and healthy option that might occur if your pet lived in the wild. However, this can be very dangerous for a domestic pet, who might choke on bones, or sustain a grave injury should the bone splinter and become lodged in or puncture your pet’s digestive tract.

8. Xylitol
Xylitol is used as a sweetener in many products, including gum, candy, baked goods and toothpaste. It can cause insulin release in most species, which can lead to liver failure. The increase in insulin leads to hypoglycemia (lowered sugar levels). Initial signs of toxicosis include vomiting, lethargy and loss of coordination. Signs can progress to recumbancy and seizures. Elevated liver enzymes and liver failure can be seen within a few days.

9. Onions, Garlic, Chives
These vegetables and herbs can cause gastrointestinal irritation and could lead to red blood cell damage. Although cats are more susceptible, dogs are also at risk if a large enough amount is consumed. Toxicity is normally diagnosed through history, clinical signs and microscopic confirmation of Heinz bodies. An occasional low dose, such as what might be found in pet foods or treats, likely will not cause a problem, but we recommend that you do NOT give your pets large quantities of these foods.

10. Milk
Because pets do not possess significant amounts of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk), milk and other milk-based products cause them diarrhea or other digestive upset.

Keep your buddies safe. And have a great holiday ;)
Here's Tommy for Capture Thursdays this week :) He's busy munching on some catnip.

Tommy belongs to Stormy. Both Stormy and i went to the SPCA to look for a cat. And we found big ole Tommy. He was beautiful. Stormy fell in love with him immediately... and we took him home the next minute. And that was two years ago.

Tommy is gone now. He went missing when he went for walk... and never came home. Maybe he lost his way while going down the stairs. Stormy spent days looking for him but never found him. I think maybe he went to another home and decided to stay and forgot how to get home. But Stormy says that Tommy has walked back to SPCA. He says its a conspiracy. hahahaha

Maybe someday, we'll find Tommy at Stormy's doorstep again. Meantime.. here's what happen to Tommy after some catnip.

Bliss.. hehhehee ;p

Many dogs have passed through my home ever since i was a child. There was Bobby, Spot, Rex, Muffy, August and a few more.

My dad even built a big dog house at the back of the garden for Bobby. Bobby is a female (our 1st dog)... i do not know her breed.. because she is mixed. She has very short legs. And she does have a big house. And i mean big. Its a 2 room wooden dog house. Ha ha ha ha... Which dog gets a 2 room house. I don't remember who built the dog house. But it was white.. and big :D

My sisters and i sometimes do go into the dog house (spare room) to play. I don't know what made us go into the dog house. Maybe its big :p There was a coconut tree beside the dog house. And a chicken coop too. And i still don't understand why my sisters and i went into the dog house.

Bobby is on a leash all the time. She is fierce. But a wonderful dog. She can differentiate the difference between us and strangers... even when she cannot see who's opening the gate. If its us opening the gate, she will just continue sleeping. If its strangers, she will bark till kingdom come. Bobby has crossed the rainbow bridge now. She's probably with mom.

Then there was Spot. Spot was given to us by my father's friend. He came to us when he is a full-grown dog. He's beautiful.. and handsome.. and big. Spotted black and white.. but he's not a dalmatian. He's just a normal dog with patches of black and white. He is so tall that sometimes.. when he gets bored.. he jumps over the gate and go out for a stroll. When he comes back, he just jumps over the gate again. So agile... so cool!

I remember him most cos i thought that he was so handsome and cool! If i had a pair of sunnies on him, all the female dogs in the neighbourhood would be parking themselves in front of our gate. But.. he took a liking to small little Bobby.

Bobby and Spot got married and had Rex. Rex... aha.. notorious and notty. He was always running around very fast in the garden. I do have a picture of Rex... somewhere.

My youngest sister brought back Muffy. She had her for a while.. and i don't know what happen to Muffy after that. Muffy was black and shiny and fat. I can only remember him being shiny and black. His coat was beautiful and shiny.

Dad brought back August when he found him during his morning walks. He was the first dog for my nephew. I think my nephew was too young to take care of a puppy... and August went to another home one December. We never saw August again.

Then Piper came.. and Dommy later. Piper came as a brand new puppy. Dommy came as a full grown dog who was already 6 years old. Wise beyond his age ;)

So many doggies have passed through my life. And i guess i have been blessed.

When i was a kid, i was not allowed to go near a dog even though i have many dogs in my home and the thing with the dog-house thingy.. hehehe.. if only my dad knew... he will chase us all over the garden and probably spanked me for playing in a dog house. I was asthmatic when i was small... so no dogs for me. All i can do is look at them from afar or from the window.

I always wanted to have a dog of my own... always. And finally... i have Piper and then Dom.

So how many dogs do i need to get through life? Many.. hhahahahaaa.. as many wags as possible.
Goodnite folks! That's it for tonite ;)
My love at first sight of him
Is when he ran up to me and just licked my nose
I knew i had to take him home
I knew he would be the one to complete me.

24 hours, 367 days of my life is with him
When i laugh, he smiles with me
When i eat, he is beside me
When i wake up, he is waiting eagerly to lick my face
When i cry, he sits quietly beside me and licks my nose.

Always happy to see me
Always ready to go for long walks with me
My secrets are with him
He understands my fears
He understands my happiness.

He rolls on the floor with me in the afternoons
He waits patiently for my return
He is never angry with me
He doesn't have any harsh words for the world.

He is my best friend
My confidant.

He got me through my darkest moments
He pulls me up when i am down
Each time i see his silly face
I can only smile and be silly with him
Each i see his silly face
I can only love him more and more each day

My Dommy.
Today my dad gleefully told me he found another old song on Youtube. He said grandpa used to love listening to it. And when he was sick and dying... this song seem to calm him. Its one of grandpa's favourite song.. and can u believe it.. its on Youtube.

Grandpa passed away in the 60s... I don't even know my paternal grandpa. I was not born yet. But i know he is a very kind man. Even till today, when we go back to Lenggong, Perak for All Soul's Day, some old folks still remember grandpa and his kind ways. He was the station master of the Lenggong Bus Station and he sells Singer Sewing machines back then. They were poor so he had to hold two jobs to support the family. I have a photo of him, and he has a very kind face. You know the faces that have smiling eyes.

Anyways.. here's the song he loved... Green Island Serenade.

"Green Island Serenade" (traditional Chinese: 綠島小夜曲; pinyin: Lǜdǎo Xiǎoyèqǔ; also known as "Serenade of Green Island") is a Mandarin Chinese classic song composed in 1954 by Zhou Lanping and famously performed by Teresa Teng. A cover version of this song appears as a hidden track on Vienna Teng's second album, Warm Strangers (2004). The lyrics of this song were probably written by Pan Yingjie or Deng Yuping. (from Wikipedia)

This version of Green Island Serenade is sung by Vienna Teng. Today i found Vienna Teng thanks to dad. Her other songs are really great too. I just went to CD Baby and got her cd :) She has a good voice. Very calming.

I am ashamed to share with you that i am chinese but i do not know Mandarin. I only know how to write my own chinese name and that's about all. But i can understand smatterings of mandarin when its being spoken to me.

My chinese-educated friends call me a banana... hahaha.. Banana meaning yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Meaning i am yellow as Chinese on the outside but white.. as an English on the inside.

Hope you all enjoy the song. Vienna did a very good rendition of the oldie. Even grandpa would be clapping his hands if he can hear her sing. Now i am a big fan of Vienna.

Today is World Aids Day. Let us all end HIV prejudice. People living with HIV should be treated with respect and dignity and as equal citizens. Let's help shed some light today.