One of my all time favourite thing to eat is chicken. My 2nd all time favourite thing to eat is rice. I can eat a lot of rice. One of my sister thinks i am crazy to eat so much rice... and the chicken. I can have chicken rice every other day. Rice is the staple food of most Malaysian folks. We do eat a lot of rice.

As my nephew is home this week for his one week break, i'll have to cook dinner else my dad will give me the stinky eye. Some days i don't cook at all for a whole week because i am lazy because i do not really know what to cook. *LOL* My dad is quite a picky eater. He only eat a little... and if the food is not to his liking, he'll eat less. It doesn't help that my mom was a most wonderful cook.

Sometimes i don't have much time to cook as some of my workmates tend to be more annoying and send work late at about 5pm or 6pm and tells me that she needs it now. Doing those stuffs is not like frying an egg. It takes a while to get it done. My dad also prefers to eat his dinner by 7pm. Which don't really leave me much time to cook.

I rely a lot on my oven and steamer. I have parcel Tuesdays and all-in-the-pot Wednesday.. sometimes we do parcels the whole week. If i pace myself properly, i can get some stuffs ready during my lunch break and dinner can be ready by 6.30pm.

Today i decided to cook salty chicken. Salty chicken is easy to cook as i just have to clean the drumsticks... cut a few lines in the chicken thigh and marinate with salt. Then i'll dump them in a thick based pot and cook it without any oil over low fire. This is like the easiest thing to cook as i don't need to stir it or fry anything.

Then i decided to add mushrooms into the chicken as i still have a bag of fresh shitake mushrooms. These fresh mushrooms don't keep very long. Then i decided to dump some potatoes in... and since i needed some color... i added a whole carrot in.

I had some red spinach which is almost dying and wilted because its really cold in the fridge ^.^. So in goes the red spinach too.

What started as salty chicken became a pot of mismashed stew. *LOL* This is my all-in-the-pot Thursday.

I added some chili flakes and onions in the end. Its is considered a healthy meal as there was no oil involved... and we ate it with rice of course :) I was supposed to stir fry the spinach. But everything ended up in the pot. This happens sometimes. *LOL*

So far my dad hasn't complained much yet. One day he's gonna yell at me and say that he has had enough of the all-in-the-pot meals and parcel food from the oven. I think i might have to learn to refine my cooking and cook like a normal person soon.

Do you all cook like this? Do you follow a certain set of rules/recipes or improvise as you go along? I can't bake very well as i cannot follow the recipe properly. My cakes always end up weird and never quite the same.

I wanna show you what we have in our garden and why them kitteh kats love our garden.


This is our row of weeds in pots *LOL* They hold only weeds now. When my beautiful mom was still alive, these pots hold her very treasured bougainvilleas in many colors. Our city here is famed for Bougainvilleas. Ipoh is known as the Bougainvillea City.

This pot of weed flowers. Its a beautiful purple. The birds here do a lot of work transporting the seeds. Sometimes we do get a flower or two among the weeds.

I tried hard to have green fingers but its not happening. *LOL* The only other solution is painting them green with my paints :) When you are not good with planting, you get ready flowered pots of flowers.

do not know her name purple flowers

I got these at Tescos last week for 8 bucks. They are so pretty and still alive :) I got a pot of bird's eye chili plant too. It was full of bird's eye chili. I don't know how long these two will survive under my painted green fingers care. *LOL* Maybe over time, my painted green fingers will become green one day. We can hope :)

bird's eye chili

This is Charlie. He's the only kitteh kat here with a name. He's the one with the big mouth from yesterday's WW post which kinda got some of you spooked. *LOL* He was yawning in that picture. He's really a sweet lil kitteh kat. See.. he has a very small mouth when its closed.

Dommy doesn't have that big a mouth.. hehhehehe.. He still have a beautiful smile even with bad toofies. He had a very long shower today as he's beginning to really stink because of the heat. *LOL* He's not too happy about the long shower and the extra long blow drying thingy. But he's light as a feather now and smelling like a million buckaroos.

My mom loves purple flowers. Her anniversary is coming up next week. Dad's been extremely quiet these few days. Its gonna be five years since my mom left us.

The sun is very sunny these days. We sweat a lot.. both of us... my cow and i. Someone says i stink and have renamed me STINKO. I think she stinks more.

Even though its very sunny and sweaty and i am a curly wurly... i still love the sun a lot. I love basking in the sun in the garden and pretend to doze off like them kitteh kats. Them kitteh kats are usually more refined. They love them flower pots. I surely cannot fit in the flowering pots. They are not actually flowering pots because we don't have any flowers. We just have weed pots because all our flower pots are full of weeds. *BOL* But it sure looks cozy.

Here's my cow with her crummy mobile taking an aerial view of my handsome self. I am not fat... i am just well proportioned.

This picture sure looks like i am in troubles.. and someone has a gun to my back... but.. its just the crummy mobile at an odd angle. The shadow is part of the mobile and my cow's very big gigantic head.

Don't you all love lazy sunny slumbers?

She says she'll come back with the rest of the story on them hiatus later. We are going off for our walkies. YehoooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOO...

If she comes back to write... which i doubt. She's becoming very unbecoming lately. She's playing at some other playground and keeps forgetting about this one.

I'll make sure she'll come back ya... later







We are back... from our walkies... a not so long walkie as it was getting a wee bit dark. Grandpa says that we should not be out when the skies turn from orangey to black. We haveta be careful of them nosy buzzy mozzies. We are having them a lot lately.

see... its not even black yet

Perhaps we are back here to continue this long windy winded story which could take days to write.... before that... let's listen to one of her favourite songs of late while my cow scoot off to the other playground. You like? Would you like to listen to it? Here... let's do a singalong while she's gone.

note to The Typist: yes.. we have another new playground. Wanna come over to play on them swings and seesaws?

Jason Mraz ~ 93 Million Miles

We love Jason Mraz here... just my cow actually... she loves him. But she loves Roberto and Pete too. Urmm... oh yes.. she is very confused when it comes to men with guitars. She usually goes weak-knee and become a teen again which is not quite possible at HER age. When Roberto sings, she just melts... are your hoomans this crazy like mine?

Whooopppss.. its getting very black now... and my cow has to get up early to get me my supply of chicken from them market. I guess we'll continue about the hiatus tomorrow.

Here's tabby and me. We are great friends. She never bobs me on the head like all them other kitteh kats.


Her crummie mobile does take very blurry crummy pictures... Goodnite everyone. We'll be back tomorrow... hopefully. Be safe.. be happy and be good.








Time ~ Sandi Thom

Not too fast. Slow down will ya. I can't catch up. That's me talking to "technology" sometimes when i am on them puters.

Sometimes i am technologic+ally Challenged when i am asked questions by dad. And its always about his gadgets.

My dad is one of the luckier ones. He has a gameboy, an ipad and lately a smartphone. As some of you might know, i am usually ipad challenged and i hate touchscreen gadgets. My paws.. i mean my fingers are not touchy screen friendly. But its the technology (says my uncle who just burn the motherboard on his new samsung phone). We have to embrace technology. Don't ask me how he did broke his phone. *LOL* Seriously the phone is still quite new to be broken.

I work on the computers very long hours but that does not mean i know everything.. or maybe i should. When my dad goes for a nap, usually i go through his ipad and reset some stuffs for him. Sometimes i take his phone and twiddle somethings. I don't usually tell him what i did. *LOL*

He has a friend who lives just within shouting distance. He can holler from his house and we can hear him.. and he can even use our wifi as we are quite near. When old folks get together, they usually talk about politics... and more polictics.. and aches.. and new pain or technology. The latter one is usually the troublemaker.

Sometimes his friend will scoot over to our house... and he'll show my dad his ipad... hey.. see this.. i got this and this. Does your ipad have this and this? Oooohh... why your ipad don't have this and this... i have this and this. Ask your daughter to put in the this and this for you.

That usually brews more headache for me. His friend will leave with a smirk on his face feeling very proud of himself. My dad will come to me and ask me the 101 technology challenged questions. Why does uncle's ipad have this and this? How come i don't have that? Why?

The next day, his friend will blare some old songs from his house on his speakers... very very loudly. Then his friend will scoot on over. Hey... did you hear the song i just played? Do you like it? here.. lemme give it to you. (that's the nice part of the friendship) This uncle is generous with his songs. Then he'll tell my dad... did u hear it nice and clear? I got this new speakers. Come on over and i'll show you. Next minute you know, my dad will come back with the exact new speakers from the shops.

Just now, his friend came over again. He was going.. hey... my wife just reset my ipad for me. Now its really fast. Faster than a speeding bullet. Why is your ipad so slow? Why is the line so slow here? I come to show you this new thing i just learnt. See.. my ipad got this... and it can do this. It even has the e-newspapers. The whole paper. Don't you know how to download? You don't know the password? Ask your daughter to do it for you. Then i hear them whispering... She doesn't know how? Are you sure? Yes yes.. my other daughter bought this for me. This daughter don't know how to use the ipad. Are you sure? Dang! I hear trouble brewing in lil old China again.

Sharing is Caring. I am glad that he comes by sometimes to share his knowledge with my dad. Else my dad will have nothing much on his ipad and no new speakers. :)

My dad doesn't really know what kind of work i do here. *LOL* He only sees me typing furiously sometimes... sometimes with a scrunched up face. Sometimes talking to some alien on the headphone. Sometimes cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes he wonders if i actually do work for someone. *LOL* He probably thinks i work for the secret service. hehehhehehehehe

There's this thing that i've been looking at this past week about building websites to be more responsive. Responsive layouts and design techniques so that the sites will look great on desktops or mobiles... be it big mobiles like ipads or little ones like smartphones. How many of our websites are responsive to this change?

This website is not changed yet to be responsive :) We will work on that later. Imagine what we can do or can't do.. hahahaha

AhhHHHH... the new addiction. After being a teevee junkie for the past week, we got bored of all the teevee and their glaring lights. Even Dommy breathe a sigh of relief. He was jumping up and down with glee and even held on to my legs with his two front paws. Oh... that was when he is usually excited we are going for walkies.

We have been reading a lot lately. That's our new addiction for the time being till we get a new one. We read from labels in the loo to books upon books from the many that i have acquired but never got to reading them. Teevee really screws me up on time. I am mesmerised by the bright lights and big sounds. It just numbing.

Our dear friends Tsar and Fred has gone to the rainbow bridge. Running free and am free from all the pain and aches. Both their passing did make me worry a lot. Dommy is not exactly a very young pup. He's gonna be 10 soon. Sometimes when i look at him i feel kinda worried and sad.

I have dogs all my life while growing up but they were never this close to me. Sitting beside me and being just the heartbeat at my feet. He sleeps with me... he is with me when i work... he is with me when i eat.. He is always beside me. Never leaves me. What will happen when he does leave one day.

Before that day comes, i guess we should enjoy each other's time and go for more walkies!

smelling them flowers

leaving me mails

 i smell fooooooooooddd... nommmieeee

 dang! i got pulled away from free food

i do have a cute bee+hind

 this black rubber hose spooked my silly cow... she thought it was a snake... *BOL*

i need a drink

 rainy days are nice to snooze

We are currently reading this :) 
My cow bought it because she wanted to know what the dog saw...

Adios amigos. Till the next addiction :)
Its my turn to do a blog post. It has come to this stage where we each take turns to do a post and bug the other to hurry up and pump up a new post. Oh yes... i have been lazy. Really i have been really lazy. There's no good excuse anymore :)

Recently i have acquired the taste for more tv time. I numb my brains with so much tv that its beginning to be worrisome. Dommy looks at me all worried each night but he still sits with me. I switched off my computers about 7pm... have my dinner... wait for dad to watch the news for 30mins from 8pm... and lo and behold, the tv's all MINE. MINE MINE MINE. Muahhahhahaa.. i watch this and that and this and that... i channel flip like a couch potato without the chips and numb them skull till 11pm.. sometimes 12. I AM DOOMED.

Hi... my name is Anny. I am a TV addict.

Let me share this with you first while i go scoot off to catch some more tv time. lalallalalalallaa

This video cracked me up silly and i watched it many times. The music of the video made me laugh too. Its just so calmingly right for the video. I know Dommy would love to have some of the kitteh kats in the garden give him a massage. But most of the time, they just bob him on the head.

Dommy and i love watching kitteh kats in the garden. The last time we did some cat watching, we got into a whole lot of trouble with dad. These are alley cats and they love to come to our garden to climb on the trees... dig some of them pots of soil... and just relax in the shade. They love to sleep in the pots too.

We leave them some kitty food and water. They have a meal and they go on their way. The smaller fellas usually stick around as they feel safe here in the garden. They have big trees as scratching posts and they have shade in the porch if it rains. Cats really like their life outdoors. They don't like to be contained. They like to bask in the sun and they like to leave paw prints on your car. Sometimes they try to sneak into the house to check it out.

I kinda like seeing them around. They are a calming presence. They watch and sit with me when i do the gardening. When i rake the leaves, they have races and jump on the leaves. They are totally independent and comes and go. Cats are full of character. They can earn a living without even trying. You just fall for their eyes and their soft mews and you'll be getting them their dinner on time.

I was at the SPCA the other day. The SPCA in my town is a no-kill facility. On my way in, i saw a box of puppies by the lane. All the cute little puppies were just a few weeks old and overflowing out from the box. They were left outside near the small sign to the SPCA. There were a lot of lorries zooming just beside the small road going in. Its still a long way in. If you are going to surrender puppies to the SPCA, why do you not take them all the way in. You can't really expect a bunch of puppies to find their way into the SPCA. People do not want to pay the surrender fees. But the folks at the SPCA do come out and check for abandoned dogs and pups each day. They are very nice people.

When i gathered the puppies back into the box, it kinda felt like Christmas to me. Its magical and one of the puppies even licked my fingers. It felt nice. Being so small, hopefully they will be adopted very soon. There are so many many dogs at the SPCA. Why are people still buying dogs when there's so many you can adopt and rescue. Our culture is such, we want something new.. something pretty... something cute. What if you don't find them so cute after a few months?

Don't buy... Go ADOPT... and NEUTER your pets.

You can't save them all, but you can save some. Its does makes a difference.

Today is Good Friday. Our office in Singapore is closed as its a public holiday there. I hear peace and a quiet day ahead :)

Last year our friend Mr Pip shared a message with all of us. We want to bring it back again this year. Baby rabbits are not Easter gifts.

 Here are some Tips for a Pet-Safe Easter from ASPCA

Do say a prayer for Judi. She's still needing all the prayers and thoughts. If you wanna send her a card, please email to Kristin at mrpippip(at)gmail(dot)com for the address. You can read about Judi's updated condition at Taylor Cats.

I haven't been taking much pictures lately of Curly and Piper. But this is one of the most recent one of them together... well.. almost together.

Over to you now Missy Typist :) Your turn :p