Its been a while since a proper post came about (yes yes.. this is one of the mighty long winded post). Now seriously... did anyone think that i might have actually kapoots for real this time?

There is a blog on my list... the writer has passed on two years ago... but i still keep her blog on the list as she was such an inspiration to me.

Kapoots we have not. Given up blogging? hmmm.. we could have for a while there. But it got a tad too boring in the real world and i kinda missed some of you. Most of you.. All of you... :) Yes yes... that's a bit of sucking up there. Alright alright.. i miss alllllllllllllllllllllllll of you and i missed blogging.

I went thru a phase of soul-searching. Still searching. I cracked myself up too. Literally. I ate a lot of dairy stuffs.. which i can't because dairy somehow cracks me up. I binged on Mars bar and yogurts and all the yakults. It was a wonderful time to have a Mars bar every night till i finally cracked up. Then i had to stop. No more Mars bars for now. No more yogurts. No more chocolates. Until i am all patched up :)

As some of you might remember, i have a close buddy who's been diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer early this year. She has stopped her chemotherapy after the 5th one and refused to do it anymore. She had a terrible double dose on the 5th treatment and she finally gave up on chemotherapy. She didn't want to go through it anymore. We begged.. talked... advised.. cried.. but she just would not listen. One more session... just complete the course. But she refused.

Its been 2 months + now and she has not even had her operation to remove the lump on her breast. She requested for an extention of 6 months from her doctor. She did not want to have a mastectomy. She's having some holistic care and her hair has started to grow. She's taking quite a big gamble right now. Sometimes she just likes to prove to herself that she can be right about some things. Hopefully she'll have the op soon.

I believe a lot of people have survived breast cancer and lived many many more years by having a mastectomy and radiation after that. Losing a breast does not make you any less a woman.

This is my friend two months back

This is life. You can only do so much and everyone does have their right to make their own decisions about how they want to live. I sometimes wonder if i have done enough to help my friend.

I do not know how we got to July. Its just been breezy.. and the days and weeks just went by very quickly. I even forgot about Dom's birthday on the 29th June. Poor fella. Its a good thing he got a big box of gifts from Frankie and Ernie last month. More on that on the next post.

Dom's 10 years old. Still as silly as ever. He's due for the yearly prick and probe at the v-e-t soon. Hopefully them 'vampires' do not steal his blood this time.

If you want to know where to purchase the coooool 'hat' Dom has on... you have to ask Frankie and Ernie. 

I've also been sneaking off somewhere on some Sundays. A place where i can help and my heart is happy. We'll tell you more about that some day.  Till the next time.