Almost going to miss today's post for NaBloPoMo :) Urmm.. actually.. i kinda missed it by a few minutes.. hahhahaa.. but the wonders of Blogger and their scheduled posts... i am saved :D

Its been quite a tiring day (its the age thing... everyday becomes a tiring day.. hahhahahaa). I woke up early to go to the wet market to get some stuffs for cooking dinner. My sister with hubby and kids were back for the weekend. Its also a good time to get into the Chinese New Year vibe in the market.

But the earliest i could actually drag my lazy rear outta the bed was 9am. *LOL* If you really want to get the best stuffs and the best fishes from the wet market, you have to kinda get there by 7.00 to 7.30am. I got there about 9.20am but the market was still so full of people. Very excited people and a lot of buying. Trying to get myself into the market was a feat itself as most of the folks were just too excited looking around.. and standing still gaping and gawking at the new stuffs. I should probably take some pictures next time.

I am quite a regular here, so most of them kinda know me. Most know me by my uncombed hair and very sleepy face. Blurr and just rolled out from the bed look.. hahhaha.. yes.. i am a disgrace even to myself any time of the day. Actually i go to three different wet markets for different things on different days. All of these are about 10 mins away even if i am driving at snails pace :) That's the beauty of my hometown.

I only buy fish from one guy from Taiping as his fishes don't smell fishy. Don't ask me why i need fishes not to smell too fishy. But if i buy from the other stalls... my dad will know and ask me where i bought the fish. If it smells too fishy, he will refuse to eat and that will be another headache for me. So even if this guy only have one type of fish left on his stall while the others have a loads of different types... i will still buy from this guy with one type of fish. *LOL*

Sis and kids and hubby just reached Kuala Lumpur. They love to travel at night. I hate night driving. My eyes don't do so well at night anymore. I used to drive up and down to Kuala Lumpur too. Even alone and sometimes with Piper or Bola. I hardly do night driving. Its the people at home that worries when you drive late at night. And when you are tired, its always more dangerous at night.

Bola is always my best companion in the car. Once we drove for close to 6 hours because it was a public holiday. The usual journey will only take two hours. We listen to this advert on the radio for so many times that when we reached Ipoh, we can recite it on automatic pilot.. hahahhaa.. and he was just a small kid then. He is never a fuss and he's a wonderful child. Now he has grown taller than me. I have to look up at him when he speaks now :)

When he was little, he would stay over with me when my bro-in-law goes outstation. I will send him school in the morning as my place was nearer to his school. Before he sleeps, he will always tell me.. wake me when you see blue skies. And when i wake him up, he always opens his eyes with a big smile on his face. No fuss at all. Such a wonderful child. And he sings very well :)

Ahhh... my dad always love company especially when his grandkids comes back. He's an old man. He grumbles a lot. He complains quite a lot about everything. *LOL* He curses too sometimes. But he's an old man. He earned his right to grumble. He earn his right to watch tv as loud as he want to. He's just an old man.

Young farts like us should just bear with his ways. Urmmmm.. actually i am not that young anymore. *LOL* I love company especially when my family comes back home. Even Piper and Dommy was pretty happy with the extra company and the extra treats. Next week... we'll have more people. Jai will be home. Just counting the days.. Jai will be home.

We found a lot of Boy's, Bola and Rachel's baby clothes. Well.. maybe he shouldn't be wearing Rachel's clothes.. hahhahahahhaa.. Enough clothes for Jai to wear during his one month vacation with us :) Uncle John even fixed up the cot for him today. We are all set for you. Come home soon!

Goodnight people. Thanks again for humoring me on the last Fluffy Friday. I was so amused by some comments :)
After more than 24 hours... i think my Friday Twist should reveal itself.

Its me... Piper. The picture was the top of my head... wa wa waaaa :D The only person who got it correct was Auntie Nessa... and urmm.. Auntie Marzie got 1/2 of it correct since she did say it was my behind.

Thank you for joining our Friday twist. Here are our 2 winners.


We'll be kinder to you all next week and give you all an easier stress free Friday :)

Today's Fluffy Friday carries a twist. Guess what is the fluffy thing up there. First 3 persons who guess it correctly gets a link here :) Take a wild guess. This should be simple enough.. :D

Oh ya.. each person can only take one guess :p

Happy Fluffy Friday people :)

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Sometimes when things seem a bit strange to them, they will tilt their heads like a human too :) Does your doggies do this? You can try and make a queer sound and look in their direction. Funnily they will tilt their heads. *LOL*

If you tilt your head and look at Piper, he will tilt his head and look back at you *LOL* I find this highly amusing and cute. I think i am spending too much time with my dogs.. hahahhahahaa

Sorry for the crummy pictures. I am back to taking pictures with my crummy mobile.

Enter if you dare. Now we have a tiger at our porch to guard our house :) It roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss.. hehhehehee.. yes yes.. our Chinese New Year decoration is up today. Well.. part of it. Boy and dad put it up this afternoon in the hot blazing sun.

Our decorations for the festivities are usually recycled every year. Be it for Christmas or Chinese New Year. But this smiling tiger is new. We just bought it from Tescos just now. To greet the little one who is coming home soon :)

I'm a bit poofed now because dad and i did quite a bit of shopping at Tescos to prepare for the coming week. I'll show you more pictures of the decorations as we add on to it :) Today we just did the porch... two pineapples.. some streamers and a tiger.

Maybe i'll go the the big market in town this weekend to go find some nice big pussy willows. They add a nice touch to the house.

Piper is snoring away now while Dom is busy flicking his ears. Piper sometimes sound like a train when he snores.. *LOL* For a little dog.. he sure is loud.

Oh yes.. our Christmas tree is still up *LOL* A marriage of sorts for the festivities. Boy said to wait for Jai to see the tree first before we take it down. But i think he is just lazy to take it down.. hahahhahahahaa

Catch you all tomorrow. Goodnite :)
Chinese New Year is celebrated BIG in our household. At least we used to. We love Chinese New Year as we get new clothes, new shoes, new underwears *LOL*, new pajamas too. Well... at least that was how i remembered Chinese New Year when i was a kid. And we get loads of angpows too. I could almost get rich overnight when i was a kid. I come from a very big extended family.

We haven't really celebrated Chinese New Year like we used to these past few years. We just keep wanting to run off somewhere when Chinese New Year looms. As you get older, you tend to fear the festivities. Lots of questions from the clan. And the usual question would be.. When are you going to get married? Gosh! The aunties asked me this year after year. Don't they ever get bored. Each year i get more embarassed and trying very hard to find a hole to hide *LOL*

Other than trying to evade all these very inquisitive people, i don't quite like Chinese New Year anymore since mom passed away. When she was still around, every Chinese New Year, i love to shop like crazy the week before i go home. I am usually running here and there in Sunway Piramid with bags and bags of clothes. I love to find her some very chinese looking blouses each year. And something for dad... and lots of clothes for the kids. I haven't really shop for Chinese New Year these past two years.

Honestly speaking, i haven't done any Chinese New Year shopping at all this year. *LOL* I haven't got a new shirt for dad too. Since we are much much older now... i usually do with just one new thing for the Chinese New Year.

This year... we will have a lot of people to celebrate with us. Jai will be home... my sister and brother in law will be home. Its been a long time since my sister celebrated Chinese New Year with us. Most probably my brother in law and Jai will have a culture shock at how loud we can make Chinese New Year *LOL* And urmm.. the gambling too :)

My extended family is into gambling during Chinese New Year.. we were trained as kids. We have kiddies corner and adult corners for gambling. Its quite a sight to see the whole household gambling from the very young to the very old. Hope Jai don't start gambling too *LOL* Maybe we should start him on the Blackjack :D

I actually love Chinese New Year (yes.. i am a confusing creature). Its the only time i get to see who is related to me.. hahahahaha.. and i get to meet up with my old friends too. I haven't seen some close friends for a few years now since i keep running away for Chinese New Year.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur these past few years. We haven't quite decide where we are going to celebrate this Chinese New Year. My father says that we should all vote. I wonder if Dommy and Piper gets to vote too :) My father will also be celebrating his BIG birthday too the day before Chinese New Year.

Festivities away from home is not quite the same. Our home here probably deserves a big bang of the ole festivities. What do you think?

Oh.. our Christmas tree is still up *LOL* We thought we want to put it up till Jai comes home. But i guess we better start putting some Chinese New Year deco up tomorrow :) We are going on a roadtrip next week. Jai is coming home. Hoooooorayyyyyyy!
This came in through the email yesterday. Some random facts to share with you. I sure didn't know that i can't lick my elbow.. *LOL* Never did try. But now i know. Have fun going through them :)
  1. Coca-Cola was originally green.
  2. The most common name in the world is Mohammed.
  3. The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.
  4. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
  5. Women blink nearly twice as much as men!
  6. You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.
  7. It is impossible to lick your elbow.
  8. People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond.
  9. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.
  10. The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language.
  11. If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.
  12. If a statue of a person in the park on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle.
    If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle.
    If the horse has a all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.
  13. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
  14. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.
  15. A snail can sleep for three years.
  16. All polar bears are left handed.
  17. American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class.
  18. Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.
  19. In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.
  20. The ant always falls over on its right side when intoxicated.
  21. The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
  22. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.
  23. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
  24. Most lipstick contains fish scales.
  25. Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different.

Lil White Socks

This weekend, i spotted this lil kitty in our garden. Behind our house in the backlane, a lot of wild cats live and populate. We feed them sometimes as our hearts go weak when we see the smaller kitties trying to rough it out with the other bigger adult cats. Most of the houses here feed the cats in the backlanes but they are free to roam. These are wild cats. They love their freedom.

I just had two days with this little fella. The mommy was trying to teach this small fella to climb the tree in our garden. This lil fella was hanging on for dear life. She keep teaching it to climb higher and hang on. I know the main reason was for it to be independent and climb on the tree if the lil fella detect any danger. The mommy was always near to protect and look over it. I didn't go near it as the mommy cat was quite protective of the little one. I just left some food for the mommy.

Every hour i watch the small kitty through my window.. i fear for its life too. It is such a small kitty. But it was so high up and hanging on for dear life. I was afraid that it would fall. My friend assured me that a cat has 9 lives. Even if it fall, it will be okay. I never had any cats as a pet before. Dogs i have these two which i guard with my life.

Lil White Socks is gone now. A life cut short. I am so sad. It lies limp and lifeless in a box in the garden. I can hear the mommy cat mewing away sadly trying to coax it to wake up. Life and death. I can never really get over the latter. Be it a loved one or a wild cat.

Hi Mommie! We had a photo shoot yesterday and Anny says i look fat in this picture. I think i am not fat. I am just all fluff.. and i was sitting down and woozy and lazy on a hot afternoon. Do i look fat here Mommie? Anny has to make the photo looooonnggger to make me slimmer. But i don't look fat rite?

I think i've gained a bit of weight lately as Grandpa's been kind to share his food with me. Everyday i wait for grandpa to have his lunch and he is always very generous to Dommy and I.

These people here have 3 main meals a day here.. and we only get 1 main meal. That's not fair right? We do have our biscuits in the morning but that's not a main meal.

Anny says she might need to get a treadmill soon and make both Dommy and i walk on it soon. She says we spend too much time sniffing around when we go for walks and we are not packing in the exercise properly. I think she needs to go for more walks too. She shouldn't stay in front of the computer all the time.

I miss you Mommie... but don't worry about me. I am a good boy. And everyone's very nice to me here. Both Dommy and i do a lot of running at breakneck speed when we hear mysterious sounds out at the porch. We bark the whole house down and no one dares to come in.

When we both cooperate and bark together, no one will dare to come any where near this house. I am getting quite good at protecting Grandpa's home and securing the house. Grandpa always takes me for walks in the evening. We cannot rely on the lazy bum Anny as she has to cook and get our dinner ready. I'm gonna sleep now Mommie. Don't miss me too much.

Its Friday already? Everyday seems like a Friday to me. I am bored... bored. Can someone please play with me. Or take me for walks. Or give me food. Or give me tummy rubs. Or.. send Pebbles to me. Or.. where is Piper by the way...

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My dad sent me this email just now. Yes yes.. my dad sends me interesting things to read too even though he is just sitting in the next room playing with Spider Solitaire and singing away with YouTube. He gets loads of emails from his buddies from school.. college.. everywhere. He does have more friends than i do. *LOL* He even gets more invites to go out to eat than i do.

Anyways.. he was flapping his hands and laughing away on the computer while i was watching tv just now. I was wondering what he was up to. Then he came to the hall and showed me. *LOL*

Yea yea.. my dad can be a funny man too. When he gets bored, he will sometimes call up his only grand daughter and play pranks on her. And dear Rachel is always a blurr.

Well.. have fun. My dad did :) Goodnite folks!

Calico Skies ~ Paul McCartney

I was reading something about Calico cats at Nessa's side and this song came into my mind :)

Emila Yusof. She is a wonderful person who's a giver of sorts and a talented artist too. I love her drawings and her work is inspiring.

She just completed a pretty little book called "My Mother's Garden". The book will be out in the markets soon. Check out her blog if you want to find out more about her and the stuffs she does.

I was one of the Top Commentators for 2009 on Emila's blog. The top commentators received a whole lot of gifts from her :) Thank you so much for the lovely gifts Emila. Love the little flowery bag.

This lipstick and eyeshadow from Avon is sponsored by Roxychick.

I don't actually use makeup at all. I am a natural beauty *ahem* (too lazy to have things on my face except eyes, nose mouth and the markings).. hahahhaha but i will pass it to my sister. The blue would look nice on her. Lovely blue for the eyeshadow.

This pretty altered frame is sponsored by Diyadeary.

Very nice gifts to kickstart my year. Thank you very much Emi. I wuv you!

Crazy day today.. urmm.. yesterday. We went a bit crazy and remodelled our home :) And BooMooHoo's home too. We are nuts. Or i am nuts. Or there's too many peanuts in my head.

This new template seems a bit off somehow. Too many things. I can't breathe when i look at it. Maybe tomorrow we'll go do another makeover and change it back to how it was before.

Doggies are both snoring away. Think i'll just head off to bed too. I forgot what i wanted to post about today. *LOL*

Oh ya... today we decided to drag out the real camera and take some pictures instead. Piper was a pretty good model. Patient and ever willing to pose. Dommy on the other hand... refuse to pose. Kept turning his face away. I usually get his best poses when he is sleeping.

We kicked off BooMooHoo today.. urmm.. yesterday with some pictures of my very patient model.

I am in pain. Too much coffee is going to kill me one day. *LOL* Or maybe not. Coffee is supposed to be good if taken in moderation.

My poor colleague got hospitalised today.. urmm yesterday for appendicitis. Hope he get well soon. Maybe i tortured him too much when we were working on a project last week. Oh bummer. Hope you get well soon JP.

Some strange noises on the roof just now. I don't like strange noises on the roof. Our house's been broken into few times over the years. And luckily, we were always not at home. I am trying to keep up for as long as i can so that if there are thieves up there... they'll get tired and probably just head on home. Maybe i should get a bigger and more ferocious dog... to protect us. Dommy and Piper are just too cute for thieves. Maybe Dommy could do the job of securing our house but Piper.. he's just a pretty boy and a friendly pooch. *LOL* Strange noises on the roof at this hour is scary. Maybe i should get the hammer ready.

Oh ya.. now i remember what i wanted to post about :) But it will be tomorrow urmmm... later today.

Goodnite folks :) Catch you again when i wake up. If you find this new template confusing and crummy... do holler out to me. If you want to comment and cannot find the "Post a Comment"... click on the green "No Woofs" :) Even i am getting a headache just looking at this blog. Crummy.
At 1 year, 2 weeks and 5 days old... Jai took his first few steps :) Lil trumpet is walking already. Counting the days... wooooooooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOooooo

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
Almost the end of the day over here @ my side of the world. It has been a long day.

We woke up earlier today as my help Aini comes on Tuesdays to help me clean the house. Bless the good woman. What would i do without her. The house will be in chaos and it will be a desert if not for Aini. Even though she is getting paid, i am always grateful for her help.

The drama started when my computer was on. My yellow blinkers went.. die la die laaa (that's quite a normal expression by our people)... *LOL* Panic can be quite infectious. Yellow blinkers can spread panic with just a few typed words.

We have an important event tomorrow and this morning my suppliers informed us that they could not do one of the big banners on time for that particular size. It needs 3 days lead time. I was going hahahahhahahahahaa.. great! Now what.

This thing happened because people cannot decide. People don't do planning way ahead. Everyone was too busy to prepare it earlier. Everyone thought that suppliers can print on demand. Wrong.

People don't understand that big banners take time to print. Its not like a photocopy machine. Press a button and out comes the paper in few seconds. Machines can breakdown. The person handling the job can go sick and be hospitalised. Where Murphy lurks, trouble brews.

At the end of the day, my suppliers did get the job done beautifully. Not perfectly but fine. Thank god for great suppliers.

A blessing in disguise definitely ^.^"

If you are using the Yahoo Messenger or any other kind of chat platform on the computer, can you sense if the other party is angry or pissed or annoyed or maybe happy? Well.. if he/she is typing in ALL CAPS.. that is plain blatant annoying and rude of course.

We are quite in tune of the other person's feelings on this communicating platforms. Its weird. Maybe we have been using it for too long *LOL*

Ahh.. an early night for me today. My back is aching and after all the coffees and panic in the morning... i just want to go snooze. Clean Sheets Day today.. yehoooooooooooOOO.

I love clean sheets day! Goodnite people.

Another blurry picture of Curly with the mobile.. hahahhaa.. i have to quit taking pictures with my crummy mobile.

Tequila Sunrise ~ The Eagles

I could use some tequila now :D thirsty!

Short post today as we are in the midst of some more important stuffs for Wednesday :) Will post a looooooooooooooooooooooong winding post tomorrow :D

Hope you love this song by the Eagles. One of my ole favourites. Goodnite folks!
Sundays are kinda hard for blogging. Serves me right for trying to NaBloPoMo for a whole month. I even got the Spaceman into the boat as well. He is furiously trying to blog everyday too at least for this month. Do check him out and make sure he blogs everyday for a whole month *LOL* He's NaBloPoMo+ing from Dream Themes.

On Sundays.. my mind just go toooooooooooooooooooooooooooot. Naw.. don't worry.. i have not fallen off my chair and gone dead :)

Sundays are just weird. I don't have the urge to turn on the computer. I just play dead and rollover.

So much about playing dead. Woke up early because Piper was sighing and sighing (yes.. doggies do sigh).. and making some sad noises cos he got bored of sleeping and wanna go check out the other rooms in the house. I let them out for a leak in the garden.. give them both a treat and i crawled back into bed and play dead again. Dom cam back to the room and play dead too after he had his treat while Piper went out and try to catch some urmm.. sights. He loves to sit in the hall.. with his face at the sliding door to watch the world go by. He loves the wind on his face. Funny lil fella.

Boy woke up. Hmm.. weird.. usually he can't wake up at all if i don't wake him. *LOL* He's been so pampered by my parents since urmm.. he was a baby. Since i came back home, i tried to rock his world a little and give him a hard time sometimes. Yea.. i am wicked.

Oh ya.. he started work a week ago. His exams results will only be out in March. I told him not to bum at home and play dead. Go and see the world and get some experience. He willingly went to work and am quite happy to be earning/working. I am actually quite proud that he manage to put in 8 hours of work a day without a complaint. Just tired feet but he always comes back with lots of stories to tell. He drives my dad's car to work (i guess that is an added bonus for him). My dad drives my car and i ended up with no car. *LOL*

He spends so much time getting ready for work. Doing and redoing his hair. Shaving. Checking his face for pimples. And rechecking. Then its back to redoing his hair. All this takes a good 1 hour. Such a vain fella. I remember i wasn't even vain when i was his age *LOL*

Dad and i went to my sister's old house to get the baby's cot today for Jai. We had a hell of a time dismantling the cot. This used to be Boy's cot 17 years ago. Its still in pretty good condition. My sister tells me its allen key assembled. But when i got there.. it was all screws. Good thing we brought the screwdrivers along as well. Now i got to knock her head when she comes back next.

We manage to fit everything in the car and brought it home. The harder part is assembling it back. I'll leave that for next weekend *LOL* If we manage to assemble it back... i'll post a picture of Boy's really neat baby cot.

Both dad and i went for dinner at "the very hot place". No no.. there's no hot women dancing in that restaurant.. *LOL* I called it "the very hot place" because i hate to eat there in the afternoons. The zinc roofs made the place really really warm in the afternoons.

We went there.. ordered our food and no tables empty *LOL* Dad saw a lone old man at a table and asked him if we can sit with him. He smiled and nodded. Both dad and him started talking like old friends. *LOL* I just sat and listen to their conversation.

Dad always mentioned that he don't like to eat alone in a restaurant. I don't really do breakfast well in the mornings. I am just a coffee and bread person. My dad loves to eat noodles or capati or roti canai or soups. So usually he eats breakfast alone. He kinda got used to it now.

So here i was watching these two old men who doesn't know each other but talking like old friends. Dad tells me that sometimes when he goes to places, he will see another old person and they will nod knowingly. Or smile. But they don't know each other. They just sense each other's loneliness.

I remember this old guy who walked in from the rain last week at a restaurant we were at. He sat at the table next to us and wiping his brow.. he said... "Heavy rain.. its flooded everywhere".. then dad answered him.. yea.. "Heavy rain.. where is it flooded?" Then this guy went.. "Its flooded here.. there..." Then we smiled and continue with our food. Then this guy went again.. "Heavy rain.. its flooded everywhere" We smiled and said yes. Not even a minute went by and he went again.. "Heavy rain.. its flooded everywhere". He was repeating the sentence over and over again.

Everyone fear loneliness. Sometimes its good to be alone to be able to do your own things but not all the time. Old folks who are left alone on their own with nothing to do will just dwindle away. Then they forget what they are saying or have said.

Did you call your mom or dad today? Or call your grandmama or grandpapa and ask them how they are doing. They will be so glad for the company. Old folks need that.
Hi mommie! Today i had my shower and it sure was a long shower. The blow-drying was equally long and i almost fell asleep. I was a good boy and didn't give any trouble to Anny. She keep praising me and cleaned my ears too.

When i am all fluffy and dry, she put on my blue bandana for me. Grandpa said i look dashing like a cowboy. Then he said cowdog. What has the cow got to do with me? I am a dog... not a cow.

After my shower, i always get hungry. Here i am waiting for my food. But Anny was busy giving Curly his shower. She nearly fell over while carrying Curly as Curly is getting wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too heavy for her. She says Curly will have to go for more walks now. This Curly eats too much. He is always parked beside Grandpa when he is eating. Grandpa always shares his food with him. Now he has to share it with me too. Now i am smarter and faster.

Gimme gimme my fooooooooooooddd.. I am hungryyyyyyy....

Slurrrrrrrrrppp! Niceeeeeeeeeee.. Tha was a mighty nice dinner. I had lamb with rice and it was yummyyyyyyyyyyyy. I finish all my food everyday. I am not going to leave any behind for Curly. He is way too round.

I am really a good boy Mommie. Don't you worry about me here. You take care of yourself. I am off to sleep now. But first, i have to sharpen my nails and scratch the wall first.

ops! I forgot to tell you Mommie. I have oranges today. It was real sweet. It made me think of daddy. Hope he doesn't miss me too much. Tell him i'll be home soon.

Goodnite Mommie.


Piper has a weird habit before he sleeps. He usually scratches the wall or any surface till he's satisfied. Its kind of like venting his frustrations.. *LOL* Don't think he is frustrated but i don't know why he does that. Does your dog do that too?
It is snowing quite heavily where Jai is now. This morning, my sister sent me some pictures of the white white white land. Both of them took their little one to the park to see the magical white wonderland. And it is a beautiful sight.

Snow snow snow in Jai's corner of the world in January.

It doesn't always snow quite so heavily. The picture below shows NO SNOW in December before Jai was born. NO SNOW at all. But it is still a beautiful picture postcard perfect place. Loads of canada goose, ducks, mallards... it was as busy as a market.

Jai's 1st birthday is over. Today he's 1 year and 2 weeks and 1 day old.

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

And i'm still waiting for him to come home :( He's only coming in early Feb. So that he can spend at least one festive season with the whole family.. extended family and everyone else who is waiting for him to come home. Even Dom and Piper.

Sis sends us videos of him all the time. Now he babbles quite a lot in the videos. Its fun to see. Quite a lot of teeth in the mouth too. I have one of him banging on the glass door.. *LOL* Wait till he gets to the terrible twos. I bet my sis and bro-in-law will lose more weight.

He was suppose to come in December for Christmas and his 1st Birthday with us. But he had to have his jabs after his 1st birthday. And the jabs were a wee bit different from the jabs we have for kids in Malaysia. For the better good, it is better to have his jabs first and come back after that.

I wonder if he still remembers me. Last i saw him... he was just a few days old. 9 days old to be exact. He decided to let me enjoy my holiday and spend some time with sis before he decided to make his grand entrance. Deliberating.. he did take quite a while to come out.

My sister choose her hubby and me as her birthing partners. They keep telling Jai to wait till i arrive. And he did wait.... quite a while *LOL*

Over in the UK, they allow you to have two people to accompany you in the labour room. Over in our country in Malaysia, they only allow the hubby or the mother to be around.

I didn't know what i sign up for.. hahahahhaa.. but it was an experience of a lifetime. Giving birth is sure not easy and watching someone close to you give birth is an equally tiring and stressful moment. They even gave the expecting mommies an exercise ball to sit on to help them dilate in the antenatal room.

We were at the hospital on the 30th December night as the contractions have begun. We did have many false alarms earlier but we decided to head off to the hospital as it was quite far. The hospital was understaffed as it was the New Year and most of them were overworked.

In the labour room, we met a Malaysian midwife. An old experienced lady and her presence made the situation better. I don't remember her name as i was most dazed and afraid. To see my sister in so much pain really shocked me. It would have been nice if mom was around. She would know what to do.

This lady must be sent by mom. Someone from our homeland and it did calm all of us. She was really kind to sis and to all of us. She even got hot drinks for both brother in law and me. I guess we must have looked a mess.

When Jai decided its time to come out, we were quite relieved. We just have tears in our eyes. He is a very precious one. Sis and hubby have to wait a long time before he came into their world. I guess mom helped made it happen too. Maybe she had a chat with God and ask him to send a baby to them. Knowing mom, she could.

Ahhh.. precious child. Can't wait till i see you again. An experience of a lifetime you are.

Grandpa already got you 2 toys.. and a cap from IKEA that day. So come home soon. He can't wait any more longer. He got his songs all lined up in his head to sing to you. You would be good for him.
Fourteen already. Today is the 14th day into 2010 and i am still struggling to get into pace *LOL*

I celebrated the New Year and welcome it with a whole lot of fireworks with my family at Parkcity as it was the nearest to where we stayed. It was quite fun with the kids screaming at the top of their lungs because they could. Any reason to scream out loud and releasing it all is good.. hehehehhehee

It was full moon.. and i was too lazy to bring my camera. I only had my mobile with me and that's one of the reasons for crummy pictures of late. Crummy low-resolution pictures. *LOL*

Both are my sister's kids. We got them lights to wear on their heads. Both boys were quite happy to be wearing them. Rachel was urmm.. ashamed to wear them (i don't know why). She's the youngest but she says she's not a kid anymore and refused to wear them lights. But she did wear them in the end when it was almost time to go home *LOL*

One decent picture of the fireworks with my mobile. *LOL* I am such a bum. People were bringing big cameras and tripods and mipods and propods.. urmm.. ipods too. But i was clicking away with my mobile.

Glitter at the end of the party. These were done by us.. the debris on the ground :)

The huge jam on the way home. Thank god i was not driving... hehehehhehee.. i was just too happy snapping away with my mobile.

My dear Bom waiting for us at home. He was not too happy that he was not invited to the park with us. But i sure don't want him to be around when there's fireworks and lot of screaming people around. That would probably shock him and send him into a frenzy. He stayed home with Piper. Piper was just too glad to be home. He hates fireworks and thunder.

New Year's dinner :) Something quite light.. but still took us a while to prepare.. *LOL*

What i need for the New Year... my resolutions are not many or any yet (and we are already halfway into the 1st month already)

What I need...
  • New music.
  • More time for dad.
  • More walks with Dom.
  • Time for photography.
  • Time for friends.
  • Sleep.

What i don't need...
  • TV.. hhahahahahhaa
And now its time to sleep. Tomorrow.. i mean today is gonna be a looooooooooooooonnng day. Maybe Thursday will be kind to me :) Goodnite folks.

You Know Me ~ Robbie Williams

Me and my bad boy Robbie. I just love him. Either you love him too much or you just can't stand him (usually its the extremes of both side)

Its been a while since he came out with an album. This is from his Reality Killed The Video Star album.Great album i must say so myself.

When talent comes with passion.. this is it.

When i was in college cow years ago, there was this guy who comes to lessons on his dirt bike. Its almost similar to Robbie's bike here in the video. Every morning, i will wait for him downstairs just to see him roll in on his bike. Kind of admiring from afar.

I think i was more interested in the bike than the person *LOL* But he's not too bad looking too. He always looks so cool when he arrives. My knees also turn jello when i see guys in dirt bikes.
I also go weak-knee when i hear a guy play the guitar and sing. This fella happens to draw quite well. He's a great illustrator. His drawings of people were so lifelike. I remember he was extremely good with the air-brush.

But it was the bike that drew me to this character... hehhehehehee There were some days he comes for lessons.. still on the dirt bike but with bandages here and there. Guess he must have had a fall while racing on the dirt bike.

I don't know where he is now. Most probably old, bald and grumpy. *LOL*
Scenario 1

You love chocolate. You love chocolate so much that you bought yourself a big chocolate cake. A bigggggg chocolate cake it is. You cut a piece and indulge.

*ting tong* (the door bell rings)

You have chocolate all on your lips and in your mouth. You hate the break in momentum when you are indulging in your feast. You peek at the peephole. Shoot! Its the nosy neighbours next door.

You hide your cake quickly. This is my cake. I am not going to share it with some nosy neighbours.

You wipe your mouth quickly and erase any evidence of the chocolate. You open the door and awoo awoo and an exchange of pleasantries. Awooo awoooo... and a whole of lot of chatting. Finally, the neighbour left.

You went to back to your "hidden feast". When you are about to take another bite...

*ting tong* (the door bell rings again)

You curse under your breath and put the cake away... again. You peep again at the peep hole and this time you see the grinning face of your brother.

Dang! He loves chocolate cake. He can finish a whole cake in 10 mins. You decided to hide the cake in your room.

Brother comes in and awooooo awoooo... he tells you about his misery. Awooooo Awoooo... he tells you about the lady driver that was driving so slow in front of him on his way here. Women drivers. Bah! He says. (all the more not to share the chocolate cake with him)

He went awoooo awoooo.. and went on and on about this and that. You wonder when he's gonna stop and go home. Awoooo awooo.. and he tells you he's hungry. Awoooo awoooooo.. then he left.

You closed the door and was about to walk to your room when..

*ting tonggggggggg* (the door bell rings yet again)

*%^&&**@$^^#^#**@@%^&*$*@$%^ You cursed away. Who can it be now. You yanked the door open and there stood the love of your life. You know he loves chocolate cake too. You know he can finish the cake just as fast as your brother.

You asked if he would like to go out to eat. You took your purse quickly and went out with him. You went dining and dancing the night away. You came home late and flop onto your bed and slept away.

When you finally awake, you remembered your chocolate cake. You went over to where you left it and...

bummer... a whole battalion of ants are on it. *LOL* There goes your chocolate cake.

Selfish little idiot. Why didn't you share in the first place. Why can't you ask your neighbour in and have some tea and cake. Why can't you cut a big piece for your brother when he came by. Why can't you enjoy the cake with the love of your life.

Lesson 1 : Sharing is Caring. Selfishness will get you very happy chocolate covered ants with big smiles.
A small challenge to get myself moving :) Today we decided to NaBloPoMo.

That is to post everyday for a month. Weekends too. Good luck to Dommy. Because he'll be doing most of them posts. *LOL* He gotta get his butt moving too. He's a wee bit too much on the heavy side.

When Jai comes home next month, i think i'll probably be missing from the blogging world for a while. So... a post everyday for this month would be good thing. Or so i thought ^.^"

Anyone wanna join me on this?

Visit NaBloPoMo
Complacency is not an attractive trait to possess. Its not all bad. But when a person gets too complacent, they become stagnant.

Here i was happily bumming around while watching a wee bit too much tv. I've been putting off blogging as it seems apt that i needed to find some balance with my internet time (probably a lame excuse). And spend more time with people and dog x 2 (Piper's here with me).

My last holidays were T I R I N G. *lol*

I came home quite tired and blurr in the head. Kinda like some big ole south winter wind hit my silly head. I couldn't function as per normal. *LOL* And just whooooooozed the whole week away. Cooking for my family took a backseat (yes.. i was lazy in that department too). Our kitchen was not open last week.

Dad and Boy went off to Kuala Lumpur again yesterday. There were some education fair going on in KLCC and its important that Boy goes and weight out his options. I send them off by train yesterday morning with dad yelling real early in the morning to wake us all up. *LOL* Even Dom and Piper could barely crawl out of bed.

I hardly have a peaceful sleep here in the mornings cos my dad likes to create lotta sounds to wake us up. When i was in my sister's house last week, one morning, i heard the doorbell. And there was dad ringing the doorbell. He had the key in his hands. The doorbell send off a chain of reactions with Piper & Dom barking away. They both sleep with me in the room. Can you imagine how high i jumped up? *LOL*

Not a day goes by without some action around here.. hahahhahahaa There was one morning when he found a rat in the house. Here he was chasing the rat and he had Dom with him blocking the rat's path. And quite a racket that was.

I am never a morning person. I don't quite like to wake up real early to eat breakfast especially noodles. Piper is a morning person/dog. Usually when i don't get up by a certain time, he'll bark the house down to wake you up *LOL* Dom? Dom is like me. He wakes up when i wake up. With a smile, he'll greet me and we'll both go out to let him have his leak. He's very considerate for a dog.

Today i had my peaceful day. Just bumming around with both doggies. Watch a whole lot of tv till i became numb. Too much tv really does numb the brain. *LOL* That reminds me... i have to wean off the tv too.

I went off to buy some treats for Dom and Piper. Stopped by the market to get some flowers for mom. When i went to see mum.. it drizzled. Mom send me something i love on my way home.

a mighty big bright rainbow :)

I miss mom. And all that she is. Not a day goes by when she's not in my thoughts. I guess dad misses her more. She was her partner in everything. He goes everywhere with her. He takes her everywhere... even to pump petrol. They are really like siamese twins.

He still goes to talk to her everyday at the church. When no one listens to him, he knows she will. My dad is getting old. He has many quirks like any other person. He's happiest when he's home. Sometimes i am not entirely patient with him. Sometimes i leave him alone to do my things. Sometimes it gets lonely for old folks.

I am trying to do the best that i know how. Even though i know that i can do better :) He always reminds me that his time on earth is on grace.

Well... he has a lot of travelling to do this year. And he is most happy too when he gets to go on holidays. Dad and Boy coming back tomorrow. Boy is also starting work tomorrow. He's awfully happy that he finally found a job. Gotta nap now.

There's a mountain of clothes that are not folded yet... a shelf which is not fixed.. and tons of things to do. And tomorrow is Monday. Oh bummer. Where did the weekends goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOO... (too much tv sure did screw up my life... hahhahahahaha)

pp is home :)
Happy New Year everyone :) Hope 2010's been good to you all so far. Here's me wishing all of you a wonderful and bountiful year ahead.

Norwegian Wood ~ The Beatles

Why this song to kickstart the year? I got my head burrowed in a few books at a time these few days.. *LOL* and this was one of it.

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

I kinda seek my moments at Borders for 2 whole days... *LOL* I love Borders.. especially the one at Curve. Most of the time, i am actually at the children's section. They have more colourful books and with lotta glitter and better pictures.

A lot kinda happened in the past 2 weeks or more while we were away. Some losses some gains.. some happy moments.. some tense.. mostly quite a tiring one. I came home more broken that ever. My head kinda feel detached from my body. Tired as a log but... i'm all slept out now :)

We should all just understand that we are all unique. Different. If everyone could understand that, it wouldn't be a tense holiday at some point. But.. with all the tense moments, we did have some happy ones too. Well.. holiday's all gone. Back to the daily grind.

Before i scoot off again, i would like to thank Nessa, Emila and Yoon See for their beautiful greeting cards :) Thanks again for the very cute stuffs! I will treasure them.

I'll continue with a long windy post tomorrow... mebbe.