This is the smallest fella which came by. Fiesty little guy or girl perhaps... i didn't check. Could be a girl maybe. I'll check again soon ;)

Smallest fellas can be pretty dangerous companions. Even though we are not writers...
  • smallest fella took us away from work
  • smallest fella took us away from blogging
  • smallest fella thrills the Curly to bits
  • Curly thinks that smallest fella is his
  • Curly scares the shits out of smallest fella
We've been away a lot lately because we have been cat watching. We are both guilty as named.

Dommy + Anny
We had to post this picture today after we saw what Bunny had on her side for Wordless Wednesday. Do jump over and check what Bunny have on Tales and Tails ;)

Each time i go into town, i will pass this particular shop. And each time i pass this shop, i will laugh my wicked laugh. In a way, i guess the signboard did caught a lot of people's attention and in a way, it could be good for business.
What on earth have i done? Not much actually.. *LOL* 

We've just noticed that our last post was last Wednesday. At the rate we are going, we'll be losing all our friends... urmmm.. our ratings and traffic lights and urmm... not that we have much to begin with :)

We (Curly and i) would like to apologise for our lack of show lately. We've been buried deep reading the book above by Robert Fulghum. He's one of our favourite authors because his stories are funny and short.. not too deep... and more closer to home. I think we got most of his books, some are passed on, some lost in some boxes in someone's home and one more not bought yet :) Do you like his books?

We are also deep in some research of a fun kind. We are analyzing some fellas and taking loads of pics of them. They are really wonderful models. Not the bikini types but they were very spontaneous and a joy to be photographed.

These two fellas above brought a really small fella into our garden a week ago. The small fella was somehow lost and without his mom. Scared and quite defensive, it kept calling out for its mom but she never came. These two fellas took over and kept the small fella under their wings. They even nudge the small fella and made him eat.

I am not much of a cat person truthfully speaking. I was bitten by a cat when i was a kid. We were playing at the backlane of my grandma's house and one of my sisters accidentally stepped on a pregnant cat's tail. The cat just turned around and bit me instead. 

After that episode, i always stayed quite far away from stray cats. *LOL* Actually i was bitten by a dog too when i was a kid. But i've always loved dogs. Maybe i might be a bit biased here ^.^

But these few cats that come by each day show me a different side to cats. They learn to trust you and come to you. They are quite playful and so quiet. Well... most of them are quiet except for one tomcat who always complains when dinner is late. *LOL*

We've actually been quite busy with work. A lot of new things need to be sourced and revamped. But it has been a good month. A whole weight's been lifted off my shoulders yesterday.

Our grand aunt came all the way from London for a visit. Still looks the same. The little old lady still looking very pink and pretty. The last time i saw her was 11 years ago on my sister's wedding. At 93, she was not allowed to fly back here alone. She had to get medical papers to show that she was fit to fly and she had to have someone to accompany her on the flight. Some of my aunts were asking her, aren't you afraid to fly so far at your age? She just smiles and said, what is there to be afraid. I am 93.

If you are fearless and happy like her, you get to live a very good and fruitful life.

I am fearless
I am curly
i am always happy


i think i am going to need a haircut soon

oh nooooo... 

Beam me up, Scotty.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the people and furries in Japan. Rebuilding Japan will take a very long time. We are very saddened by the recent events lately.

We saw this link on Life with Dogs. Do jump over and read how you can help the animals in Japan.

We are still in Malacca. There's so many places that we have to take you to in Malacca.

Here i am with a bunch of very happy people up at St Paul's Hill in Malacca. The buskers were playing very beautiful music on their guitars and singing away. I was just closing my eyes and taking in all them sweet notes.

This is where St Paul's Church used to be.

Only the ruins and the tombstones of the noble dead remains. St Francis Xavier's body was buried here in 1553 but he was moved to Goa, India later on.

Here he stands tall and remain forever guarding the hills.

I sneaked off with HER plastic and bought meself a smooch from Missy Puddles there. *BOL* I am shameless.. huhuhu... shameless i tell you. SHE didn't even know that HER plastic was used *BOL*

Here's how you do it pals. When your hoomans are snoozing or cooking, get their plastic cards and go buy yourself a smooch here...

All these smooches are going for a good cause. I'll go get myself another smooch from someone else tomorrow when SHE's away from her computer :)

Ain't she the cutest doxie around.

Its Wednesday and we are supposed to be doing a Wordless Wednesday. But come Wednesday, we found out that we can hardly be wordless. Some funny spaceman in his spacewagon is also trying to catch us not doing a wordless every Wednesday.

For a change of pace, we are going to go places on Wednesday with the Curly.

We saw a pretty awesome picture of Bunny and Blue for their Wordless Wednesday. When Dommy saw the picture, he wanted a picture with a mural as a background too. Yes. Curly can be quite demanding sometimes.

The mural is in Malacca. Malacca is a historical state in Malaysia. It is a must visit place if you come here for a holiday. Malacca is full of quaint little shops and lots of places to explore.

Come join us every Wednesday and let's go places with our furries :)

We went for a lot of walkies lately. A lot. SHE needs to do them flushy to her brains. SHE could use the flushy room but hey... walkies are better. Solvitur ambulando.

Wish i had a pet cam like Norwood to record all my walks for you all.. but maybe soon.. SHE said that i might have enough in my doggy bank to buy myself a pet cam. I'll just have to go easy with the treats and NO MORE greenies. Just rice and water and the occasional carrot or two to save myself enough dough for a pet cam. I could lose a few pounds i guess.

All i wanna for Christmas is a pet cam. Ummm.. when is Christmas?

Maybe if i have a pet cam, i'll get 3 walkies a day. You think? Naw.. SHE is quite the lazy bum. If i could get a walkie or two a day, i should count my doggy stars.

I could get grandpa to buy for me. Grandpa loves me most since he shares all his breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with me. Sometimes he slips a cracker or two under the table when no one is looking. Ain't grandpa the best. I bet he'll buy me a pet cam.

Or... i could bid for it when SHE is sleeping. You all know where to go to bid for a pet cam right? Its going for quite a steal. Go head over there and do some good and bid for some or all of them stuffs there ya.
Here's the link... Crossed Paws

You can even buy a recipe or two and do double good too... and the recipes are going cheap cheap. Only a dollar. Do you have a dollar to spare? Come on.. i know you do.
Head over to Tasty Nommies and get your grandpa to buy you all the recipes and get your hoomans to make you some real great cookies. The best nommies and cookies are home made.

I wonder if i could get HER to bake me some tomorrow. If she does bake me some... it will probably snow in Malaysia tomorrow. *BOL* Here's hoping for snow.. still. Its getting way too warm and sweaty these days.

Its a wee bit late here *yawwwwwwwwwwwnnnnNN* Tomorrow i got to get up real early. Tuesdays. How i hate Tuesdays. My beauty sleep is disrupted. BAH!
To solve a problem, walk around.

Five Loaves and Two Fishes ~ Corrinne May

This is one of my favourite songs when i feel small. Yes, sometimes i get a wee bit small when i forget. Corrinne May is a great singer songwriter because she can reduce me to tears. Some of her songs do. Even if i have listened to it many times, Fly Away just gets me every time. It reminds me of my own mom.

Before my keyboard gets flooded and my eyes get too blurry to type, let's head off somewhere else.

This is something interesting and worth checking out. And if you could help, every little bit goes a long way. In the bloggieland, every little paw helps out. So, let's all head over there... and do our part. Ronni and Richie needs our help.

Click on the button below and it will take you to the auction site. Do check it out ya.

One paw at a time goes a long way. 
See you all there!