I am already 7 years, 3 weeks and 1 day old. She forgot to do a post on my barkday on the 22nd of November. Can you believe it. I am awfully sad that she forgot this year. All she thinks about is the Curly nowadays. Curly this Curly that.. Curly eat Curly drink. Curly Curly.

Its a good thing my mommy and daddy remembers. Mommy did give me a very good meal on my barkday.

But i am still sad that she didn't do a post for me on my 7th barkday. How can she forget. This blog is mine. It belongs to me and its MY kingdom. Its called Piper's Kingdom. Not Curly Kingdom.

Before the Curly came and hog her, all she loved was me. She rushes home from work to just feed me and play with me. Sometimes i get to sleep on her bed. She buys me toys and many toys and treats. I wake her up every morning so that she won't be late for work. I take care of her when she is sick by checking on her every now and then. I lay down beside her when she is lonely. I was all the friend that she had.

Now its all just about the Curly.

I am much much cuter than the Curly. I am more well behaved. I eat nicely and i am not noisy like some Curly. I don't jump up and down. I am fluffier and adorable too. I am also more compact and easy to bring out. Everyone adores me when they see me but why does she not love me anymore. Why why why.

I now live with my mommy and daddy in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe we are too far apart and she totally forgot that she loved me. My mommy and daddy takes me for car rides. But i am still sad. Why does she not love me anymore. Why did she forget my birthday.

Daddy sometimes drive like a F1 driver. I have learnt to balance very well and i can sway left and right but not fall. In some countries, mommy and daddy will be in trouble for not strapping me up in a safety harness.

I know she's coming down to see me soon. I wonder if she will love me back and leave the Curly to grandpa to worry about. Even though i like Curly, but he has been hogging my blog for too long. Too long i tell you.

I heard that she sent Curly for grooming at Sumomo. They even gave him a spa. Can you believe it. He went for a nice nice papaya spa and he is now smelling like a million bucks for many days. With Curly smelling like a million bucks, she's gonna love him more and more.

Curly and I love to eat papaya a lot. I wonder if he ate any of the spa papaya soap.. *BOL*

Curly had a crew cut too... the usual and he's no more curly. His legs looks like sticks again. She is getting worried about him getting too fat again. He's just like a dalmation now in his birthday suit. *BOL* He's running all over the neighbourhood with only a wee thin layer of fur and some black dots. First he tried to be a schnauzer and now he is a semi dalmation for maybe 2 weeks till his curls grow out. You can't really see them dots because she covered her beloved Curly with a towel just in case he gets cold on the way back from the groomers.

I hope she brings me some cookies when she comes down. I also hope she will love me back. I know i still love her. I always sleep in her room when she comes down. Her heart should be big enough for Curly and i. Don't you think so?


Ain't i charming?

Who can resist such a charming face. And i do love Food.


The 1st of December is here. The last page of my horse racing calendar. I love this horse racing calendar as i can see the days and the  holidays clearly and i can scribble all over its big spaces. The yellow background on the numbers means that its the school holidays for this whole month of December.

We have Heartgard on the 6th and Frontline on the 7th. My memory is fading fast so i have to make markings on the calendar just in case i missed them. Dom loves his Heartgard but when he sees the Frontline box out, he usually runs and hide.

Usually he hides here. Underneath my dad's lazy chair. You've got to flip yourself around to see the picture better but i am sure there's a Curly hiding there. The reason we didn't flip the picture around is because i didn't want you guys to see the mess in our house :) Didya flip yourself around yet? Okay... let's carry on.

We woke up one morning and found a kitteh kat underneath my car. Don't know when she came by but she has made friends with Transformer Tabby. Transformer Tabby's been quite lonely since Blue Eyes left her all alone. So another kitteh kat about her size is good. Just another hungry kitteh kat to feed. Fiesty lil girl. She will grows fast.

Being new, she does not know that Curly is curious of small kitteh kats. Curly love to just find out more by sniffing them. He does not harm them. He usually gets bobbed by the bigger cats when he gets too near them. He just likes to take a sniff and see who it is. He never harms Transformer Tabby. But being just a small kitteh kat, she is petrified of this big bubbling Curly.

Here she is hanging on for dear life up on the jacaranda tree. Curly is just waiting down there. I am sure both of them are gonna be good friends maybe in a week or two of sniffing and checking.

We went for a walk on a new route in the next neighbourhood near some new houses by some old septic tanks ^.^ Dommy is quite a scardy cat when he is at a new new area. He likes routes that he knows and routes that he has left scents before. He likes routes that passes by some of his friend's houses. When he is at the new new routes without any scents of his or other doggies, his tail goes down. Probably he sense some danger. I usually take his cue and we move back to the car if he does not like the place.

He is not so scared if Mr. P is with him. Mr. P is however the fiesty little one who does not know his size. He is never afraid of anything except for children that hugs him too tightly or children who tugs his tail.

Since its a new new route, he thought that he might as well leave a parcel for the other doggies that might come by. Peemails are not enough. Places like this need big big parcels.

I know some of you would still be interested in some juicy meats men. Here they are below.

Okay okay... enough of them drooling over these meaty beautiful men. Wipe your drools now... hehehehe... These men were performing and competing at Jonker Street Malacca for the 3rd WBPF Men's World Body Building Championships. These muscle men were from all over the world. We just so happen to be there and stumbled on them golden bodies. The bodies are so flexed up... it looks so unreal.

My friend did not hire them specially to flex their muscles for me. *LOL* But my friend didn't budge for a long time... she just stared and stared with eyes wide open. At one point, she wanted to run up to the stage and just touch the muscles to see if they were real. Yes.. she as nutty as i am. I had to drag her away as i was getting so hungry.

One more week and our little Jaiboo will be coming home. I have not seen him since March 2010. Its been quite a while and he has grown so much. We are very excited here and hardly getting any work done. The house is still in a mess and the curtains are not washed. The tree is not up. There's still so much to do :)

He'll be home soon :) 

Someone's snoring very loudly already. Someone is due at the groomers next week. He's all fluffy again. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell him.

We also forgot to do a very important post for a small fluffy one. We are getting to that if we don't get lost in our excitement. We are gonna call it a night now. Goodnite everyone!