I've always had a list. A list of things to do before i die. I know i am crazy, but i always kept a list.. and sometimes i add on to it as the years go by. Some of the things i did manage to do.

We never know what's going to happen tomorrow. So let's enjoy today and try and do all the things you want to do before it time to go home.

Here's my list of things to do before I die

1) Go skydiving

2) Visit Nepal and turn all the prayer wheels i can find

3) Publish a book

4) Play the piano again

5) Sing in front of a live audience (haha! mebbe when i am old)

6) Go skinnydipping

7) Swim with a bunch of dolphins

8) Learn to ice-skate

9) Pack my backpack and go round the world

10) Go to the Missionaries of Charity and be a volunteer

11) Fall in love

12) Draw millions of weird cartoons

13) Learn to ride a motorbike

14) Go to Machu Picchu

15) Spend the day drinking long island teas at the beach

16) Sleep under the stars at the beach

17) Get my PADI licence

18) Fart loudly inside a lift (hahaha.. that would be fun)

19) Go to Lourdes

20) Be a photojournalist

21) Open a small cozy coffeeshop that smells like cinnamon

22) Give more to charity

23) Learn to play the guitar

24) ...
Christmas just around the corner... many of us are probably in a joyful mood. All i could probably think of lately is how to finish off my work before i am off for my official shutdown for the christmas & new year holidays. At the back of my mind, i am thinking of how to do the spring cleaning too when dad and my nephew is off early for their holidays. All i could probably think of is work, spring-cleaning and christmas.

We are trying to be joyful and carry on... but holidays are no more the same. At least someone is missing. Birthdays are never the same too, cos one person is missing. We try to get away each time the festivities are here. But we must carry on. At least if not for ourselves, we have to for the children's sake.

Yesterday we had some bad news. Someone close is diagnosed with the Big C. Everyone fears the Big C. Not everyone fear death but everyone fears the Big C.

Till today research on cancer is still very much an ongoing effort. Each day brings a new type of cancer. And each day, many still die from it.

I think i don't fear death. Unless its going to be very painful and dragging. I wouldn't know my fears until death comes a knocking.

We are never prepared to be sick. It just comes, and wham boom... too bad.. you have the Big C. How can anyone be prepared for it. Even the one with the strongest willpower is never able to receive such a news.

I hate to see old folks crying. Yesterday i saw a few of them crying. Its their way of dealing with it. No parent can bear to see their child sick. Even if their child is already all grown up and with children of their own.

But i have hope. I hope and pray for a miracle. Sometimes they do come. The only conversations i have is not with God. My conversations are only with mom. I hope she hears me, and help the one who is sick.

The one who suffers most is not the one who leaves. The one that is left behind have to bear the pain of the loss. The pain in the heart that only time can heal. I really don't like to see old folks crying. In their winter years, they should be happy.

Send us a miracle mummy.

My Papa is already in Christmas mood :) Today he is playing this song over and over again. This sunday is Advent* and its time to put up the christmas tree.

Our christmas tree has not seen the light of day for 2007 (in respect of mummy.. nobody wanted to celebrate last year)... But this year.. it will come out happily from the boxes again! All our Christmas decorations with the dancing Santa and the Clappy Merry Christmas.

I won't be home this Christmas again. I will be on my way to welcome the arrival of my new lil nephew :) can't wait... till i have him in my arms.. and smell the newness of him. I hope he comes on Christmas eve :) Then he will share his special day with his momma.

Hope to post some christmas pics soon as i get the tree up. But first.. spring cleaning of the house first. My mom would be furious if i don't get all that done first. Wash the curtains.. wash the cushions... sweep the dust from the ceiling... i hope i can do as much as i can before i go.

Halppppppppppppppppppppppppp... mebbe i need a robot :) wall-e? i-robot? roomba? halpppppppppp

*Advent (from the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming") is a season of the Christian church, the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus, in other words, the period immediately before Christmas. It is the beginning of the Western Christian year and commences on Advent Sunday.

The progression of Advent may be marked with an Advent calendar reckoning Advent to start on 1 December, a practice introduced by German Lutherans. At least in the Roman Catholic calendar, Advent starts on the 4th Sunday before December 25; in other words, the Sunday between November 27 and December 3 inclusive. (from Wikipedia)

Emi tagged me recently on the A to Z tag while i was away :)
Anyways... *phew* i finally got around to doing this tag :)

A. Attached or single? Very happy being single but not available.
B. Best friends? Stormy, Dommy & PP.
C. Cake or pie? Definitely a chocolate mud cake.
D. Day of choice? Everyday.
E. Essential item? my BB.
F. Favorite color? Teal.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummies.
H. Hometown? Ipoh.
I. Favorite indulgence? Being Lazy.
J. January or July? December.
K. Kids? Many many kids in my life
L. Life isn’t complete without? love, family and doggies.
M. Marriage date? someday when we are both old and bent and with lotsa sand between our toes on our own little island... but why bother marry then when we are already happy.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? none.
O. Oranges or apples? oranges
P. Phobias? Acrophobia, Anginophobia, Anglophobia (hehehe)
Q. Quotes?
“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge
That myth is more potent than history
That dreams are more powerful than facts
That hope always triumphs over experience
That laughter is the only cure for grief
And I believe that love is stronger than death.” ~ Robert Fulghum
R. Reasons to smile? Being alive, kicking and with eyes to see the world.
S. Season of choice? Festive season :)
T. Tag 5 people. Cindy, Choobug, Khemy, Esther, Div
U. Unknown fact about me? I can run very fast when i am chased by a vicious animal.
V. Vegetable? Celery, broccoli in butter
W. Worst habit? Procrastinator.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Hmm.. have not tried either.. so i wouldn't know.
Y. Your favorite foods? Chicken rice, Nancy's butter cake, Chocolate mud cake
Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio
Haro haro :) Please welcome Milky for our Capture Thursdays this week!

Milky belongs to Cindy from Crafty Bites.

Do check out her blog. She is a very talented girl who makes cute pretty crafts. With Christmas just around the corner, maybe you can find something useful from her site. Her site's all decked in full Christmas fanfare already.

Cindy's been very kind to share with us Milky's startled picture :) Milky's one cool cat i must say!
Thanks Cindy for the sharing Milky with us ;)
These are from Piper's mommy & daddy's wedding last week :) I was away for a good many days running around like a headless chicken. Sometimes Dommy runs along with me too. Without knowing why i am going up and down... hahahaha

But.. i did have a very good time... my sister is finally married to the love of her life. These are just some random pics i took of the wonderful creations by a very talented wedding planner called Eddie. I have great respect for this person.

His creations are done with so much passion. When i saw the flowers, i almost cried. Cos they are so beautiful. So very beautiful. This is what happens when talent comes with passion. When someone who has talent and lots of passion in what he does, the end results are beautiful. Just beautiful.

Enjoy the roses. You can almost smell them just by looking at how pretty they are :)

Ever since i started this blog, i have made a few good friends. Literally online friends that made their presence known through comments on my posts... quirky ones.. funny comments and most with very good intentions.

All of them i have not met before... except for Stormy. But Stormy is my old friend who seems to be blogger-challenged. (hhahahahahaa... this is said with good intentions my dear Stormy :)

Some of them i met on other blogs especially on Emila's blog. Most of us seem to make Emila's blog our 2nd home.. kinda like a place where everyone goes to chat. Its a place where everybody knows your name. Its funny sometimes but that's where i find like-minded people.

My first ever awards for this blog is of course from Emila Yusof. A very talented, humble, down to earth person who I really like as a person. Though I have never met her before, i am sure she is all that above.

She gave me many awards to share with

Below are the awards i received from her. That's many awards coming from one person. Thank you so much Emi! You have made blogging fun for me.

1. Uber Award

2. Super Blogger

3. I love your blog

4. I love your blog

5. Butterfly Award

6. BFF Gold Card

6. Amazing Friendship

Then there was Ken from Life's Tapestry. Ken is a pretty swell guy too. Very talented. And he has one of the coolest looking blog around. Check his blog out. The wallpaper on the background is simply classy. He gave 3 awards lately. People are very generous in the world wide web.

1. Knock Out Blog

2. Arte Y Pico

3. I love your blog

The Arte Y Pico Award comes with a set of rules.

1. Show the award.
2. The name of the person who gave it to you and a link back to their blog.
3. Pick 5 blogs you think deserve this award for: creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution/participation to the blog community.
4. List the author's name and link to their blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those their selected. Link back to the original Arte Y Pico blog, so all will know the origin of the award.

I would like to pass this Arte Y Pico Award that i got from Ken to

1) Cindy from Cindy's Crafty Bites for being a very talented person at such a young age.
2) Emila from Emila's Illustrated Blog for being my inspiration on the web.
3) Back to you Ken from Life's Tapestry for all the interesting posts and music that you share.
4) Yoou See from Greener Pastures for her wonderful pics that becomes inspirations
5) Bonoriau from The Spirit of Blogging for his very informative blog.


The I love your blog Award comes with a set of rules too. *alamak*
But thank you Ken!

1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people’s blog to make them aware that they’re nominated.

I shall nominate Mariuca T.H Nessa Jean Chia Yoon see Cindy Emila

Lastly... i would like to pass the button badge below to my friends.
Thank you for your friendship...

Cindy Emila Mariuca T.H Nessa Jean Chia Yoon see Ken Choobug Diya

This is the world's fattest cat. His name used to be Powder. Now he is Prince Chunk.

500 people applied to adopt this 10 year old cat after the owner left him lumbering in Voorhees after his owner lost her home to foreclosure.

You can read more about Powder/Prince Chunk here. Glad that he finally found a new home and a new family. He does look very adorable.

I work in Saudi Arabia...I was looking for the world's fattest cat facts...and googled it...this is what i got:

Its BANNED! All I get is this green screen...
Anny halpppp!
Hi Everyone,

Stormy here...I'm technology challenged and Anny asks me to post stuff...so do i need a post it note?

Piper and his twin. Piper Too.
Now you see me.. Now you don't.. :p

This is a delayed post for Capture Thursday for last week :) Since i was away... i didn't manage to post for last week's Capture Thursday. So here it is now.

It was Piper's birthday last Thursday.. and so he has asked that he should be on Capture Thursday! Piper is 4 now.. which means he is 28 yrs old. Nice age to be.

Happy 4th Birthday to you dear Piper! Love you love you love you :x

Stormy (the other writer) sent me this cartoon and said.. Post this laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

He still am not very good with the buttons on the blogger... and he is verrry scared that he might press the wrong buttons i think.. hahaha

here's something that Stormy wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy!

click on the comic above to read the speech balloons :)

Comic by Dave Whamond from http://www.comics.com/

Picture from Wikimedia Commons
Do you like rainbows? Especially after a shower? Rainbows always brings a smile. At least to me. Rainbows are like... sent down by "someone" up there... to give hope and meaning that life is not so bad after all.

I hardly have dreams nowadays. Most of the time.. when i finally lie down to sleep... it is like the happiest moment to me. To sleep. And before i know it.. its morning again. And it back like clockwork.

I did have a dream two days ago. With my sister's wedding coming up in just a few days... i dreamt that i was at the wedding itself. With mom not with us anymore, somehow the emptiness is felt all around. In my dream, i called out to mom, "mummy... if you are here.. send me a rainbow".

And all of a sudden... i see a rainbow appearing.... small... far away... then another rainbow... and another... and another.. many... one after another.. kinda like flowers blooming. Everyone grinned and was pointing to the sky... and exclaiming... Everyone was happy. I pointed to my little sis... see see.. rainbows. Mum is here.

I woke up with a big smile on my silly morning face.

Maybe i'll see a rainbow on my sister's wedding this week. It would be a dejavu feeling. Even if i don't, it is okay too. I know my mom will be there. In spirit and in love. She won't miss it for the world.

When you lose someone close to you, now i know they don't actually leave you. They are always with you and in you. Just holler out like i did. You'll be surprised at the many wondrous things that remains mysteries and quite unexplainable.

I'll tell you all more about these in the next posts :)
Now i got to start packing for our trip tomorrow.
scowl - To wrinkle or contract the brow as an expression of anger or disapproval.

There's this man i see in the next building where i used to work. Sometimes i see him in the carpark.. zooming very fast up or down (with a ugly scowl on his face)... sometimes i see him in the lift (still with a scowl)... i don't even dare to smile at him.

He sells Broadband services. Few years ago, he came by to our office to offer us his services. We already had one running, so we said no. A few more years down the road... his scowl got worse. He was never with a smile. Man against the World. He is not that old, but he has a head full of greys. Maybe he have a lot of problems. But always with a scowl.

Once my friend met him in the same lift. My friend pressed the wrong number and she pressed another number to another floor. This got the man barking at her... DON'T PLAY AND SIMPLY PRESS... hahhahahaha.... my friend turned into a mouse and quietly backtracked into the corner.

That was a bad experience for her. Each time she sees him in the lift.. she won't even dare go in. Me? If he shouted at me, i would just probably play dumb too. No need to waste time messing with angry people.

Why do people become meanies? Why do they bully lesser beings? Why do they wear an ugly scowl in the mornings when they wake up? Why don't they wear a smile and make the day better.

Why do people have to be so negative. And complain about everything the world has to offer. It is a blessing to be able to wake up again in the morning. It is a blessing to be able to live one more day. Give praise when praise is due. Give a pat on the back of a worker if he/she has done good. Give a smile to a stranger, a smile is very contagious, they just pass on to the next.. and next person.

It could be pressures of life. Some hard knocks.. more knocks than normal. Bad patches. But that does not give them the licence to be mean.

Ahh... i am going back to the office next week. Hopefully i meet the Angry Broadband Man (we named him that after seeing him with that scowl all the time). I would probably smile at him this time. Maybe he'll smile back. I wouldn't know.

When you wake up in the morning, we always do have a choice. Either we wear a smile or a scowl. Why choose a scowl if you have a smile.

Don't be the Angry Broadband Man. Be happy... our time on earth is not that long.

Cat Stuck in a Box @ Yahoo! Video

Stormy sent me this video above (courtesy of Yahoo! Video).
You gotta watch it. Its hilarious. In the wee hours of the morning.. he still manage to make me laugh... hhahahaa.. thanks for the vids mate!
Enjoy the video :)


My lil brother is fast asleep in grandpa's room :)

Me... i just got up.. and had a drink and finish both our leftovers food in our bowls... hehehe

If he wakes later... he'll find no more food for supper if he gets hungry.. huhuhaha

Ahhhhhhhhhh... since i am at a wicked mood... Lemme get the cat outta the bag :D

You wanna know his "secret"? hehe

Let me tell you.. cos it will take forever for PP to tell you.

His mommy and daddy is getting married next week :)

Yes! married.. with the confetti and the music and the fanfare...yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... lotta cake... and balloons.. and people.. strange people.. (yucks!) i hate strange people.. especially strange people that come to the house and try to frighten me.

We are going to PP's house again :) yipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

but lotta strange people will be around... aiyaaaaa.. i hate strangers...

But still ok.. i get to go on a loooooooooooooooong car ride.. and go stay at PP's mommy's house. It will be niceeeeeeeeeeeeee....

ops! please don't tell PP i told you all... hehehe

secret ha? hehehe.. Now the cat's outta the bag.

Goodnite folks! huhuhahaha

Guess where we'll be off to next week!

We are all ready and suited in our best togs for a very important event. And i get to see Mommy and Daddy next week! Awooooooooooooof! Finally... i've been counting the minutes till i see you again Mommy.

Dommy: Should I tell them good folks out there where we would be off to?

PP: No! No! Not yet...

Dommy: But I wanna tell... i wanna i wanna i wanna

PP: NO! Or i'll bite your ears.

Dommy: ooooooooooOOOOO such a fierce one... i'll can just bounce you off with a swift knock.. bite my ears eh...

PP: Its suppose to be a secret DONG!

Dommy: Oh.. izit? How come nobody ever tells me anything...

PP: That is becos you are always busy sleeping in your smelly bed...

Dommy: Smelly eh? How come you were lying in it just now.. eh?

PP: But i was tiredddddddddddddddd.. and the floors were cold...

Dommy: Nevermind PP... we'll tell them good folks tomorrow where we'll be next week.. ok?

PP: But its a secret!

Dommy: Naw! Its a joyful moment. Its supposed to be shared...

PP: Lemme think about it.

Dommy: If you are not telling.. i will.. woooooooooooohoooooo

PP: You are such a busybody doggie

Dommy: Awooooooooooooooooooooooooof! By the way... why are we in cut-out tux? Are they not getting us any real togs?

PP: Mummy's getting for us. Hopefully it will fit you. You have grown sideways... wooffffff!

Dommy: Talking about me eh? What about you? Your tummy is almost reaching the floor...

PP: I am not fat! I am well-built :p

Dommy: Whatever...

Totally forgot today's Thursday! hehehe

Anyways.. please welcome our guest for this week's Capture Thursdays.

I don't know his name yet. Or if its a female or male.
But i see him often in my garden or in the backlanes.
Here he is again... basking in the sun and the sun kinda cast a cute shadow on the ground.

I'll just call him Meow One for the time being.

Enjoy :)
YouTube.. the wonderful creation.. was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

There is the good side and the ugly side to YouTube. But.. what is YouTube to you and me?

I for one... go into YouTube to listen to songs, watch some funnies... and check out some doggie videos. The information is extensive. You just have to fine tune your search. And you can/do learn a lot from YouTube. How to fold a tee-shirt in half the time, how to twirl a pen... hehehe.. how Precious Moments figures are made... many many things you can learn in YouTube.

And what is YouTube to old folks? YouTube is heaven on earth. And why do i say that?

The day i introduced YouTube to my dad... is the day he found another kinda happiness. As you all know, i am always bz... doing work or cooking or doing something or rather. My dad is sometimes so lonely.

Now he is super bz every afternoon... singing. He'll be blaring his songs from his computer in the hall.. and he'll be singing along with it. Sometimes i hummed along too... without realising it. These songs are songs he listened to when he was young.. and songs he shared with us when we were kids. We always had music in our life. Car rides, music blaring from the radio.. John Denver, the Carpenters... ABBA.. to name a few.

Most of the time, he remembers the songs he sang to mom.. and the songs they both shared. Sometimes he'll called out from his corner of the house and say.. listen to this listen to this. Once in a while, i hear many variations of the same song... by different artists. Its funny... but i am glad he found Youtube.

My father is a funny man actually. He was always angry when he was younger. Cos life was tough and we didn't have much. But we had each other and ice-cream once in a while. I have a most wonderful childhood with my sisters and only because i have great parents.

Mom left us with a warning. I am given a second chance to take good care of my dad now. Sometimes when it gets too tiring... i rant and rave... in my mind only. There are good days and bad days.. and angry days. But there are many good days.

Its a privilege to be able to take care of one's parents in their winter years. I learn so much more about my dad each day.

Today over dinner he shared this with us. He has his YouTube on and singing along... and even eating... he still hums.. and that's funny to me too. He told me and my nephew that he used to sing this song to me and my sisters when he lull us to sleep when we were babies. I do remember my mom singing this song to my nephew when he was a baby. Here's the song below by Russ Hamilton. Hope you enjoy it.

This is for you too sis... for my little "coming-soon" nephew :)

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim for filling my father's days with so much joy.

Where are you Mummy?

I'm waiting and waiting... and you still are not here yet.

I am waiting and waiting... no mummy.. no daddy taking me for walks. Only grandpa taking me for walks now.

Where are you mummy..?

I miss you mummy... Come take me home soon.

Today i had rice, carrots and chicken. I finished allllllll my food. I am a good boy.

I wake up real early everyday like when i am home. Only grandpa is up then. He gives me cream crackers. They are nice and makes a very nice crunching noise. I leave bits of the crackers on the floor sometimes.

I miss you mummy. Come soon ok!

Today is a good day for me. I was working but "hidden".. hehehe.. I was "invicible" on yahoo messenger the whole day. Irresponsible of me but i thought that i should not spoil my day today. Still... i was delivering and doing my work.

I work "off-site". I work for a company in another country.Yahoo messenger and emails are our mode of communication. Many businesses are running like this today.

I did prove a point today. Too many interruptions at work do make u tire more. Its not the work that is tiring us. Its the interruptions on your flow.

I have a total of 66 people on yahoo for work. Meaning 66 people could probably pop up at the same time asking me questions or prompting me on work. My desktop would probably be overwhelmed then. At a busy day, i probably have about 5 people talking to me at the same time on yahoo... for work.

Sometimes, my friends would think i am totally ignoring them on yahoo. hahaha... i try my best not to be rude. But sometimes.. when i do a 5 windows and friends popping up on yahoo.. its almost impossible not to ignore them for a while. My friends are very nice, they always understand.

Many times, my colleagues at work are very understanding when we are short of hands. They try not to interrupt unless needed.

It was a very tiring week last 2 weeks, we were short of hands/soldiers.

I even resort to reading a book by Dale Carnegie... How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job. Its is because i forgot about living for a while and was just up to my neck in work. I forgot to smell the flowers and run in the garden with my doggies. I even forgot to talk to my dad sometimes... leaving him all alone to play on his computer.

Most of the time, Dom reminds me to be human again. He comes to me... put his paw on my legs.. and tells me to go out.. and run with him in the garden. And that is why i love him more each day. He seems to understand me most.

I only read while i am in the toilet (please excuse my bluntness).. i read snippets of things here and there. My toilet sometimes became my santuary to read.. even when i don't have a poo or a pee coming (excuse my extreme bluntness) hehehehee... i got magazines and books on top of a small shelf in the toilet... (and that's another story altogether).. yes.. i am crazy.

Its a good book. I did learn something from that particular book. When you are very stressed with work... do take a moment to read it. It will open up some new windows to breathe. I found mine.

"What's making you tired is the amount of work you do NOT do" ~ Dale Carnegie

p/s: i kinda bought this book 2nd hand for 3 bucks. Cheap! And worth every cent :) Thank you Dale Carnegie. May your soul rest in peace.
Have you watched "All Dogs Go To Heaven" before?

This animated movie was directed produced in 1989 by Don Bluth. Its a beautiful movie about Charlie, a German Shepherd who forsakes his place in heaven to come back and take revenge. Its a very interesting movie with a feel-good in the end. I always love movies with a happy ending.

I love animated movies back then simply because its in watercolors. And its with lots of character. Found this song on youtube from the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 to share with you. This song is so touching. Hope you all enjoy it.

I Will Always Be With You

This morning i was up early and was reading the papers online. This news made me really angry.

The dog with one of its ears injured after the ordeal.

The least i could do is circulate it even more. So that more people will know what kind of people we have as dog catchers in my country. Inhumane.

Yes, you have a job to do. But this is not the way to do it. Guess what our local council will have to say about this.

So how many dogs/cats or animals can we protect and save. How many are killed each day.
How many get to be the lucky ones.. and get to go to a good home. Cruel world.
What's your dream job? Where's would you like your dream job to be?

Ever since there was Google... and IKEA... my dream job was to work in either one of them.
But.. I am not that smart to be in Google...
And... IKEA was within reach... if only i could make the effort to apply and move my butt and type out a CV.

My current job (which is pretty cool too.. and i have extremely nice bosses)...

I have been working with my current boss for many years. I kinda lost count. I don't even remember when i join this company and it has been very long time ago. I remember i was young.. and Windows were running on 95 or was it Win 3.1...haha.. now i have some strands of grey. I am antique furniture.. hehe. That ought to show how long time ago that is.

Me, just a simpleton. I don't have big ambitions. I don't even have a degree. (Papers do matter if you are applying for a job today) If people are nice to me, i am nicer to them. If people are not so nice, i'll probably just ignore you or your existence. Ignorance is after all bliss ;)

And why do i want to work in Google?

Not because of the great big cafeteria which serves wonderful food...
*drooling at all the pics Google tempt us with*

Not because its the place to be...

Not because its cool (some parts of it yes.. it would be so cool to be working in Google.. )

It is because... Google allows employees to bring their furkids to work! (I hope they still do and still have this perk!)

And how cool is that :D SUPA COOL MAN! I can have Dommy with me at work every single day... and sometimes when PP visits.. i take him to work too and i don't have to worry about working late... and he'll be hungry or lonely... or having Separation Anxiety.

Ahhh.. that's bliss for a doggie owner.

I currently am working at home on a temporary basis. If i bump around too much or roll on the floor all the time with the doggies and not doing my work, i would be called back to the office and serve a 9 to 6. Currently.. crossing my fingers and my toes, no big complaints against me and my doggies yet :D

And the closest i could get to have the feeling of like kinda working at Google... is this...

I have Dommy with me when i work. When i get too tired or too bored. I just roll down on the floor and join him for a nap. He does sleep almost all the time. Hahaha..

Tats it for tonite. I'll dream on further on my dream to work at Google.. and mebbe about the food... or the parks.. or the nice office.. but how cool is that.. you can take your best friend to work. Thanks to Google, the work environment all over the world is changing now.

Google is like the next best thing created since sliced bread! And yes.. i am a supa-geek :D

Goodnite folks!
I miss u.. mummy.. daddy. When are you coming back to take me home.

Here's PP waiting and sleeping by the door. Waiting for my sister to take him home.
PP will be staying with us for another 2 weeks more.. its a yehooo for me (i miss him all the time when he's not with me).. but a boohoo for him.

I guess he really misses my sister ++ his yellow pikachu.

Poor PP. He's been waiting at the door with his sad face for many days now. His only delight is when i give him treats. Even a doggie misses home.. and his love.

Don't forget to go home to see your loved ones. Only a person who misses another will know how long a day can get. Don't wait for the holidays... or the season. Go home once in a while. Go home and light up someones heart. Go home and spend time with the wrinkled hands that needs holding and the wrinkled faces that smiles the moment you arrived.

Tis the season to be jolly... falalalala lala la la (hope i got all the lala in)

Christmas is a coming *yehooooooooooooooooooooo*.. i can smell it right from the corner.. ... a season when we do MORE good than normal.. and give MORE than usual... and spend MORE for the ones we love... and a whole lot of other folks too.

Our lives would be more meaningful too... if we put others before ourselves... and give more so that people with less will have a reason to smile more often. It is also about giving back to society.

A season/time to take a break from work.. *phew* hopefully for a whole 2 weeks.. of just bumping around and rolling on the floor with your furfriends and of course with our loved ones too.

While we are doing good and spreading lotta cheer everywhere, do remember our furfriends and show you care.

The ASPCA does have a good selection of Holiday cards. You can see the pictures above.
Check them out at their online store here... http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=shop_home

Do give them your support. A little goes a long way. Every little effort saves a dog/cat each day.

I think i am going to just order some now :)

Please welcome our furfriend for this week's Capture Thursdays.
Her name is Money... and Money is caught here trying to lick the camera lens :)
She is very much loved by Margaret.
You are such a dramatic boy PP... i am outside too.. beside you.
Do not be afraid... i will protect you with my my my my new collar :D

Tuesdays are tiring. We nap immediately when we get back into the house. We got to get up early and wait outside at the porch.

Kakak comes and help to clean the house on Tuesdays. When she's here, we got to stay out or else we'll get sweeped away. Or maybe mopped away.. or maybe cleaned up too with the vacumn. But Tuesdays are usually nicer cos we get more treats for staying calm, patient and quiet... and and and...

We chase a few cats in the garden... Kuning, Tompok, Kecik yang suda besar... so many cats come in the garden. But they always outrun us. Sometimes they dart up the mango tree. But i don't see them plucking any mangoes. Why bother going up a mango tree unless you want to pluck some mangoes. That's what i think.

Sometimes we chase a few birds... or try and stomp on some frogs. But the frogs only come out at night. ahhhhhhhhhhhh... life is blissful on a Tuesday.

So stop complaining PP... and enjoy the sun... on our day out :D
Halpppppppp Halpppppppppppp... lemme in... I think you forgot to let me in...
Lemme in please... pretty please... pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...

Dommy: (A) Hey! How are you today?
Blackie: Hello handsome ;)
Dommy: (B) Wanna go out sometimes? Catch a movie mebbe? Or check some postmails?
Blackie: awwww... yea.. but i am not allowed to go out much.
Dommy: (C) Nevermind... i'll take a raincheck today.
Blackie: Ok.. cu!
That's Dommy and my neighbour's doggy... caught chatting away over the fence.
I think Dommy's flirting and showing off his new collar :)
Now he know's he look handsome... and every morning, he insists on wearing the collar even though we don't go anywhere.
Even dogs flirt :) hehehe
Animals Matter To Me was officially launched today at the World Animal Day at KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even though i didn't get to go, i do hope many did go and have had a good time with their pets, family and friends.

Hopefully many dogs or cats from SPCA & PAWS did get adopted by good families. Before you want to run out and buy a dog or a cat, do consider adopting from these places first. Or even the Furry Friends Farm. There's a lot of dogs and cats that need love.

To have a dog(s)/cat(s) is a huge responsibility. You must have the time to be with them and play with them and feed them well.

An adopted animal would need more love. They have been broken, dumped and forgotten by their past owner. Show them love, and these animals will bounce back and love you completely. Some may be wary and scared but with love, animals are like humans too. They will open up and bring you lots of joy.

Dogs for example.. smile.. when they are happy. The smile on a doggies face is a sure day brightener.

Show your support to Animals Matter to Me by signing the petition to protect animals.
You can show your support too by clicking the banner below.


Let us all do our part and make this world a better place for all our animal friends. A little goes a long way. Every little effort counts.
A friend dropped me this poem in my comment box.
Its too beautiful not to be shared.

Its written by Rodney Belcher in Loving Memory of Marie 1928-2000.

Never Alone
I feel you in the morning
When at first I awake
Your thought is with me
With each decision I make

You'd been around forever
Since the first breath I took
Now I have to go on alone
But for love, I need not look

Cause by what you bestowed
In our short time together
Will last in my heart
Forever and ever

Although you've left
And now walk above
I'm never alone
I'm wrapped in your love

Enjoy now your long waited reward
Feel peace that your love continues on
What was taught to me, will be taught to mine
Cause you live on in me even after you've gone.

Today is Jean's birthday... and today is All Soul's Day too. My mom is Jean. She would be 66 today.

2nd of November used to bring a lot of significance to us. Lot of fanfare and cake. There's always cake.
Now it just leaves our hearts empty.

Mummy's at the rainbow bridge now. Waiting for the rest of us.
God takes her home because he loves her so.

My mom is beautiful. So beautiful.
My mom is soft-spoken and kind.
My mom is gentle with a heart of gold.
My mom is never unkind.
My mom is an artist who paints lovely waterfalls.
And my mom teaches me that empty vessels makes the most noise... when i giggled too much too often with my sisters.

A mother's love is like no other love. A mother's love is bigger than a mountain doubled.
A mother's love will never be gone, cos a mother's love is within you and always with you.

Don't forget to tell your mom you love her.
Don't forget to hold her hands when you talk.
Don't forget to give her a foot rub once in a while.
Don't forget to buy her a nice dress for tomorrow.
Don't forget to visit her often if you dun stay with her anymore.
Don't forget to call her when you are happy.
Don't forget to call her when you are free.
Don't forget to call her even when you are busy.
And never forget to celebrate her life.

If i could have one more day with my mom. (not given)
I wish i could have done much better and tried harder. (forgiven)
I wish i didn't think that my mom will be around forever. (too late)
I think i got conned by God. He just took her away suddenly one day.

We are only human. We make mistakes. Sometimes we think that there will be a forever... sometimes we think we have time like a bottomless pit with our loved ones.

Make time for our love ones.
Spend time.
Be there for them.
And live life with no regrets.

Happy Birthday Mummy. We'll see you tomorrow. Don't forget.
May your soul rest in peace and may all the angels in heaven sing you a wonderful song today.

p/s: I think all dogs go to heaven too. Some people say, dogs have no soul.
I think some humans, even with souls forget they have a heart.
Shan shared with me these drawings of her Poppy. She drew them a few years ago... and i think they are so nice. She captured her love for her furkid in her drawings. Simple as they are, but they are with feelings.
The first one sees Poppy playing...
and then Poppy sleeping...
and finally.. finally he smiles.
(Dogs do smile when they are happy)
I especially like the last one which sees Poppy smiling. Especially the eyes... they are so lifelike.
A great artist i must say :D
Thanks Shan for sharing! Looking at Poppy smile.. makes my day. Even though its just a drawing. You captured it well.