Finally... i get to go on a car ride. I am just going out to buy some buns for dinner. We went to our usual stall about 10 mins away. They finish up fast because the buns are very fresh and bouncy like my curls. These fellas closes shop earlier and earlier these days as every evening, we are getting heavy rain.

We are getting very extreme weather these days. The afternoons are extremely warm. You can fry eggs on the sidewalk. I just hide under the bed on most afternoons .

In the evenings, we get very heavy rain. The other day, the rain water started coming in through the drain hole for the washing machine. It was like a mini pond in the dining room. I was all ready in my trunks to go a swimming in the pond but she said NO WAY am i allowed to wade in them water from don't know where. Such a party pooper she is.

With the extreme hot and wet days, bugs, ticks, fleas thrive very happily in our garden and everywhere. I am on Frontline on the dot every month. We cannot take risks now. Even with Frontline, i do bring back the occasional ticks and micks from my walkies. But HAH! They don't survive long. They bite into ME and walla! they are sucking on the Frontline in my blood. *BOL* Suckers! 

Its raining now. BAH! There goes my evening walkies.

My Boy is coming home on the train later today. I hope he brings me some nom noms from his college. I can't wait for him to come back. I bet he has many stories to tell me. He tells me all his secrets too.

Till then, i'll just park myself in grandpa's car now just in case they forget to take me along to pick up my Boy. You never know. She is quite clueless you know. Have a happy Friday everyone. We know we will.

meantime... do check out mister Frankie's site...
He has a very important something to share with all of you. If you all could help. 
We all know bloggiepaws stand together and help each other when one is in need.
Do curly tops have more fun? They doo They doooo They sure doooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooo...

Look at them bounce their curly mops and run around wild and oblivious to their surroundings.

If you wanna have more fun today... go head off to them salons.. and curl your top! Mention my name Dom Perignon and you might get a Curly Discount :)
Mango... this is for you :)

I am at the same position today. Same trick. Hoping for a nom nom. She got me this for a treat instead. Not the full cup.. only 1/2 a cup. She says.. according to the size of them yogurt and me.. i am way smaller (look at pic for example) so... i cannot finish the whole cup else i would have a poot poot adventure like her.

My usual brand of yogurt is not stocked up yet at Tescos... so she got me this instead. This is much thicker but BLEKKKK! I don't like it. I ran and hid under the table after 3 spoons. *BOL* That will show her to bring me the stuffs i like next time. Its low fat too. Who eats low fat by the way. Definitely not me.

Day 2 Lesson of Training Your Human. Always disapprove by running away and hiding if you don't like what they feed you. We must stand our paw. Hehe

pees... My hooman person thank all of you for your get well wishes. She'll all okay now.. and running over to cook me my dinner and do alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my bidding :)

I spy with my little eye. Ops! I think she caught me spying.

Usually, i get a small treat if i sit there and look at her with sad eyes. It gets her everytime. And she's blaming me on the extras that i have gained. She's all to blame you know.

I've been up to this sad puppy dog tricks about 5 times today. But hey.. who's counting. Outta 5 times... i get 3 noms. Not bad ya. Always do the sad puppy dog eyes friends. It works. Their hearts are like butter.. all the time.


Do you see that i still have half a cookie left on my bed. *BOL* She's clueless i tell you.

If the sad puppy eyes beside her work table don't work, i do them "sit and waits" with sad puppy eyes. Sometimes i let out a huge sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... and makes sure she hears them. If she don't, i sigh again. *BOL* This position get her all guilty too. She'll look my way few times... and she'll crack under pressure and take me for walkies.

That silly hooman of mine has a poot poot adventure after some meetings with some watermelons. She's been under the weather these few days. She hardly moved much i think. Just playing dead on the bed or she was probably just lazy i think.

Good thing i had grandpa. I've been sticking with grandpa everyday... and i think grandpa is much cooler.

I think i see her crawling out to cook some stuffs for me now. I hope its yummy. Catch ya all laters.

Lonesome Town - Ricky Nelson

Thursdays. What usually happens on Thursdays? Nothing much actually. It has been a slow day at work with not many people buzzing me :D Its been a slower day here in our town. Warm and just very warm. Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. After 15 days, i am sure we could all let our tummies have a little rest.

Lonesome Town is the song my papa's been listening to currently. He's been singing it over and over again these past few days.

My papa celebrated his 70th birthday last Sunday. My siblings were back and papa's siblings too. We had quite a big bash at the restaurant. We celebrated our uncle's 60th birthday and my nephew's 1st birthday plus a CNY gathering. We had a private room with 5 tables and karaoke and lots of "happy spirits". A lot of dancing and singing and howling. *LOL*

My dad didn't want a big bash as my mom is no longer around. But his siblings insisted that birthdays must be celebrated. We don't get to choose our families but families should always stick together through good times and bad.

Some things money cannot buy is family.

papa's cake

Here's the cake by Missy Nancy Chong. Missy Nancy Chong is a very famous baker in Ipoh my hometown. We always love to order her cake as its super dooper nice. Its just a simple butter marble cake with butter icing. But her cakes have stood the test of time. I had these cakes since i was a kid. Even royalties and big wigs love her simple cakes.

She just operates her business from her home. Her cakes looks the same. Same icing.. same colors all through the years. I requested for a green base this time as green is my papa's favourite color.

Missy Nancy's pretty old now. I saw her in the kitchen still icing the cakes just the way she did long time ago. She is a very nice lady. If you are in Ipoh, don't forget to order her cake. The nicest butter cake ever. I got a mighty big sweet tooth too.

all the cakes @ the party

We are a very "sweet" family. *LOL* The amount of sweetness in the cakes will last us a whole year.

Dommy didn't get any cake... as it was very sweet but when we came back from dinner, he had gone thru the extra bag of trash which was not in the bin and helped himself to some icing. Bad Dommy Bad.

Its all quiet here now at home. Everyone's gone back home to the city. We are back to lonesome town.

lonely.. i am sooooooooooo lonely...
i have nobodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
all on my ownnnnnnnnnn
We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults.
Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment 
~ George Eliot

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Holaaaaaaaaa... we are finally home from our roadtrip and festivities. The festivities are still ongoing until the 15th day of Chinese New Year. That's the normal number of days that some chinese celebrates. 

We are back at home working furiously since Monday. A week of laziness and bumming around causes an avalanche of emails when we came back. Work piles up like pancakes but work surely don't taste just as good :)

Our apologies for not coming by to visit all of you yet. We manage some of you... we are coming around slowly but surely.

We had a feast on the eve of Chinese New Year in one of the chinese restaurants in town. No one wanted/dared to cook this homecoming feast. So we opted to eat out. Mom used to do all the cooking for Homecoming dinner. But being lesser cooks, my sisters and i did not dare take on this gargantuan task (we were also lazy buggers).

Yee sang

The dish above is called Yeesang and its like a Prosperity Toss. The family will gather around the table each with their chopsticks and just toss the contents causing a major spill on the table and all around while saying all good wishes for the year. The dish contains raw salmon, shreaded vegetables, condiments and some sweet sauces. After all the tossing, we eat it.

Another Yee sang. This was much nicer as the raw fish was not too thick.

  A very well-fed doggie at one of the restaurants.
Her pose made us smile.

Even the trees were not left out in the celebrations.

Black Stout Crabs. This is very nice.

Sweet and Sour Crabs.. yes yes.. we are quite a crabby fan.

Dom was gambling along with us but he could not keep his eyes open in the wee hours of the morning. 

Gambling is one of the things we do during Chinese New Year. It runs in my family for a very long time. Usually we play black jack. From the youngest to the oldest, we are all gamblers (only on Chinese New Year).

Dommy all poofed out on the way home.

Our very hungry strays.

Our friends from the backlane were so hungry when we got home. One of them gave me quite an earful and complained non-stop. *LOL* After a big meal, he finally settled down and snooze. These cats from the backlane are quite hardy. They are able to take care of themselves when we go away. But they always come back to eat when we return.

That's some of the pictures we got. Most are taken with the mobile as i've become quite lazy to lug out the camera :) We have families coming back this weekend. It will be a busy weekend for all of us here. My dad will be celebrating his 70th birthday too. We have 3 birthdays this weekend. All his siblings are coming home. Mr Piper will be home too.

The weather here is getting pretty warm. The Chinese New Year heat has finally arrived. Send me some snow Booker!
We are a little behind and our apologies for not getting online and posting on our winner yesterday for the CSN giveaway.

Our winner for this giveaway is...

*drumroll pleaseeeee*








Congrats girls.

Please ask your mommy Sharla to email to us. We will forward the gift certicate to her then. Hope she'll find a wonderful cat tree for both of you. Have loads of fun with it this winter and hope it will keep you girls occupied.

For the rest of our friends, thank you to you for your participation. Our thanks to CSN Stores for hosting the giveaway.

Catch up with all of your again next week. We are still on the road and doing a lot of Chinese New Year visitings :) We'll run over and visit all our bloggie buddies next week. 

And for the big big race tomorrow... May both of you win Pip and Bunny! We love you both. Don't forget to tune in to their race tomorrow. Gotta run now. We gotta go chase some lion danves :)