Today is a most beautiful day and here i am pasted where i should be this beautiful morning. I hope i got to the right church. Its the Westminster Abbey right?

I didn't get an invitation for the royal wedding but i sure wanna be there. I thought i saw Beckham and Victoria just now. She was in a most stylish lil hat. Mine is not too bad too right? teeheehee

May William and Katie have a most wonderful life ahead. They do look most lovely together.

Ops! William is here. Gotta go now.
Here we are... banished to the stairs for our Wordless Wednesday picture.

As someone was mopping the floors, we were not allowed to be on the floors and the only available place to sit was the stairs. We are not allowed upstairs too. So we sat at the stairs with Piper's mommy. She's not in the picture as she stepped away to take this picture to send to Anny.

The rain and thunderstorms came and Piper got really worried and scared. He is most afraid of thunderstorms as he is just a very small furry. Being the big curly brother, i reassured him that it will all be over soon. He turned his nose and didn't believe me. He told me of thunderstorms that comes in the afternoons usually lasted a long time.. and sometimes he is all alone in the house with no one to turn to for comfort.

Then i got worried about HER. She is always OUT when she comes to Kuala Lumpur. She got the evil grin on her face and tells me... be a good boy.. and off she goes. Day in day out... she goes out to seek her freedom. Like a caged bird, she flies off each time the door is open. Bad Anny.

Here i am still on the stairs WAITING for her. Next time, i'll just put HER on a leash and tie her to the door when we are in Kuala Lumpur. Is that a good idea?

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Be there or be square :)

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Time usually passes quickly when you are having fun. Most of the time it does. We are not really having a lot of fun lately. Monotony. Nothing of great interest happening here but time still goes by too fast.

I do get more walkies nowadays. Everyone's commenting that i am too fat to be a poodle. BAH! Every evening... SHE decides to take me for a walk to check out my mails and i get to leave a whole lot of mails for all my doggie friends out in the neighbourhood. Sometimes.. when SHE is in a good wakey up mood... i get a walk in the morning too. I bet this won't be lasting too long. SHE is a lazy bum you know. She rather be watching tv than taking me for walkies. But since i am FAT... i think i shall milk this as long as i can. Walkies are great for HER and for me too.

Last Sunday, SHE took me for a car ride. I was leaping with joy and doing my silly jumping jacks. (i don't think i am FAT cos i can do jumping jacks pretty well) Even Jack will be amazed at my flexibility. For an OLD and FAT poodle, i jump pretty well.

Since Piper is not here, i can to be co-driver. Hmmm... i wonder where we are going.

I am such a mess. I can't even see clearly with all my curly locks going wild everywhere.

Hmmm.. this is a very long car ride... and we are getting nearer to the mountains. Hmmmm.. i wonder if we are going to Kuala Lumpur to see my Piper. Did you forget to grab my luggage woman??

Oh yes... i got conned to go on a car ride and guess where this landed me. Grooming. Yes.. grooming. Can you believe it. Here i am waiting for my turn at the table.

Here i am getting sized up by this guy... but he's really a very nice guy. I like him. He's doing the final touches to my puppy dog face. Yes... i am OLD but FAT but i can still have puppy cute cuts :)

I am so so tired after this grooming session. I spent a total of 7 hours there. Check out my paws. I had the "chicken leg" paws cut this time. SHE calls it the chicken leg paws thingy since she don't know what they are called. I think i look like i am wearing peep toe shoes. She gotta fork out another 5 buckaroos for these peepy toes thingy.

Since grandpa's been complaining a lot about too much sand in the house and some curly was the bearer of sand in the house, SHE thought it would be wise to try this peepy toes thingy to see if i bring in less sand from the garden. I think if SHE gets up earlier each morning and give the house a good sweep and a good mop, there shouldn't be any sand in the house. I get blamed for everything here. Even SANDy house.

If i PRESS that red button, i wonder if SHE gets ejected out of the car... hmmmm... i've seen it happen on cartoons before.

Since i've been a good curly at the groomers, SHE got me a new polka dotted collar and FINALLY got my tag on it. I hope i get more nom noms when i am wearing this collar :)

Tomorrow is Good Friday.. ops! today is Good Friday and we shall be on the road to be with family. We shall be back soon but do check out a MOST IMPORTANT post tomorrow. We have scheduled a post for tomorrow.

SHE has asked me to post this recipe for you all who might love to bake.

As you all know, SHE cannot follow instructions very well but this chocolate cake turned out pretty well... and very sweet. You all might want to cut down on the sugar a little. She found (stole) this recipe from one of the recipe sites on the web but for the life of her, she forgot where she got it from.

This is one of the easiest chocolate cake to bake. Just melt the butter with the chocolate in a pan. Take it off the heat and mix in the sugar... then let it cool down a little and put in the eggs and the ONE TABLESPOON of flour. Yes.. only a round tablespoon of flour. Bake for 25 to 30 mins and let it stand in the oven for 10 mins. Its just very nice and gooey in the center. Very sweet too.

I am not too sure how it taste like since i cannot take any chocolates. But i think she is just hogging the cake all for herself. Hope she gets FAT and OLD soon.

Have a great Easter and see you all next week.


I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat... I did i did i did... (come and sing along with me.. its addictive)

That's one of the signs of too much cat watching *LOL*

We watch a lot of disney cartoons when we were growing up... Tweety and Sylvester were one of those that you can watch over and over again and still laugh over it. I still watch these cartoons when i am aimlessly channel flipping on certain days... call me crazy but i never grew bored of watching cartoons.

The other day, some of you were asking me what Dom was sniffing about in the garden for the Wordless Wednesday picture.

Oh yes.. he is still sniffing high and low and searching. He was looking for small fella.

Small fella is always in the garden playing. Dom still thinks that small fella is his. But the small fella knows how to defend itself and run and climb trees real fast. It has grown quite a bit. Two of the bigger fellas takes care of small fella at night. They kinda take turns. They are usually tucked in nicely by nightfall.

The clueless Curly might think he saw a puddy tat... 
but i am much faster than he is.

Next Friday is Good Friday. Then it will be Easter Sunday.
Easter might mean rabbits.. colourful eggs to some.. 
and my friend Pip has an important message to share with you.

Its been a week since we last posted.. *LOL* We tried. We did try to post but soonest we did, we got sidetracked elsewhere. We have cut down on our cat watching :) Dom said that if i didn't post soon, he'll ignore me and won't let me rub his curly tummy. Hmmmm...

Last weekend was nice. A time to catch up with some folks and a time for the older folks to catch up with extended families. Since i am much of a lazy bugger lately, we'll post more pictures hopefully next Wednesday when we should be doing the Wordless :)

@ the gravesite

My ole car coughed its way to Lenggong... and brought us back safely. We just couldn't keep up with the Evo and the Civic. The X-trail was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead because the passengers had to be back to Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon. But we made it slowly... and surely.

Lenggong is still Lenggong. Very much the same as how i saw it when i was a kid. Its like a cowboy town with 2 rows of shops on the main street. The bus station is the same as how my grandpa had left it a very long time ago (Grandpa used to be the station master there). The freshwater fishballs (saito fishballs) are still the same. Just very expensive now for a tiny ball. But its super duper delicious and should not be missed if you ever make it here to Lenggong.

Not much going on there anymore as more and more young people have moved to bigger towns. But... they are building a big maternity hospital beside the big graveyard. How spooky can that be. Or maybe someone is pulling our legs about the hospital.

The road to Lenggong is not too windy now. There's a new highway that takes us there in half the time. My sister used to be sick in the car all the way to Lenggong. The trunk road is a super nice route to drive if you like the left and right and left and right driving. It used to be that windy all the way.

One of these days, I might just gather a few friends and drive all the way to Betung, Thailand. My uncle told me it only took him 3 hours to get there from Ipoh. But i drive like an old lady, so it might take us 4.

On our way back to Ipoh, we stop by another smaller town along the way. Sauk. This is where we had our lunch.. and the one hour wait for the food to be served is well worth it.

The famous freshwater fishballs... when you bite into it, the taste is divine.. *LOL*

Fish stomach cooked in garlic ginger sauce...

I don't remember if this was pork or chicken... but it was cooked in some sweet sauce ;)

The food pictures above are for my sisters to drool over. That's my wicked revenge to them for not making it home. WAHAHAHAHA... they sure know what they have missed now.

After they served the third dish, i dump the camera quickly and ate to my hearts content. The fishballs were flying off the plate in two blinks of an eye. *LOL* My aunt asked me, don't you want to take the rest of the dishes? No way... i am famished. I should have.. i know. The catfish was really big and fresh and deeeeeeeeelicious. But i was famished. Next time i'll try to have more control :)

Sunday evening i got a call from a close friend. She said that she has a watermelon in her that is growing too fast and she was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. Her fibroid grew too fast and too furiously. We talked and she was very worried. She kept asking me, how can this happen. The doctor said that he might need to remove her womb if its bad inside. Given a choice of having a child one day and saving your life now, you don't really have much of a choice when things like this happen.

Her surgery went well. She's still weak and can hardly speak. But she'll recover fast. She's a trooper. Her womb is saved.

Another very close friend called me on Tuesday to tell me her checkup was not good. She has multiple breast lumps and they have to be removed soon. A quick scan showed that she had multiple fibroids too. A double dose of trouble. A history of breast cancer running in the family is not a good thing too.

Sometimes we hope that things like this will not happen to us. We feel that it can only happen to other people but not us. But when it does, what do we do.

One day at a time. We go one day at time. Seize the day today. Carpe diem.

pssst! quit it with the cat watchin' already! heeheehee. ;)
the booker man

We have to write something after that comment above from The Booker Man. Our apologies for being away for a whole week + 2. Cat watching did get us into trouble after all. *LOL*

There's a golden rule in this house. No pets were allowed IN this home last time (but we did have hamsters IN the house when we were kids). When we were kids, our dogs lived in their doghouse out in the yard. It was a mighty big dog house with a two room feature under the coconut tree :)

We didn't have any dogs inside the house last time because i was asthmatic when i was a kid and parents being protective and careful, they always try and prevent the flying furs and stuffs. And then there was the tick factory factor (there was no such thing as Frontline back then).

That is until Piper came along. Since he was just a cute little small fluffy, the rules were bent. After Piper came Dom and he was to be a companion to my mom and dad. Since he was a curly, he surely could not be living out in the garden. It would be a huge task getting all the sand and grass from his curly self. And since he came from so far away, he has to be IN the house. That makes it two dogs in the house.

yes yes.. it was me.. 
only the cute fluffy small guy can tweak house rules with cuteness.

We got a wee bit carried away with the cat watching and the cats got friendly. They greet me each time i come and feed them in the garden. They run quickly and walk beside me and wait patiently for their food to be passed out. They are usually quiet. A calming presence.

After they eat, they climb the trees and sharpen their claws on the branches and sometimes they pose for me for photographs. They are such a joy to be photographed when they trust you. Sometimes you see them falling over each other and playfully bob each other's head. When you look at them a little longer, you'll notice that all of them have different color shades on their iris. We are gonna do some sketches with the photos soon.

Yes Booker.. Dom did get bobbed in the head by the cats for getting too close to them. Dom thinks that they are his friends. He lacks companionship in another furry. What a dog really wants is another doggy friend... or maybe just another furry.

 Now all SHE takes are just blurry crummie mobile pictures of me...
Just in case you all forgot how my handsome self looks like.
Now all SHE watch is just them kitteh cats.

One fine day, i was watching tv in the hall and my dad called out to me. I went to him and he asked me to take a good look in one of the rooms. We had one of the cats sleeping nicely on the bed. He was angry.. very angry. He hit the roof. He said NO CATS IN THE HOUSE. Do you know they are strays. Do you know they have ticks. The cat scurry away from his slumber and ran out.

We have sliding doors in the hall and most of the time, the doors are open and this fella probably thought he'll test his luck and stay for keeps.

This is not my house. I don't get to make the rules. Its my dads. He has rules. And no cats in the house is one of them. I really didn't know the cat has come in and made this house his home. It was just this one time. He was really mad. He told me to stop feeding the cats in the yard. They are strays and they know how to survive. Don't mess with the order of nature.

He told me that i am spending way too much time doing silly things. Feeding the cats when i really don't have much time (feeding the cats actually only takes 5 mins). I work @ home because i asked to be based at home to take care of things here since mom passed away. Its been almost four years since i came home. Sometimes the days are tough because i have my opinions on certain things and dad surely knows better since he is older. Usually i keep quiet and just let it slide.

I am actually too old to be afraid of my dad's nagging. I did sneak out and still feed the cats when my dad goes out. He knows. He just let it slide too. Maybe he was just having a bad day that day. He is right about the ticks and we don't really have that much money to put frontline on all the cats that come by.

I have my reasons for feeding the cats. They work for me. Really they do. Having some cats around keep the rodents away. Have you seen the rats in the drains? Once the cats left me a dead huge rat in the garden drain and showed me that they have done their job.

Rodents do bring more sickness that a mere cat. Rat urine is most deadly. If you have loads of stuffs in the house in bags and boxes on the floor, the possibility of having rodents around is highly possible. Unless you have pest control that comes every single month. People have died from contaminated food stuffs from rat urine.

I was chatting with my dad just now. I told him about the big black rat that Dom and i passed by when we were out walking. The rat was without a head. Yes.. the strays cats were doing their job.

They don't eat much really. They just like to hang around and play in the garden. They are very calming to watch. The housewives around here, watch the cats too while they are cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen overlooks the backlane. I've seen most of them watching the cats while they are cooking. Sometimes, they hand out some food for the cats too.
Sometimes cat watching too much does get you into trouble. And i got into trouble with my dad. *LOL* A whole lot of other things happen too this past weeks. I'll probably tell it to you all slowly but surely.

We are heading off to visit grandma at the temple, mum at the church and Stephanie at another temple. On Sunday, we'll have to head off to Lenggong, Perak very early to visit grandpa's grave. Its the chinese all soul's day next week. Usually we'll go on a weekend and visit our ancestors, clean up the graves and pay our respects.

I'll grab some photos to share with all of you. Lenggong would be nice to be photographed again. Here's some photos from our last trip. I'll promised it won't be another week before our next post. *LOL* We shall cut down on them cat watching.

Confront a child, a puppy, and a kitten with a sudden danger; the child will turn instinctively for assistance, the puppy will grovel in abject submission, the kitten will brace its tiny body for a frantic resistance.