Its going to be a month again since my last post. *LOL* How do you guys post every single day... and some of you even schedule your posts to come up at the same time every single day. I salute thee.

I dished out a long rectangular book from the cupboard just now. I got it from the booksale last December. Still smelling gorgeous. Fresh smelling new book. Sometimes i buy books because there's an animal on the cover. Especially when there's a cat or a darn cute dog on the cover. People always tell me not to judge a book by its cover. But its a darn cute dog. Who can resist.

Do any of you buy books because you like the cover? I bought this rectangular book because i like the shape of the book. Its a nice size to hold and it smells gorgeous. The title of the book is.. urmm.. should i share it here.. you might think that i am strange... urmm.. but you are all great people. And some of you are my good friends.. ok ok. The title of the book is...

Why You Should Store Your Farts In A Jar 
& Other Oddball Or Gross Maladies, Afflictions, Remedies, And "Cures"
by David Haviland

Don't ask me why you should store your farts in a jar because i don't know yet. I have not read it yet... but it should be fun. I'm just smelling my still new book. Hopefully they tell me why by the end of the book.

Anyhow... what have we been doing these past few fast weeks.

Work is at its peak..peaking.. crap.. we have a small lull this week and so many problems creep up.. *LOL* work is work. Don't ever let work consume you and make you cry. Work at solutions and stop throwing the blame is a start.

Anyhow... Dom is still curly and his curls are quite curly now. He's almost due for another grooming session with a papaya spa in a forthnight. Don't tell him that. He still do not like to be left at the grooming place.

The SPCA in my town held a huge adoption drive over the long weekend. Three days of an adoption drive which saw many many dogs/puppies/kittens/cats getting homes. Most of the dogs/cats came from shelters/welfares/independent rescues all over town. Its scary to see how easily people take home an animal/pet. Especially puppies. We could only wish that all of them have found great homes. But we know some of them won't. The SPCA is currently checking on all adopters one by one.

Three of our own rescued puppies were also at the adoption drive. They were from another batch of mommy and babies. They were taken off the street to a safe house for them to grow up a bit. Mommy brown dog is now living the good life with her adopter. Her name is Deborah. Such a nice nice name for a brown dog. She's very docile to us. Almost like she knew us all her life. So trusting.


This white brownie puppy was a hit. Everybody was checking out his paw and everybody loved his face. I sure hope the adopter will love him a lot. We named him Sami Vänskä from the Finnish power metal band Nightwish. Isn't he adorable?

Sami Vänskä

And then there's Jukka. He was adopted the minute he arrived at the adoption drive. How can anyone resist this happy face.


Bella was adopted out quite fast. But she was returned the next day as she didn't get along with the other dog at home. She was readopted to a single dog family. I sure hope the family will be most patient with her. She's small but fiesty. Full of energy and she's all fun like how a puppy would be.

Bella when she was much younger

Finally there Troy. He was already booked even when he was out on the streets. Some lady wanted him then but they begged her to take him when he's much bigger so that he can get the best nutrients from the mother's milk and his mom can teach him some social skills. Poor Troy was crying when i sent him to the adopter's house. He was extremely quiet in the car and he had tears streaming down. I've never seen such emotions from a puppy. It just broke my heart then. I wanted to turn back and head back to the shelter. But... i wish for them to have a home and a somebody to love them.


Everytime they move on to their forever homes, we give them him a hug and a kiss on their forehead and wish them a great home. We can only wish that they will get the best homes and it will be a forever home. We have to have faith in humanity and in people. 

This is the Bercham family when they were out in the streets taking shelter in some empty shophouse. They were a lucky bunch who were seen and lifted off the street. There are many many stray puppies born each day in my country. How do we save them all? Only thru TNRM can the problem be resolved slowly and thru time maybe we can have a solution to the stray animal issue in our country.

People still buy that cute lil puppy in the window. Breeders still breed in their backyard and in deplorable conditions. When there's demand, there will be supply. Very simple economics.

This is Chachi. She's about 1 year plus. She was one of our puppies that was adopted during one of our past adoption drive. She needs to be rehomed as her adopter is moving back to the Philippines and am unable to take her along. If anyone of you in Malaysia who would love to give her a home, please leave me a message. I have 1 month to find her a good kind home. Her owner is very sad to give her up as he love her a lot but sometimes conditions do not allow some choices to be made.

I think she's very beautiful. Her face reminds me of Sugar.

I've got to go find out why farts need to be stored in jars :D Goodnight my friends. Another story perhaps tomorrow if i am not too lazy. It gonna take me a while to write that one.

Our furry friend Hero has crossed over to the rainbow bridge. If you do know Hero, do drop by and send his hoomans some words of comfort.

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