A conversation between "the Queen" and i this afternoon on yahoo about the color YELLOW.

Queen: A state rep was nabbed for wearing yellow
me: Does holding a banana count?
Queen: They might think its a yellow gun
Queen: Don't
me: Does that mean that banana sellers are not allowed to sell bananas now?
Queen: If u carry the whole bunch... tats mass weapon of destruction!
Queen: Dangerous... don't hang ur yellow panty outside
me: IF i do have a yellow panty...
me: i'll be wearing it on the outside
Queen: They will even stop you if your car is yellow
me: oh..
me: my sister drives a yellow car...

Does that mean that a certain mobile company in my country with the yellow man as a mascot will have to change the yellow man to another colour? Or are eating eggs in public at the stalls banned too? Yolks are yellow. Scrap them yolks and eat the whites?

Some people are just too obsessed with them yellows. Especially the "ones up there".

Our general election is coming soon. All we want is a fair election. May the best man win and may the loser be a gentleman and step aside.

I think i shouldn't be using Yahoo too. Yahoo has yellow emoticons. I might get hauled up for using yahoo perhaps?
Howdee there :) Today we had a short photoshoot. She said that i should take more pictures before i am decked with dried grass.

Check out my tooth. I am sharing with you one of my tooth. Usually i keep my mouth tightly shut just in case SHE comes armed with a toothbrush and try to brush my teeth. Just hand me a greenie. No need for brushing woman.

Can you all guess why i am super duper happy today. I was given 1/2 of a hardboiled egg this morning because the small guy is back so i get 1/2 because i have to be a good brother and share.

Some women from the shop also commented that i am overweight. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't really get eggs on every other normal day. Just this one day. SHE said its for good luck. Because everyone who is having a birthday should have an egg. But i got 1/2. Yes Piper. I love you too.

This photoshoot is getting a tad boring. Can you keep them camera away from my face. I know you are not using the flashy thingy but this black thing is too near my face.

You want to check out for wrinkles on my face? GOSH! How can you see any wrinkles on my handsome self. I am a curly. All of them curls already hide all of them wrinkles if there were any. Take a mirror and look at your own face.

Spots? Opppss! I have some of those. But its all your fault. I don't know how them black spots got there in the first place. Did you by any chance played with your marker on me?? I know you did. You are always with that big black marker pen. The pen has an evil eye.

Ok ok.. i'll show them all some of my tooties. I know they are bad tooties. But since i got no shame.. here... see.. i still got a whole full set of teeth even though they are badly spaced out. And no.. my breath don't smell like the sewer. Trust the small guy to say that. His own mouth smells just the same. Both our mouths smell like.. urmm... lavender on a sunny day.

Today i am 9. And according to the doggy calculator, i am 68 years old. I am almost as old as grandpa. *BOL* But i can still be cute right? I am still cute right?

I don't see any cake for me today. Boohooooooooo! SHE said that she is too busy to bake me a cake today. SHE promised me a cupcake with yogurt icing on the weekends. Hopefully she remembers. If she don't remember, can you all be a kind soul and remind her.

Nothing much happen today. I got to eat whatever she was eating today plus the 1/2 of an egg. I am pretty stuffed actually. Both Piper and i got a greenie each as its my special day. She took me for a walk on our usual route and i get to smell all the pretty flowers that the nice lady behind us planted. She has such beautiful green hands, she should give some tips to my hooman. All we got in the garden are weeds and grass *BOL*

Its 11:21pm now. My birthday is almost over. I hope i still get special deals tomorrow and all through the weekend till we get to my birthday cupcake. If she ever get around to doing it.

I am very happy that Mr P is here to celebrate my birthday with me. I get more noms when this little guy is here. Better milk it while he is still on vacation.

Even though this is not my blog and i blog hog while the little guy is not around, i am glad you all became my friends. Now i am gonna hope for a midnight special treat... cos its still my birthday.
With the small fluffy one back home, we have to keep an eye on closed doors. The place he loves to sleep most are behind closed doors. Since he is sleeping with his boy, we have to stick a sign on the door just in case anyone forgets that Piper is back. *LOL*

No matter which side of the door the cat or dog is on,
it is always the wrong side.

To save Mr P from getting bounced off from hurriedly open doors, we've improvised.
He is now the official

door stopper. 

He does take his job most seriously. 

~ the end ~
Hello there! I AM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! Do you all remember me?

My name is Piper... and this blog is mine. But some Curly's been hijacking my blog lately. Even though i live in another state and in another house... this blog was started because of me. The small cute fluffy lil one. Yes yes.. i am the small fluffy cute lil one.

I came home last weekend with my momma and momma says that i can stay here for a vacation of sorts :) I am staying here for a while and my momma will come and pick me up soon. I know she will because she loves me and i saw her looking really sad when she left yesterday. I wanted to tell her i don't need a vacation but she says it is good for me to have a little break and have some fun with the Curly.

Curly. He is a riot. He bounces me here and there and in his haste and excitement, sometimes he bounces me to the side. I am just a small little fella and he is like a bouncing ball. But i do love Curly even though his mouth stinks! He is always full of grass all over his Curly self and not refined at all. Even though he is nice to me and share his only toy with me (the noisy ball that spooks me), his mouth still stinks like the sewer.*BOL*

Curly got conned into the car and was carted off for grooming yesterday. I on the other hand got to spend time with MY boy, grandpa and Anny. I got some special noms, lotta tummeh rubs and a massage too. Then i got a photo session and more noms and more tummeh rubs. This is the life.

Poor guy is so tired.. he slept in the car on the way home from the groomers.

Poor Dommy was at Sumomo for only two hours and he was back to being cute and naked like a sheep that's been shaven. He still looks somewhat cute in a way but he will surely never get to my cuteness level. Everybody speaks to me in a different nicer tone (because i am cute and small) and to Dommy in a louder tone because he is a riot. He is like a Curly on a sugar high on some days.

He is pretending to sleep here and trying very hard to look cute.

He's gonna be 9 soon and if you look closely, he has all the aged spots and wrinkles. *BOL* And he still wanna look cute at 9. *BOL*

I got a huge surprise when i got home. There are these two small kitteh cats in the garden. And one of them is like a white ninja. He/She springs here and there as if its little legs were with tiny invicible springs. They love to lie in the flower pots during the day.

I am awfully scared of them as they are very fast. The white ninja even tried to make friends with me today WHILE I WAS TRYING TO POO. Can you believe it. Here i was at the garden trying to poo.. and he walks over and said HI!

Grandpa seems to take a liking to this white kitty and sometimes we can hear him talking to this white kitty. He likes this white kitteh cat as he says it has beautiful blue eyes. Its funny but he only likes this one kitteh cat.

All these kitteh cats come and go. Usually when they are bigger, they go away  to explore the world. Sometimes some of them comes back for a meal or two. Some walk and walk so far, they never find their way back. But we are never short of them kitteh cats here. The regulars usually find their way back.

Its getting late now. I gotta go sleep with MY boy now. I got to sleep in my boy's room. Just me and my boy in his newly painted blue coloured room. He plays with me all the time. Poor Curly is in Anny's room which is much much warmer. I think being cute does have its advantages.

I miss you Mommy. I think of you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. And of daddy too. Tell daddy to take care of himself and he can use my yellow bed when he naps in the afternoon.

Goodnight folks :)


A tabby is a cat with a distinctive coat that features stripes, dots, or swirling patterns, usually together with an "M" mark on its forehead. (read more on Wiki).
Days are so warm and even though i love the sun a lot, i am not allowed to roll on them grass in MY garden for very long as SOMEONE says that i bring in a lot of dried grass and sand. What's wrong with dried grass and sand i tell you. They are nature's most lovable things to me. A Curly like myself love my dried grass and sandy garden.

It is summer here in Malaysia all year round.. all 365 days + 1. We sweat more and extremely on some months and somehow SHE says i stink too easily during these months. I never complain that SHE stinks sometimes *shhhhhhhh*. SHE must think that she smells like flowers everyday but hell no. If only she knows. *BOL* She does smell better because she gets 3 or 4 baths a day while i only get one bath a week, surely i stink more... i think. Even a Curly can do the maths here.

My Boy's been bored lately. He should play more with me and give me tummeh rubs. Then he won't be bored... i think. He should take me for long walks but he's in a world of his own. Cloud 11 maybe. Aimless creatures of the night. Sometimes he talks to me. I try to keep him company as best i could. I stay in his room in the late evening to keep him company but sometimes he is too busy playing with his puters thingies and forget i am there.

Then i worry about the one that feeds me. SHE is in another room all alone and SHE might be snacking on something delicious and i could be missing out. And then there's grandpa... i have to keep an eye on him too because he gets lonely sometimes. But grandpa don't give me tummeh rubs. He just shares his food with me. That makes him my bestest friend.

Even though everyone says that a dog gets the best deals around because we do not have to work... but... i do have to do a lot. I am the social magnet in the house that connects all of them dots. Without me, them dots will be aimless and lonely... i think.

Some people do not know what wonderful companions we can be. We listen to all your woes and troubles and we lie on your lap while hoping for a tummeh rub. We just listen without trying to get a word in. We give you an occational nuzzle nudge or a lick to show you we understand.

Kids should have a dog or two or many many doggies while growing up. We are wonderful educators. We teach them to turn around three times before they lie down. We teach them to be humane and kind. Sometimes we also teach them to give tummeh rubs.. hehehe We make the bestest friends that any kid could ever have.

When you have a dog at home, how can you ever be bored. Right? Right?

Here's my boy and i. We do a lot of snoozing on them floors lately.

My boy has to wear a yellow funny face as sometimes... he drool when he sleeps. He is also quite good looking and he might take all the attention from me.

Here we are snoozing again.. hehehehe.. We do a lot of this lately. Its called urmm... bonding or so SHE says.

We want to thank everyone for their kind words and comments for the last post. You are all very kind. We will try not to let her get too personal on this doggy blog next time. This blog is suppose to be all about Curly and Mr P if he EVER comes back. I miss my little brother.

Thank you again for letting HER share her thoughts and thank you for listening. It really means a lot to her that total strangers can care so much.

Her friend is okay for now. Her session went well yesterday. Some nausea. They were laughing out loud about some hair tonic thingy and they might check out a pink wig soon as Georgia's momma suggested.

Got to go now. I hear someone eating something in the hall. Must be grandpa.


Trying to sound positive is getting harder each time i lift up the phone to give my friend a call. Today she's having her second chemotherapy session. We laughed and joked a lot yesterday. She said she was checking into the hotel hospital hotel at 8am today. Chemo usually starts at 3pm for her. She said she'll give me a call when its done and if its better this time. I still have not got a call yet and its midnight now. Guess it didn't go too well today. I will have to wait till tomorrow to give her a call.

The first session went well. I had to tell her lies. Her husband and i have to tell her some lies. Many lies to get her to remain positive before the first session. She was scared to death and she was shivering. Up against the unknown. When she was done with that first session, she told me... you lied. You said its not going to be painful. Even though we both knew that it was going to be a rough journey ahead, sometimes we have to tell little white lies to get things going first.

I've known this friend for almost 20 years. A very long time. She used to sit behind me in college and used to ask me to draw for her sometimes. Sometimes she annoys me to the maximum with her constant noise but we always have good laughs. She almost got both of us drowned when we were at the waterfalls on one of our outings with the class. I knew how to swim but she did not. She just pulled me down when she panicked and tried to get air. Good thing someone pulled us to the side. Till today, she still laughed about how she almost got us both drowned.

She weaved in and out of my life through the 20 years of friendship. We can tell each other everything and we can be quite brutally frank about everything else. I've always asked her... do you want to hear the real thing or do you want me to cook up stories? Sometimes she prefers i cook up some stories when she cannot accept certain facts at that moment.

She called me last week while she was driving and on her way home to see her mom. She tells me of her hair that is thinning so much that her scalp is showing. She is too afraid to look at the mirror. I told her, all your hair will be gone by the 2nd or 3rd session. You will be bald. That's being quite brutally frank. She took it with a very very heavy heart. I said again.. Good News.. all your hair will be back.. much better looking after the 6th session. We could go out and check out some wigs. You can even be a blonde for a while. We both laughed.

Ever since her dad passed away, she went back every weekend to see her mom in Kampar. Each and every weekend, she drives home alone. A two hour drive that can sometimes go up to three or four hours if there's a public holiday. A most devoted daughter. I wouldn't be able to drive home every weekend if i was still working in Kuala Lumpur. It is most tiring to be doing it every week.

I have had an aunt and cousin who has gone through cancer and lost their battles midway. I know that some of you out there have won your battles against cancer. But it is never easy.

The side effects from chemotherapy can be quite bad for some. I just hope that she'll have a smoother road ahead. Two down and four more to go.

I told her, if anyone is going to beat this cancer, it will be you. If anyone can get through this chemotherapy, it will be you. I try to believe it myself too.

I am not lost for words. I am just lost in my thoughts lately. I have and need to just purge it out.

My apologies for not dropping by most of your blogs. Soon.. i'll send Dommy over soon... soonest he wakes up.

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I live in Malaysia and i love my sunny days. When SHE is not looking, i run to my garden and roll on all my sunny spots. The sun and me are best buddies. Grandpa says that i am sun bathing.

Please don't mind my uncensored spots. *BOL* I am with no shame. Shameless all the time.

Here's sharing my sunny day with you Shiva. Come over quick ya.
This dog is hungry. We saw it looking for food.. scraps of food by the lake at Gunung Lang, Ipoh. If she is fast, she could get herself a very big fish as there were a lot of fishes just by the jetty and near where she is now.

This house was filled with hungry kids... teens to be exact last week. It was the school holidays in Malaysia and my niece and nephews were home. It was nice to have so many people in the house. We even had one of their friends who stayed with us for a few days. The last of the kids left this morning.

Dom was so busy herding people here and there, he even forgot about his naps.

Blimey! Herding sure is hard work. I got kids flowing outta my earssssssssssss...

I had fun too torturing my sister's kids :) 

First, i told them.. this is a self-service house. 
You need anything... get it yourself. 
If you are hungry, fry an egg or eggs or find something to eat. 
After you eat.. wash your own plates. 
When you wake up.. fold your blankies... 
When you open the door.. close it back...
Open a shampoo bottle... close it back.. 
and and and.. 
yada yada yada.. 
nag nag nag... 
i didn't know i could nag so much *LOL* 
Then it got to.. take Dom for a walk.. 
and and.. 
hang the clothes out to dry.. urmm.. 
keep the clothes.. 
fold the clothes.. urmm.. urmm.. 
i can be quite a slave driver sometimes.

Actual fact, i am the slave ^-^ most of the time. But they did help a lot in the house. It was fun to have them around. You can poke them and open their eyes to get them to wake up. They don't get angry with you. You can nag the living daylights out of them, they will still smile and grin at you. You can ask them to wash a whole lot of dishes and pots, they don't mind. My sister did bring up some very nice kids. She did well there.

The above picture of the hungry dog by the lake was taken by my niece Rachel. As she is the youngest in the house, we always bully her. Her brothers and me. She's a tough one, she always smiles even when she is bullied. Her brothers calls her the blurr one.

She loves to draw and she loves photography. She never handled a SLR before. But to teach her to be more observant of her surroundings, we made her the official photographer that day when we went on our outing. Quite a big heavy camera for a kid of 14 to handle but she did well. She had the biggest grin on her face that day. She took some very nice shots. Very steady hands.

Children can be quite brilliant if they are given the chance. They are always hungry to learn. 

With social media taking their world by storm, children see more of their computer or mobile screen more than the faces of their loved ones or the things that are around them. They would stand to lose so much in the years to come. They might only see the Rafflesia in wikipedia and never know what a beautiful but stinking flower it is in real life.

Social media. Are you good or bad for us.
If you are furry... do join us at the

 Green Bandana Day

All you haveta do is...

1. Dress up in something green.
2. Have your human take your picture.
3. Email the picture to Sue at wilcoxhall@ymail.com
4. In your email tell her your name, state or country you live in and your blog or web address.

We made many good friends last year on the red bandana day. There were 100 of us in 6 continents that took part. Don't miss this for the world. Get something green out... and let's get the photos to Sue quick :) Send it soon by June 10. We will all be parading in green on June the 10.

See ya at The Portuguese Water Blog :)
A few moons ago, i showed you all my new friend in the blue sock. It sure got a few of you stumped... and wondered what it was.. *BOL* I had fun laughing at your comments. Thank you so much for entertaining me. Curly's don't get entertained much these days.

The reason my new friend was/is in a sock is because its too big for me to carry around. I am after all just a fat regular poods. Before i tell you how my silly hooman got the brilliant idea to put it in a sock, i will tell you who the kind soul that send me the "friend".

I had a chat with my friend Stormy many moons ago. I told Stormy i saw this very cute interesting noisy thing on Wilfee's side. Wilfee is having so much fun with this brilliant toy that i wish it was Christmas. But last Christmas, i didn't get any toys too. All i get are crummy bandanas.. and just a greenie. Yes, my hooman is a stinky cheapo cheapskate. But still i wish it was Christmas.

Stormy listen to my bla bla bla and my wa wa wa.. and all the woof woof wuuffff wuffs patiently. Secretly, Stormy found the toy on the cloud of the wey wey wey and bought it for me. Stormy tried to surprise me but Stormy don't do secrets very well. Stormy told me abouts it after he ordered it and i waited and i waited and i waited. Then SHE was on that road trip... and i was going OH MY... we cannots go on road trips... but SHE didn't listen to me. Murphy's Law. Each time you wait for something to arrive in the mail, it always comes when you are NOT at home.

Its a good thing we have good neighbours and many relatives around. Someone saved my big package from the rain and sunshine and dog poo and thieves and and kitteh cats.

When i came home from Sumomo, a biggie of a present was a waiting for me. I was deeeeeeeeelighted... and ask HER to open it quick. I think SHE was more excited than i was... and forgots to take pictures. So here this is my new friend before SHE tore it out quickly and played with it instead of ME. Can you believe my silly dood hooman.

Here it is again... shouting out very loudly and begging us to TRY IT. The nerve of this new friend telling me what to do.

I showed IT who's the boss in the house and took a leaf off Booker's post of today. This picture is specially for you Booker.

I toot and just tooted the Babble Ball till IT rolled off quickly. *BOL* Serves it right for scaring me all the time with the roars. *shudders*

After all that's been said and done, i have to say this. I do love my Babble Ball a lot. It is a lot of fun and when them hoomans are out, it keeps me company. Sometimes i thought the kitteh cat has come into the house but it is just my friend Babble mewing away *BOL* 

The reason SHE put it in a sock is so that i can carry it around. We got the idea from Wilfee's mama. She is brilliant to think of putting it in a sock for Wilfee so that he can find it.

Thank you so much Stormy. I will try not to bark at you so much and get at your ankles next time. Be sure to bring me lotta nom noms when you come by next.

Modeling sure is hard work. I am doing all this for just some nom noms and a belly rub. Its a day job.

Now i believe that Christmas can happen everyday of the year. Ho Ho Ho. Did i tell you about the... thing i saw on.. urmmm.. are you there Stormy??
This here is me in ma superhero costume. We were all at Pip's for his Superhero Pawtee and it was a grand grand pawtee with so many superheros. The pawtee was such a success that it has to be divided into 3 parts. Head off to Pip's for the superhero stories.

For every comment they received, a dollar will be donated to the Joplin Humane Society and the animal victims of the tornado. Pip and her momma Kristin are the real life superheros.

A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.  ~ Chinese Proverb