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We saw this nice picture on someone's tumblr and we stole it. We sure hope SOPA and PIPA plus all the POPA and the MOMA and whichever PA do not come after us after this.

The quote above is quite a good one to share today. We often can judge a person by how he/she treats the little people or the ones that can do nothing for them. We will try not to be too judgemental since is Friday. 

We'll be heading off to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning.

Dom's all packed... i'm all packed but dad's not packed at all. He usually gets up at 5am and by the time he's done packing, i guess i'll be up by then :) 

Our lil one is finally going to make it home after a very long time. They are now at the airport. I can't sleep as the lil one will be home. I am so excited to see him. I think i am gonna spoil him rotten for one month. We will be busy.. i guess. He will be entertaining.. i am sure. We will be happy... that for sure. Dad will have loads of people to talk to.. finally. At least for a month... he will be very very happy.

Dom didn't make it to the groomers as i was tied up. I dragged him out from under his safe haven under my bed for a bath this evening. The water was indeed dark. *LOL* He haven't had a bath for a week + and he was beginning to smell a little. I think he was quite glad that i finally gave him a bath.

He'll be very happy to see Mr P tomorrow. Hopefully this time i'll get some pictures if i don't get too lazy.

Regarding our Wordless Wednesday picture, we didn't use instagram. We just added a texture on a new layer and adjusted the hues on photoshop. Thank you for all your kind comments. Piper will be very proud.

Thanks to Bunny and Natasha for your input on the Thundershirt. I think it will prove to be very helpful for Mr Poofball.

I better get to shuteye now. Catch you all next week. Have a great weekend cos Spring is here :)

and he sleeps... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz *.*
Blinking. I should probably stop blinking because time just goes missing each time i blink. We are trying hard for a post a week. *LOL* But a whole week went by and no blogging and not much commenting got done. And so... i should tape my eyelid down and stop blinking. ^.*

** Kids... please do not try to do this at home. Taping of the eyelids should only be done by blinking adults and done under expert supervision.

February 13... my dad turns 71. Since it was a weekday, none of my siblings could make it home. But Boy was home for his weeklong break from uni and dad was very happy. We bought a tiramisu cake and took it to my aunts house to celebrate it with my lil nephew who shares the same birthday as my dad. So James and Jayden both celebrated their birthday together.

Being the cruel cow that i am, i bought a lil plastic figurine that kinda resembles my dad. The resemblance is quite shocking *LOL* Well.. my dad is not as bald as Gargamel but the facial resemblance is quite close. Everyone had a good laugh and that lil figurine would be making more appearances for all my dad and all his siblings birthday.

the tiramisu... which was quite delicious

Jayden's cake was made by my aunt. It has all the characters of his favourite shows and that really put a big smile on the kid's face.

Here's Jayden playing with dad's ipad. He just turned two. Dom is waiting his turn to play on the ipad. He's worried as his vegetable plot in the Smurf village is almost ready to harvest.

We took dad to this place with those strange colourful lights to have his birthday meal. It has a good environment and very nice waiters. The food's not all that bad too.

Ahhhh... February 14. The day for lovers and for some people to make loads of money from flowers and chocolates. This simple drawing on the calendar is kinda sweet. You don't see much of these kind of drawings nowadays. I love this type of calendar as I get to tear a page out everyday. Its made of very very thin paper. Kinda like tissue.

February 14 is also a lonely day for introverts like me that do not have a other half yet. So i hopped on the train and went to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate this lonely day with some good friends. I waved at a friend who was in a straw skirt by his office window when i was passing by his office. But i guess he thought that i was just pulling a fast one on him when i said WAVE. *LOL*

We had a good meal at this place called Serai. Just four good friends sharing a giggle and some laughs. We had a very very sweet pavlova to tie up the meal. Being the glutton that i am, i forgot to take the picture of the pavlova to share with you guys. It was a very pretty pavlova.

Serai means lemongrass. Malaysians used a lot of lemongrass in their cooking.

We had some Kilkennys later in the night. Its been quite a while since i had a pint. I think i was very thirsty :p

Actually i was in Kuala Lumpur for some work too. Mr P was so happy to see me, he was running in circles. I think i kinda miss my Curly when i was in Kuala Lumpur as i kept calling Dom when i talking to Piper. No wonder he was looking at me funnily when i called him Dom.

We went for some walkies in the morning and some more walkies in the evening.

Mr P smelling some weeds flowers along the way. We met some kids on bicycles in the evenings and one of them even greeted Piper. *LOL* He was just cycling by and said.. Hi Mr Poofball. I guess Piper is getting more well known as the poofball in this neighbourhood.

We met a worm... and many many worms along the way. There were quite a lot of worms early in the morning. I bet these worms were going for a morning stroll. A lot of them got squashed by the early morning joggers. One even cling on to Piper's feet for dear life and came home with us. If we collected all the worms from the morning walks, we could go fishing with them.

Mr P got really tired from all the walks and promptly fell asleep after all the walks. Even though he has a pretty nice comfy bed, he prefers to lie on the stack of newspapers on the floor. That to him is the best spot to sleep.

Part of his bed is still not dry yet... but he insists on sleeping in it.

Mr P in his comfy bed. He feels very safe in his bed but he is still very afraid of thunder. Maybe i should buy him a thundershirt. Can anyone tell us if the thundershirt really works? Cos Mr Poofball is really really scared when there's lightning and thunder.

Ahhh... i guess you all must have missed Curly. Here he is now. He is getting a bit curly wurly and all his furry self is outta place. He will haveta be groomed this week to greet a special someone who will be coming back this Saturday. We really can't wait until Saturday comes.

GROOM??? i don't need a groom. I look perfectly handsome. 
Don't you think so? 
I am just hungry. Will ya feed me please.
Pretty please...

Please don't mind the mess behind Dom. I am not very good at housekeeping. ^.^

We will try to post once a week... or once a forthnight. *LOL* We will be hitting the road again this Saturday. Till we meet again. Be safe... be happy and always forgive.. and forget.

i pinch this from somewhere... credits to urmm... google
19 days 40 days and nights into 2012 and we are still being lazy struggling here *LOL* We have a feeling that 2012 seems to be on a fast forward button somehow. Don't you think so? I think i started this post few weeks back and forgot all about it. Like how i forget that sometimes i have a blog and another blog and a few other blogs. *LOL* I was just a kidding about them many many blogs.

We have been very bad at keeping up appearances here and way over yonder too. We have run out of any valid excuses really :) Nothing much happening over our side of the world really... except for... urmmm... this is one of those loooooooooooooooooooooooong posts... i get a little long winded when its late at night.

The Curly is just sleeping quite a lot. Most of the time he is under the bed where its cooler.

Can you see Curly? I am sure there's a Curly there. Its dark but Curly.

Here... try again. Do you see a Curly? i know there's one. Send everyone a woof will ya Dommy.


Told ya there's a Curly there in the dark :)

The Chinese New Year "heat" has decended upon us in leaps and bundles and buckets and and and.... Its warm warm and very very warm every other day. We only had a wee bit of rain sometimes in the evenings. We sure hope some places don't start burning and send us their smokes. Last year we had it really bad. The heat and them smokes and everyone i know was trying to do a raindance.

Well.. Chinese New Year's over and out. We were on the road.. and with family for a whole week in Kuala Lumpur. My backpack is still on the floor from the last trip. We did a lot of gambling and some eating and lots of laugher. We are going to be on the road again in 2 weeks time when the Jaiboo comes home. He didn't make it home for Christmas. So he's rescheduled to February end. Its only February and we seem to be going up and down a lot lately.

When we were in Kuala Lumpur, we were at a new place where dogs can run freeeeeeeeeeeee. Dom was super excited and sniffing everywhere and anywhere. He had his walks without leashes and he was just trotting happily without all the pulling and tugging by me. I am a slow walker while he trots likes a horse. It was freedom for him and we had many many walks everyday. That's probably how we spend our Chinese New Year. He lost some flab and drank a lot of water and slept like a log each and every night. I however got a bit darker too from all the walks in the sun.

We were so free and happy that we didn't take any pictures. *LOL* Our hands were not holding any cameras or mobiles and we were just enjoying our time together. There was no internet and there was no reason to keep the computer on.

Dom made friends with a dotted dog. He's dotted like a dalmation but a lot shorter than one. He has perky ears and a very happy smile and a non-stop wagging tail. They played and jumped and played non-stop. Yes... i didn't have a camera or a mobile. A very friendly dog which was walking alone without a leash too. It was like probably how doggy heaven would be i suppose. Where the dogs run free and played all day. Maybe we'll see him again next time.

Now we are back to the grind. I am actually quite overloaded with work since January. With too many holidays overlapping over the weekends, i began to dread holidays. When you come back from a holiday and fire up your computer, the emails all just choked up. Its like a traffic jam in the email box. Don't we all hate traffic jams. And you get cc'ed in every other mail.

We got new systems from the office. Here's me trying to setup my new computer beside the old one. I kept clickling the wrong mouse :p I love new systems but i hate fine tuning it to what works for me. I hate to do the transfers and now that we work from home, we got to setup all the things ourselves. We used to be pampered by the IT guy. He usually does all the setup for us. We just shake our legs and grin. That's not really a good idea as we become too dependent on others to get the job done when we can do it ourselves.

When i work on the computer, i am usually very quiet. Even when i was working in the office. Sometimes i have discussions with a few of my colleagues on the chats or on a call with my colleagues. Sometimes its a typing marathon on the chats with my boss or my superiors. My dad will whizz pass my window. Then he will whizz back and ask me some questions. Then he'll go out and ask me a question from the hall which i can hardly hear. *LOL* My dad is lonely sometimes. He needs the attention. He probably thinks that i am on facebook or surfing the internet.

Working from home does not mean that i can run out and play all the time. I can run out with Dom to the garden for his breaktime. I can run out to hang the laundry and i can run out to get lunch. But I have people to answer to and i have people who ask me too many questions a day at work. Some of these questions are too silly as i believe that some people do not want to think. They want the easy way out of things and just ask you to give them the answer to solve the problem. Some are not problem solvers and some just need to be spoon fed year after year.

The year of the Dragon actually starts on 4th February 2012, the first day of the Chinese Solar. This day is also called Lap Chun meaning “beginning of spring” in Chinese. On Lap Chun day, eggs can stand on their own two feet the floor or table. Hence the many pictures of the eggs standing prettily up there. I didn't flip some of the pictures as i feel they look pretty awesome on the sides :D Its something to do with gravity and.. urmm... go google it yeh :)

This is the only picture of i took of Chinese New Year decorations. Its a lighted tree at the Curve, a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. I sneaked my friend out and took her to eat. We were walking up and down there and didn't know what to eat. In the end she told me... you know what i really really want to eat. I want to eat maggi mee. Maggi mee is instant noodles. It is something which she can eat at home but not allowed by her mom. It cooks in just two or three minutes.

Her mom has changed her diet completely. She's on a strict healthy juicing vegetarian diet. Since she started chemo, her whole eating regime is being managed by her family. She is a person who loves to eat. We always love to eat all the unhealthy things. But now, she has to follow the diet to save herself.

She went for her 2nd chemo last week. She has lost all her hair and her brother just shaved her head clean yesterday. She's still very postive but bored at home. She can't drive much now as she's on some oral chemo too. She told me that her whole world is spinning almost everyday. Dizzy especially after her chemo sessions. Even a few days after chemo, she is still holding her head in her hands.

4 more chemo sessions to go and hopefully they can do the surgery and radiotherapy after that. Still a long way to go but we are very hopeful and she is still fighting on. A fighter. I am proud of her. And yes, we went to the shops and i let her eat her Maggi mee. She is now waiting for me to come down again to take her to eat Maggi mee again. If her mom knows, i am dead.

These two hardly sleep so close together. Dom needs to be constantly near me or he needs to be within eye view of me. Piper does not really like to sleep so close to Dom as Dom is easily excited and when he is excited, he runs very fast and jumps a lot. It is nice to see them sleeping so close.

Sometimes Mr Stuffie Heart gets to lie beside Dom without getting squashed. One of those good days. Look.. Mr Stuffie Heart is smiling :) Have a good evening everyone. This has been quite a long post. I sure hope i have not bored you all silly.. hehhehehehehe :) Good night!